Character Profiles

Marq Baxter, 26, High School Teacher

Personality: Marq is a shy guy with giant nipples who tries his best to please everyone around him. He is married to Dani but carries on a secret affair with Preston.

Preston Laredo, 25, Unemployed

Personality: A streetwise thug with a big ego and heart of gold, Preston knows what he wants and does whatever it takes to get it. He screws Marq with his rhinoceros sized dong.

Dani Baxter, 26, Psychiatrist

Personality: Dani is a prim, proper, and almost mousy young woman with two big hefty tickets. But she has another side, rarely seen by most, that is drastically different. She is married to Marq.

Colt Van Bruno, 44, Businessman

Personality: Conniving, sadistic, and sleazy, Colt is very successful and accoustomed to controlling the people of the city like puppets. He is Milan's father.

Milan Van Bruno, 23, Junior Executive

Personality: Milan is a depressed youth who has absolutely no interest in inheriting his father Colt's fortune, career, and lifestlye. He cares more about his haircut.

Dustin Rodney, 22, Bartender

Personality: A cheerful, outgoing young man, with a fat willy to match his belly, Dustin (though not yet revealed in Phase 1) is in a relationship with Milan.

Fawn Bambina, 28, Police Officer

Personality: The very, very butch Fawn is blunt and tough when it comes to everyone but her partner, Penelope. She is good friends with Bruce and Drakaar.

Penelope Tuttle, 27, Sculptor

Personality: This bi-sexual former cheerleader is every straight man's fantasy. Her sweet and gentle exterior would be 100% accurate if it weren't for the affair she has with Drakaar behind her partner Fawn's back.

Bruce Dee, 27, Accountant

Personality: Bruce is a meek, unassuming, straight-laced, and an insatiable bottom, madly in love with his partner, Drakaar. They are good friends with Fawn and Penelope.

Drakaar Dappier, 28, Physician

Personality: Usually very solemn and serious, Drakaar is in love with his partner Bruce, but partakes in a lusty affair with Penelope. He also hides a mysterious past.

Sebastian Robusto, 18, Student

Personality: Seb is a little mature for his age but as the only "out" kid in his high school, he is thus lonely and emotionally vunerable. But he's smooth, supple, and has an 18 year old ample bubble butt.

Brody Hayber, 19, Student

Personality: Captain of the football team and admired by everyone at his school, Brody plays the role of the dumb jock even though behind his big puppydog eyes, there's a lot more.