Artist’s Statement

Officially taking it to that level of pretentiousness!

Intro/ Artist Statement Short Version/ Chode Version
In person, the reaction to my gay erotic artwork is usually a wide-eyed “WOA” followed by nervous laughter. Online, however, a deliciously graphic, detailed description of how someone fapped to this stuff is common. The latter comment style is preferred. I’m probably incapable of eradicating all the sex shame society programs into us but if I can at least help push rejection of the flat shadowy male crotch tradition in comic art, I’m okay with just that. Unabashed titillation and sexual celebration is the two-pronged goal of this work; the double-penetrative approach, if you will.

For drawing, I have the most control over a fine point pencil and smooth paper. For color, I dabble in markers, colored pencils, watercolors, and collaged applique. But for the most part, coloring digitally is my go-to.

I lived in Queens, New York City until the age of 12 when we moved to Cincinnati, Ohio. I went to an affluent, private, college prep high school on scholarship while working at a convenience store located at the nexus of the projects and a trailer park. I returned to New York at 18 for college, earning my BFA in Communications Design at Pratt Institute, living in Brooklyn ever since. I believe interacting with all these different lifestyles has given me a unique perspective on people. I’m fascinated by and have studied myriad characters all my life. This is why I think my artwork tends to focus on characters.

I learned to read with Peanuts comic anthologies and developed my sense of humor from classic Looney Tunes animation. Both had a very adult tone that always fount its way into my art, which I’ve been doing as far back as I can remember. There’s home video of a young me directing kids on my block to act out what my folks thought was a play. It was really a comic strip I’d drawn full of violence, seduction and adult dialogue. Even before I had any real sexual feelings, there was an unconscious underlying sensuality in my drawings. The females were usually vampy, with large breasts and hips while my male characters always had a bulge. My first purposely erotic piece was a nude, boned Prince Eric from the Little Mermaid, drawn around when that movie came out. Other strong influences include comic books and video games, specifically X-Men and Street Fighter. I was attracted to the beautiful anatomy, imaginative character designs and diverse character rosters of both series’.

Although I was raised sex-positive, my gay erotic drawings were private. Publicly, I drew sexy women for pay (Gadget never looked hotter) and to deflect suspicion of my own homosexuality, along with a constant stream of “non-erotic” projects, which again, were still suggestive. Then in art school, after coming out, being encouraged by instructors to embrace where my art was going and discovering other working gay erotica artists on the internet, most notably Patrick Fillion, my smut went public! I simultaneously put both types of art (the tame and the erotica) online on separate sites. The response to the penisy stuff far exceeded any acknowledgment of the non-penisy stuff.

Soon I was getting commissioned to draw sexy stuff I hadn’t imagined on my own and realized the work had to appeal to me as well as the customer. The popular Tom of Finland quote, “If I don’t have an erection while doing a drawing, then I know it’s not good,” became surprisingly applicable for scenarios I previously never thought about. I end up adopting my clients’ fantasies as my own… which… I’m choosing to consider is a skill. Turning people on through my artwork actually turned me on as well. I get to be slutty without being a slut! It also soon became apparent that in addition to turning people on, I was also making them laugh. Though unconscious for most of my development, I was using humor to mitigate the subject matter.

Exhibiting most often with the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art, I’m trying to bridge an information and aesthetic gap between the fine art side of the erotic art community and the online erotic art community. I’m also constantly exploring different methods of interactivity which I believe is the future of art in general. As I’m influenced by so much different media, I can’t help but want my work to permeate… no penetrate those media. It’s where that propensity toward seeing my art on mass-produced product comes from. Also, I feel that applying my work to new and different forms of media broadens my audience. Every new viewer who’s take away is something other than that fake horror over the sight of a penis is a victory for me. The penis is one of the most magnificent of dog’s creations!

Something about me causes people to be very frank and open with me about their sexuality. Within ten minutes of meeting someone new, they’re invariably telling me their most sordid and bizarre sex secrets! I guess it’s because I’m non-judgemental and usually willing to have an exciting conversation about it. My work is a direct translation of this personality trait.

I’ve never found it difficult to express myself verbally or written, but people who appreciate my drawings tend to best understand me. These are who I connect with, which is ultimately, I think what most of us really want to do– connect. I find that talking about the nature of what I do, whether it’s with fans, friends, clients, colleagues, builds an intimate connection, unique to any other. They’re kind of fun to collect… almost like a harem. ♥

Favorite Comix:

Calvin & Hobbes, Peanuts, X-Men

Favorite Games:

Darkstalkers, King of Fighters, Mega Man, Mortal Kombat, Ms. Pac-Man, Rival Schools, Street Fighter, Streets of Rage, Tiny Toons: Acme All-Stars, X-Men Legends

Favorite Animation:

A.T.O.M., Avatar, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Batman the Animated Series, Duck Tales, G.I. Joe, He-Man & Masters of the Universe, Jem, Justice League Unlimited, The Little Mermaid, Looney Tunes, Ninja Scroll, Project A-Ko, Ranma 1/2, Sailor Moon, Simpsons, Thundercats, Tiny Toon Adventures, Urotsukidoji, Voltron, Wicked City

Favorite Live Action Media:

Alien, Aliens, Avengers, The Bad Seed, Basic Instinct, Batman Returns, Beetlejuice, Clash of the Titans, Eddie Murphy: Delerious, Fatal Attraction, Ghostbusters, Kill Bill, Little Shop of Horrors, Martin, Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure, Robocop, Showgirls, Superman 2, Terminator 2, Total Recall, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, The Wiz, Xena: Warrior Princess, Zardoz


Where do I get a password?
You can buy one in the shop! Select Archive Gallery Access.

OK, I bought a password. Where’s my access?
Give me a few hours tops– I process it all myself.

What is “old site” in the top menu?
(OK, admittedly this isn’t a frequently asked question. Just wanted to clarify.) My old site is still up becasue there is plenty of content there that hasn’t been moved over to this layout yet.

I can’t afford Membership but I really want to see your art.
Thanks, I really want you to see it! But I’m trying to make a living off this stuff and I wouldn’t be much of a businessman if I let everyone see all for free. But since I love feedback, good friends who regularly let me know what they think have free access.

Will you draw (insert character here)?
While I welcome requests and suggestions, commissions and my own personal projects usually come first. The fastest way to get me to draw what you want is to commission me!

Do you draw (insert sexual fetish here)?
When commissioned, I’ve not refused to draw anything yet. It’s difficult to offend me when you’re a paying customer. Try me!

Why are the penises so big?
Evasive answer: It’s a staple of erotic art. Most artists working in this genre do it.

Artistic answer: Cartooning is all about exaggeration and creating a visual language. To me, it makes sense to exaggerate genitalia in erotic cartoons. I feel like I make it work in the world I’ve created where characters also have big eyes, heads, hands and feet.

Personal answer: I like big penises. (I like small penises too, but mostly when compared to a big one. The comparison is hot to me.)

Answer when the tone of the question is disparaging: I draw what I see in the mirror.

Are you still working on Anti-Heroes/ Persuasions/ Omega Phi?
Yes! These are my pet projects featuring my original characters! Installments of their narratives are slow to come out because I am always working on way too many projects at once.

Do your live models really cum?
Yup! The figure drawing group I attend focuses on erotic art. The models are directed to take sexy poses and most of the time, they’ll play with themselves to get hard, eventually jerk off and usually spooge during the last pose!

I’m an illustrator too– how much should I charging?
You probably already know that artist rates vary dramatically. Skill level, style and noteriety aren’t analogous to artist rates. Your job is to figure out what’s comfortable for you. Start by copying a similar artist’s rate but be prepared to adjust it over time.

Are you rich?
Fuck no.

Why aren’t you on Facebook?
What are you my grandma? I can’t put this stuff on FB. I’m on Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram as well as more art-based social networks like DeviantArt, Y-Gallery and FurAffinity. Also there are comment secions all over this site. Remember when personal blogs was where we chatted on the internet? Let’s bring that back!

Should I be using a pseudonym for my erotic art?
Yes if you want to get work in more mainstream illustration, which is largely aimed at children. However, while my name being tied to porn has closed some doors, it has opened up a lot more. It definitely sets me apart.

Do you have any artistic tips for other erotica artists?
Never stop learning. Always be open to trying something new and different. Be versatile. Don’t get comfortable. Push yourself.

Draw from life as much as you can. It’s fine to be influenced by other artists, but to develop your own unique style, it’s easier to start from life.

Be open-minded and sex-positive. Our sexual appetites evolve over the years; so should your subject matter and depictions of erotica.


  • dreamerboy6 says:

    I love the answers to some of these questions, especially the “why are the penises so big” section. XD

    • JC says:

      haha! I totally just remembered another answer I used to give to that question: “Oh they’re big? I can’t tell.”

      lol. That was a back in the old days though, when I was way less aware of my thought processes when I draw. Thanks again for stoppin’ by!

  • cezar augusto says:

    hey, how re you i really loved your story and the blog! i just want to now how can i become a member of the galery.. i would love to participate

  • I would like to know your opinion about my pictures.
    tentacles on male . blogspot

  • Little comics reader says:


    we can’t buy any access if we are not in us because the emplacement “state” doesn’t fit with any other country than US.


  • KrisMeow says:

    HEY! J.C. We went to school together (Kristen?) and I still have your Wolverine comics you lent me. I was (am) a punk rock girl. I’m not in Cincy anymore, but would love to hear from you. I still have the old over fiend deal you made on the back of a comic board..because you are really so great of an artist. Whoever on here just likes the dicks you draw….they better understand how awesome you are at art ( best dicks ever!). Miss you drawing Hello Kitty characters on my arm during calculus. I am KrisMeow on fb. I really hope you’ll contact me.

  • Brian B. says:

    Hi JC!
    I just wanted to tell you how much I love your work and what a talented artist you are. I just purchased the archives so I could see more (can’t get enough)! Although it was commissioned, my favorites so far are the All American and Golden Boy series. I have a HUGE fetish more muscle growth, cock growth, and macro art. So that really hit the spot. I hope you consider developing that series more in the future. I would also love to commission you for more macro art (I saw you like that), but I’m really tight on finances at the moment. I’m hoping I will be able to in the near future. Please keep up the amazing work. I am a BIG fan!

    • JC says:

      Thanks so much for getting the archive gallery, bud! Yea– totally agree, All-American and Golden Boy is some of my strongest stuff! I contact that client every year or so to see if he wants to continue but I think he’s moved on- lol. But totally into developing something like that with you when you get the chance to commission! I’ve actually not done much muscle-growth/ cock-growth/ macro art even though I really want to get more into it! It’s such an fun sub-genre of gay erotic art! Stay in touch and together we’ll create some awesome new macro characters!!

  • Len says:

    Just wanted to purchase the HOMO & standard card decks. What are the shipping charges for a deck of each?

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