Commission: The All-American Series

All-American & Golden Boy (2007)
Mild-mannered prep school boys by day… HOT BULGING SUPERHEROES by night! Meet All-American and his sidekick Golden Boy! This is one of my most popular series of illustrations.
Dreamed up by a creative client who commissioned me to flesh them out, they are supposed to evoke aspects of the Golden Age of comics with a raunchy gay twist.

Todd & Cam (2007)
Drawn at the same time as the piece above, this was just to further develop this client’s sexy superduo. As you can see, Todd on the left is a jock while Cam is a more booky type.

While I had a bit of free reign on the superhero costumes of these two, their prep school outfits were meticulously outlined by the client. He had a very detailed storyline going on for these dudes.

Hotel Horror (2007)
Can’t quite remember why our masked heroes ended up in a spooky hotel run by zexy zombies, but I always did love how this came out. Pulled off creating an atmosphere not often seen in my work.
Also, this commission got me over my fear of zombies! Yes, well into adulthood I couldn’t consume ANY zombie media. But being instructed to draw HOT zombies was a challenge I couldn’t refuse!

The Origin (2007)
This 3-paart mini-series of the All-American commissions illustrates how these boys first became superheroes. Another cock-centric superhero is introduced, the unamed ghost soldier, veteran of the American Revolutionary War. Thrill as the sexy spectre… “bestows” the boys with their superpowers causing new bulging muscles to burst free of their confines! Especially proud of the BG here as well as these spirit power FX… and (hell, I’ll say it) for successfully sexing up a spirit!

Redcoat Returns (2007)
Redcoat, as my client dictates, is an old enemy from the Revolutionary War where he battled the heroic Ghost Soldier! As the Lex Luthor/Joker of this series, it was important that he look creepy and sinister but incredibly fuckable. (Add powdered wig to the list of unlikely shit I’ve made erotic!) And next, meet the adorable hostage, a friend and fuckbud of the patriotic duo, in and out of costume!

Bobby Hale & The Rebel (2007)
We both fell instantly in love with the hostage from the Redcoat piece so these designs were commissioned directly after! The third wheel to our patriot supercouple, he’s loyal, eager, and ready to serve! Think of the “Batgirl dynamic” with a dash of Jimmy Olsen thrown in.

Kid Sonic (2007)
So for this guy, think Ryan Sheckler meets the Flash! The client had me reference the ring costume scene from the 60’s Flash cartoon. Determined to improve on that bananas animation, Kid Sonic’s costume springs forth, somehow causing him to kinda cum a bit each time.

The Stalker (2007)
Next is the Stalker, a fearsome brooder with a thirst for justice! In regard to All-American vs. the Stalker, the Superman vs. Batman dynamic was discussed at length. If All-American is the superhero who gives evil-doers a stern talking-to, then Stalker is the superhero who just grabs them by the neck and threatens the fuck out of them!

Acockalypse (2007)
Though this features client-created characters, whom we’d begun to call the Liberty League, this piece was not commissioned at all. The catastrophe that caused this scene is purposefully left ambiguous and can range from simple natural disaster to full-on Urotsukidoji-style city-destroying demon dicks. I just really like seeing superheroes in vulnerable moments. Color here is supposed to reflect a sunset but it looks more like a nuke went off… which… sure, I guess works too. XD

Life Drawing: All-American Series (2009)
OK– once again, NOT an actual commission but included here because I used the characters.
When drawing two guys from life, it’s difficult to get good facial likeness along with both whole figures in the short amount of time we get for each pose. So, for this session, I drew the bodies and left the faces blank, to complete at a later time.
Looking back, I think the reason I chose to turn them into this duo was mainly because of their similar but smokin’ hot muscle bods. There was also a subtle power dynamic coming across that I thought would fit these two guys well.

Eric & Danny (2010)
Meet Eric McBride, a tall buff hairy hung hunk and decorated Navy Seal. Now meet his little step-brother, Danny, a fun-loving albeit sneaky high school senior. Danny has mysterious powers of hypnosis and uses them on his strapping step-bro!

I had a lot of fun with this as it includes 2 of my loves– character design and size comparison. Commissioned by the same person who ordered the All-American series, naturally my mind goes to making these two into supers…

Flash’s Discovery (2010)
Commissioned by the man behind the All-American series and included on this page because of the similar themes.

Spidey has just come home from an afternoon of crime-fighting and is in the midst of changing out of his costume when suddenly Flash Thompson walks into Pete’s bedroom! Parker only then remembers a tutoring session he has lined up with the jock and realizes that Aunt May must’ve let Flash in the house! What happens next? Use your imagination. Pete’s hardon isn’t going away on it’s own! I really had fun with this one.

I love the way my colored line softens the piece up. I hadn’t used colored lines in a while. And I’m really fond of the rendering on Spidey’s tight little bod!

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