The ever growing army of beast men who make up the most savagely sexy basketball league ever!
Click a Baller to see his XXX version! (Members Gallery password required for teasers and cropped versions.)


My love letter to the anthro art community; though furries don’t dominate my art, I want to show everyone that I’ve always loved the genre. Much of my early art was anthro, including my very first commissions (sexy drawings of Gadget and Babs I did in junior high.) Oh, and my first toon crush was Launchpad! ^_^


Why the basketball theme? I wanted some sort of linking element because I knew these guys would look vastly different from one another. Always had a thing for uniforms, particularly nut-hugging 70’s basketball uniforms.


Also there’s the Acme All Stars influence; one of my favorite video games ever. In fact, the #1 fantasy goal for this series is a suped-up, porny version of Acme All Stars! (With at least one of the characters being able to full-on punch someone in the face like Montana Max!)



Down the Rabbit Hole (2014)

The model from the life drawing this was developed from said this was his favorite pose of the night. Since I’m obsessed for doing multiple versions of my pieces, check out the preview of the alternate version with a darker palette where Tangle’s dumping a monster load. Full version on my Patreon.

Tangle (2009)
The reason a rabbit came first was because of a strong Tiny Toons influence and confidence in drawing Buster and Babs. Actually created my own Tiny Toons-esque characters, with a proto-version of this guy at the center of it all.

SilverMoon (2009)
Numero Dos was a wolf because wolves are easily the most popular anthro. Along with Tangle, I think SilverMoon may be the star of this series. Eventually, I want to draw him morphing into a human… sort of a “wolfwere” haha. (Not my joke– stolen from Rescue Rangers.)

Steph Bunny (2018)
Even though it’s 10 years into the Brutal Ballers project, this simple, somewhat general drawing was meant to sort of introduce the concept. (Check out the sketch to see where the title comes from!) Decided to use it as the cover to the 2nd issue of my zine series Fap Fantasy; all the Ballers art from up to 2018, all uncensored and in vivid turgid color.

Made these for Anthrocon but ended up selling way more at a non-furry art show moths later. Still have some left so get yours at Pretty labor intensive (printing, collating, binding and cutting out hundreds of stickers by hand was a nightmare!) But I love how it came out- particularly the rounded corners which give it a special, kinda precious feel. Centerfold is that Maelstrom octopus orgy, which was what pushed most buyers over the edge. Trust me, I could tell– it’s so fun to watch someone get horny from a drawing in real time.

Comfy Tangle (2020)
Tangle gives an alluring life drawing pose on this special HOLEY day. Patreon supporters get the version that reveals where he hid the eggs.


Ridge (2009)
I asked one of my drawing buddies what should be my 3rd erotic anthro and he VERY quickly said boar. For some reason, I didn’t see the obvious gay pig play allusions till like now, 5 years later! Rest assured, Ridge will eventually get a drawing where he’s pigging out hardcore!

Caravaggio (2011)
Vehement hatred of Michael Bay Transformers notwithstanding, part of me wants to redraw this guy like the 2014 TMNTs… cuz they are frikkin’ HOT!

Caravaggio Seated (2018)

Cocky sexy turtle man Caravaggio poses for the studio this week, surprising the artists when his average sized wiener grows to into a jolly green giant. See it exclusively on my Patreon in the Naked Animated version!

Halo (2009)
Cartoon ducks are the best! I don’t know why but I strongly identify with them! Maybe it’s that I feel like I’m always getting the shaft like Daffy… or that I want to kick the shit out of people like Donald. Whatever the reason, I’ve always been able to draw the fuck out of a duck!

X-Animal Cards (1999)
This is just to show where Halo comes from. As a kid, (we’re talking 1990 here,) I used to make these comics that felt like the melding of Tiny Toons and X-Men. I sadly no longer have any of those but do still have most of this card set I made in college that was a kind of chronicle of all my characters.


Army of Duckness
And this is just to show how nuts my thing for cartoon ducks goes. Happy Meal Scrooge was my favorite toy ever.

Swipe (2012)
I actually surprised myself at how much I came to like this guy. I toy with a backstory that he has a monumental collection of stolen Ballers’ socks and undies.
They Call Me Swipe (2014)
Same model as in the Rabbit Hole piece, the “Night” version of this one is spooge heavy on kind of an epic scale.

Inferno (2012) 

I was a little apprehensive over tackling the big cats but am quite proud of how this guy came out.

In the blogpost, I described him as a strong, driven, stoic, natural leader… with an enormous dong!


Red Hot Inferno (2018)

So Inferno grudgingly agrees to model at the drawing studio. But he wasn’t prepared for what the feeling of dozens of horned up artist’s eyes on his furry muscular bod would do to his tygantuan dick.  

That’s when he remembers this is erotic figure drawing and he can indeed touch himself, albeit subtly. But with arms locked in this dynamic pose for several more minutes how’s a fiery orange hunk supposed to take care of his persistently stiffening big cat cock? That’s when pays to have a tail! Full version on my Patreon!


←August (2012)

The goal here was to combine the ideas of grace and beauty associated with the word deer with the ideas of raw, untamed masculinity associated with the word buck.


Slutty Reindeer (2010)→

At one point I was designing “Pornaments” which sadly didn’t go to production because the company didn’t own that name. 

So yea, she’s not a Baller but I’m including her here cuz she’s anthro and I kinda just wanted to see her next to her cousin- hehe.



St.Nick Jr. 2018

5th drawing of St.Nick Jr. over the years but 1st time he’s joined by our sexy young buck. I was eager to draw August with a happier expression cuz for 6 years he was looking like the most pissed off dude in the league, with the initial pic being the only one out there.

The new drawing gives him a bit more personality depth while revealing this other sweet gig. August wasn’t having that sleigh pulling bullshit so on his interview he found St.Nick Jr. molesting one of those horny little elves and decided to join in. Full version on my Patreon!

Tirade (2012)
Not my worst “client from hell” story but it’s funny. First off, being a sports fan was one of the requirements for the job. (Red flag #1, right? Cuz only sports fans can draw sports imagery?)

Guy says he wants a mascot t-shirt design for a fictional gay team, the Chelsea Cocks. (Chelsea used to be an NYC gayborhood.) He didn’t like the left sketch, saying it was too cute and looked like a “Chelsea boy in a chicken suite.” (suite tho?)

Guess he didn’t understand the word mascot is often interpreted as… a guy in a suit– particularly in a sports context. So then I figured he wanted something more like an icon or emblem, sent sketch 2 and got no response.

At least have the balls to send an e-mail, yunno? Personally, I think he realized the pun wasn’t so clever halfway through and just gave up. Love clients who need someone else to illustrate how dumb their ideas are. Anyways, I’m still proud of Tirade despite of his eye-roll-inducing origins.

Maelstrom (2012)

Despite its overwhelming presence in erotic art, I’ve resisted drawing tentacle pr0n for a long time.

In most tentacle pr0n, they’re either coming “from the void,” (when the tentacle source is cropped out or ambiguous,) or the tentacles are part of faceless, emotionless masses.

Also, tentacles as dicks don’t quite work for me just yet because I feel like in order to penetrate something, it needs to be stiff like a hard dick– not all wiggly like a tentacle, yunno?

So with this sexy new guy, I’m hoping to deviate from the tentacle porn norm with standard tentacles, not dick tentacles, and that we’ll always see that they’re coming from him.

Also, I made his dick as thick as one of his tentacles, so the whole threatening feeling of the typical tentacle pr0n monster is there with EACH of his appendages.

Also, I love that there is space in my life to write whole paragraphs on the subject of tentacle pr0n.


Me Time (2016)

Based on a figure drawing from life.

Model was young, smooth, bald and quite muscular… he didn’t have tentacles though. 😉

Pledge on Patreon to see the full version!

Sit Here (2022)
Briefly forgot why sitting front/middle is not optimal in life drawing groups. But after getting this static pose, the trusty perv brain came up with a way to make it interesting: By turning the gorgeous muscular model into Maelstrom, my hunky tentacle monster! Video is of the super-fun symmetrical drawing feature in Procreate.

Ruffhouse (2012)
This guy is supposed to be one of the more fearsome ones in the league. Tats kinda amp up anyone’s toughness, so it seemed fitting that he get a big one. Also, that hippos aren’t covered in fur was another reason he got one. I don’t do the tats on fur thing.


Uproar (2012)
Kinda knew going in that this guy would be a favorite. He certainly was one of mine! His mane is inspired by Haohmaru.


Are You Done Yet? (2017) , Not So Ruff (2017)
In my universe, even sexy antho beast-men need quick cash and pose for horny artists! Uproar the lion, holding his lost hardon up with his thumb, is impatient and ready for the posing to be over. Meanwhile, Ruffhouse the hippo poses his ass off proudly boasting his stiff chode.


Crag (2012)

He’s one of the earliest Ballers I can remember coming from a request.

When I first announced I was taking suggestions for these guys, rhino, hippo and elephant were suggested the most.

Soon found out that these are the three largest land animals alive today. There’s a connection there somewhere.


Blistr (2012)

The first insect of this series (though far from my first anthro insect ever,) I was quite proud of how he came out.

Looking to Sectaurs, GloWorm and Maya the Bee for inspiration, this guy became the sorta template for the rest of the bugs to come…

Wanna Get Stung?, Horned (2016)
Based on life drawings– same model on both as a matter of fact!


Bee Cakes (2019)
Another one based on a life drawing, his stinger is higher than I normally indicate because I really wanted to show how far that butt protrudes.

Doin It Like Animals (2018)
This one goes along with a great piece of erotic fiction by an awesome fan. Plan Bee is the first narrative work for Brutal Ballers, building their world while telling the raunchy courtship of Crag, the massive, hard-as-rock anthro rhino and Blistr, the fuzzy, muscular anthro bumble bee.

Obviously they don’t fuck in underwear, so click through the different versions for previews and then check it out uncensored on my Patreon! Many thanks to Yin_To_Yang for expanding this project and my pants! 😉



Was all set to have a very low key birthday when I opened up Twitter to the most awesome surprise! HeadingSouthArt is one of my favorite erotica artists and it was quite touching to read that story about my pirate drawings from 10 years ago.

It’s been a really long time since I’ve gotten fan art and this is the very first one featuring my anthro OCs, so it’s pretty fuggin’ exciting! HeadingSouthArt totally nails Crag and Blistr. I love all the attention to detail, particularly in their sneakers and careful placement of Blistr’s body fuzz.

Totally unprepared for the overwhelming response to this piece and to Blistr in general! I mean, I knew Blistr was one of my strongest character designs; have heard it before. But it’s entirely different to read all the positive feedback about this character in realtime on Twitter. HeadingSouthArt has a TON of followers, many reacting to Blistr for the first time.

Including WolfDragonBlood who posted this piece not too long later, this time in adorable animated pixel art format!
Thanks so much to both HeadingSouthArt and WolfDragonBlood for taking the time out to draw my characters and make this birthday way more special than I was expecting! Follow and support both of these super talented artists right away!

Suds (2013)
With more than one ape coming, this dude needed something to set him apart…
Pow (2012)
There was a little pressure here because I now consider the panda guy in my 1st attempt at anthro bears a bit of a failure. Pow corrects the flaws I now see in my design for “Pandar.”

Maraud (2012)

Nah, he does not have two dicks. For this series, the dicks lean more human because I really don’t want the pressure of learning about all the various penises of the entire animal kingdom. And I like to think I draw a nice human dick anyways.

Was VERY surprised at how much I loved this guy once I finished the drawing. Sharks are popular erotic anthro subjects so I was determined to come up with a design that stands up to all the others out there.

Maraud exudes this raunchy confident savagery that I think embodies what you guys like about anthro sharks.

Comfy Maraud (2016)
Digital life drawing of a pose I’ve drawn about a villion times so I decided to turn him into one of my anthros to spice it up!



Aftershock (2012)

Not gonna lie, this one was difficult.

Elephantmen (the comic series) helped somewhat but I distinctly remember frequently referencing LotsaHeart. Just a smidge embarrassed to say what that is.

My favorite part of this guy is how his foreskin mimics his trunk.


Cliff (2013)

Cliff came at the beginning of my need to start drawing skinny, boyish twinks.

Previously my twinks were muscular. So he’s the smallest Baller so far– in stature and dong size.

Hoping to pair him up with one of the large characters soon!


Baa (2016)
Developed from a figure drawing!

Isn’t he adorbs?!

Multitasking (2016)
Swipe’s not-so-secret shame is his collection of stolen socks, jocks and underwear from many of his fellow anthro Ballers.

He convinces his twink buds Tangle and Cliff to help out on his latest raid targeting Maelstrom.

Of course, things don’t go according to plan and before Maelstrom lets these guys get away with any prizes, he must first show them all where he gets nickname, Overfiend!

Pay for a password here or through Patreon and prepare for a prodigious 6 penetrative points in this preposterous penis puller!



Diesel (2013)

Youze guys are into big, big muscle.

My characters are pretty muscular but I had none that were hyper muscular, like a bodybuilder.

So Diesel the Clydesdale, for obvious reasons, fils this role.

He also fills my penchant for drawing Pantene locks XD!

His cock, though still mostly human looking, does have an element or two of a real horse cock. Check it out!

Newton (2013)
Yea, fuck subtlety. This guy was super fun to color and render.
Panther Cakes (2018)
Colored pencil on black paper here– traditional media for an art show and one of the first to sell!
Hip Cats (2015)
So a series of different guys on different colored backgrounds was an idea used by several artists in the last Dirty Little Drawings show. But no one did it quite like me! This traditional media method of using the color of the paper as a render tone is a fun one that I’ve been exploring a lot lately. And because I can’t seem to draw anything without a dick, um, enjoy that!


Breakout (2013)
This is actually a repurposed birthday gift for my partner who thinks the Battletoads are really hot.

While drawing him, it finally dawned on me what features I think my partner responds to— mainly the extreme V torso. I never noticed it before but the Battletoads have a huge shoulder to waist ratio, something my partner likes in actual human beings as well.

So it makes more sense now why he liked those guys. (Because it certainly wasn’t for those craptacular games or that painful cartoon.)

Smucka (2013)
It was interesting coloring this guy because there’s a level of transparency in his loctacles. I was toying with making his whole body translucent but it wasn’t working… and looked kinda gross… not in a good way.


Hands Free (2022)
So when I first drew Smucka, the anthro jellyfish, I wanted to imply his tentacles were more like hair and not prehensile… But then I got some great poses directed by rope bondage photographer ThikTool. Immediately, Smuck’s dreads came to mind and have now solidified this character as a bondage dom who doesn’t like dudes using their hands. Animated uncensored version on my Patreon here:



Majesty (2013)

Once Blistr was designed, I had a very clear idea of what I wanted all of my anthro bugs to look like.

So as much as I’d like to claim modesty about how awesome Majesty turned out, I kinda can’t. I knew he’d be awse from the beginning.

And I knew the common comment would be, “I can’t believe you managed to make a butterfly hot!”

That’s what I’m here for, people.

Dynamite (2013)
A popular request and my partner’s favorite animal, I felt a lot of pressure to deliver on this guy. I find the more popular species challenging because there’s so much precedent, it’s hard to come up with something unique. But thankfully, my style is “me” enough that my fox looks like he couldn’t come from anywhere but here.


Sleeek (2015)
Salamander was in my “maybe but probably not” list until my partner suggested it. And I’d find out, like that Battletoad, his reasoning for the request has to with what he’s into in people– smooth, slender, bald.

Proto (2013)
As a kid, I decided Dimetrodon was my favorite dinosaur, probably just to be different than all the hordes of T-Rex and Triceratops kids. And so naturally, the guys I identify with get enormous dongs– haha. This one definitely borders on hyper/ macro genre. Weird fact: Dimetrodon also falls into the category of “mammal-like reptiles” and is actually closer related to humans than traditional reptiles.


Batch (2015)
This little guy is partially inspired by the image that got me into furries; a sky blue or gray wolf or husky with his tongue out sitting on top of his enormous sack! (Btw, I never saved that image and haven’t seen in a looong time, so if anyone knows where to find it, I’d be eternally grateful!)

Blitzkrieg (2014)

Instead of drawing this guy in lederhosen, I gave him another big fat German stereotype under that censor block…


The Business (2013)

Like all the bug boys post Blistr, I was seeing this guy in my head for months before I actually drew him and am super happy with how he comes off.

He’s supposed to evoke fear and disgust while still being attractive in a “give it up or he’ll take it” kinda way!

Creeper (2017)

From a drawing model who purposefully gave me poses to work with for my artistic aesthetic.

Great way to explore some of my OCs like The Business, a big creepy anthro spider bear with the look of playfully terrifying domination in his many eyes.

Also finally unlocking the original drawing of this guy here on my Patreon blog. Please support if you approve!


Windfall (2015)

Though dragon has topped the request list from the beginning, I waited a while, introducing a good chunk of normal characters before venturing into the mystical animals, who I pictured getting this awesome grand reveal. Erm, so yea, this is their awesome grand reveal. Yay dragons!

Mythical creatures, I’ve always fantasized are the secret hidden bosses of this crazy game!

I worked on both Windfall and Despoil at the same time, making sure to emphasize what’s different about eastern dragons verses western dragons. It’s made for a distinctively contrasting duo! Are they friends, rivals, enemies or lovers? Or all of the above?!


Despoil (2015)

Tons of pressure to deliver on this guy since dragons are so damn prevalent in not only the anthro genre but general fantasy as well.

Eventually, his design came through from just making sure he looked as studly as Windfall the eastern dragon but not as slender (hence Despoil’s big ol’ roid gut! hehe.)


Despoil Seated (2022)
High time I draw my dragon stud again and used this Santino Cruz figure drawing as reference. Wanted to reinforce that beautiful line the body is making with the tail and wing poses and it ended up looking like he was blocking the light. But that just became another opportunity to reinforce the line with the light rays. Oh and yea a green dragon dick erection animation version is out there on my Patreon and DeviantArt!



Action (2015)

Coloring this guy was kind of a treat because I can’t think of ever needing to portray slick and shiny pure blacks and whites in the same piece.

Action is super blingy because he claims to be descended from Shamu and Free Willy and has made a name for himself in show business. It has nothing to do with my overwhelming fetish for dudes in jewelry.


Avery (2015)

Wanted to get that squirrel head shape just right because to me, too many anthro squirrels tend to have that Tiny Toons/Rescue Rangers generic mammal look.


Apex Predators (2019)

A rare 3-man life drawing sketch becomes 3 of my apex predator anthro characters and then later becomes a much more elaborate story, expanding way beyond the original 3 subjects of the piece.

World-building comes very easy for me. Full version on my Patreon!

INTERVIEWER: I’m here in the locker room with Avery the squirrel boy who only moments ago experienced his first gangbang broadcast here on Brutal Ballers Live. How are you feeling right now, Avery?

AVERY: Exhausted. Kinda dizzy. But mostly satisfied. And a quick correction, buddy. That wasn’t my first gangbang. Just the first one caught on camera. I’ve never had so many SpyGuys on me at once.

INTERVIEWER: To clarify for the audience, SpyGuys are what the Ballers call the floating camera bots that are a way of life here in the Ballosphere. They’re why we get those awesome shots in the Basketbrawl games and all those great angles in the league’s after-hours private lives.

AVERY: Yea well a lot of us find them annoying. If the punishment wasn’t so severe, I’d smash them more often. And I know we’re told they’re not sentient but I kinda believe they are.

INTERVIEWER: I’ve heard the algorithm they’re programmed with is very sophisticated. As I understand it though, SpyGuys only really follow the most popular Ballers, correct?

AVERY: Yea, first of all, fuck you. And secondly, yes. I do enjoy more privacy than most. I’m a whore for cock, not airtime.

INTERVIEWER: Well it seems from the ratings you just racked up that you’re going to have get used to a lot more SpyGuys on your tail.

(SpyGuy lurks inches away from Avery’s sore, red asshole.)

AVERY: And practically IN my tail if this one’s any indication. Shoo you creepy fuck! Hey, do you think it smells the nut in my ass right now? I’m holding it as long as I can. You know why, right?

INTERVIEWER: Ah yes, because squirrels store nuts. And no, I don’t think it can smell- it doesn’t have a nose. Again, I think it’s just an algorithm.



Levi (2015)

So I thought I was being original by anthropomorphizing a plant but a quick internet search crushed that idea.

It also revealed to me how massively SMB piranha plants are ingrained into the public consciousness. (To the point where I feel like they’ve somewhat usurped what we think venus fly traps actually look like… And to the point where it’s unclear whether the artists are aware they’re actually referencing a Nintendo-created design.) Not that there’s anything wrong with that– I’m quite tickled over the possibility that a video game concept is more well known than what it’s based on.

Anyways, back to Levi, where I do think I may have struck originality gold is giving my anthro plant a sexy humanoid bod. So hopefully, audiences who are into sexualized plants will imagine new scenarios with this muscle-hunk-plant-stud while building on the purveying plant sex fantasies.

That’s a coded way of saying “this is my vore character!” Haha


Roundup (2015)

The goal here was to capture that fiery rage bulls are known for as well as emphasizing his big bull balls.

In his xxx version, instead of the b-ball, he’s holding some other b-balls.

Congratulations, Roundup– you may have taken Uproar’s title as my favorite!


Raw Beef (2015)

This special request called for a Minotaur boinking and licking a muscular guy. My first anthro vs. human work, posing was difficult but I’m really happy with the end result– especially since it fits in with my character storylines.

Human tail is rare for the Brutal Ballers as they are isolated from society. But the popular, high ranking beasts, like the fearsome Roundup, have ways of smuggling in all types of goods from the outside world. And cocky power bottom Mason is just the type to seek out this type of thrill!

Internal and Con Leche versions available to Patreon supporters. Alternate title: “I’ll Have the Cow Tongue.”


Contemplative RoundUp (2019)

Embarrassed over his huge bull-balls, our minotaur has been putting off posing for Life Drawing.

Heavy sack sitting comfortably, RoundUp concentrates on being still, lost in thought, not realizing his manhood steadily plumping up to a beef pillar almost as unwieldy as his nuts.

After milking it, the immense volume of spooge (though unsurprising given aforementioned big bull bag) is truly moo-ving!

Clean alternates are here, full version with erection animation and leche-shot HERE on my Patreon!


Razor (2016)

Topping the request list for a while now, here’s your party lovin’, hedonistic, cajun croc-boy!

There are plenty of famous anthro croc characters, ah guarantee, many of which were referenced but I kept coming back to the crocs on Lego Chima. Maybe I liked their simple but effective designs… or maybe I’m just a man in my 30’s who loves Lego Chima.


Glint (2016)

Eventually we will discover that this guy’s spooge is also bio-luminescent.

Made sure to have fun drawing Glint as he marks the last of the bugs I’ve had a super-clear vision for since beginning the project. Very intimidated to draw any new bug dudes from here on out…


Torso Sketches (2015 – 2020)
So these began as quick little sketchbook doodles but of course, I couldn’t put them down and wound up building them up into more full drawings.
Somewhat unconsciously, my size difference fetish comes up here.


Vantage (2016)
So that slight dick-taper is supposed to mimic his beak. Always kinda surprised that I can make a bird man sexy. Also love that my reference to American patriotism comes from Street Fighter, a Japanese video game.


Omen (2016)
Problem with foregoing a snake’s most unique feature, their lack of limbs, is that they just end up looking like lizards. So I made sure to play up each of these three guys’ other snake features. Omen is lean, lanky and long, especially in the wang, which I imagine rattles when he is aroused.


Throttle (2016)
And finally, snakeman #3, Throttle is the muscle, showing us how he effortlessly squeezes the air from his victims. He’s also got the snakiest cock of anyone in the league.

Demolish (2016)
A fun thing to do with this drawing is put it next to any of the guys who’s dicks are pointing to the right. It’ll look like Demo’s big hairy blue asshole is the perfect height to look like he’s good and ready to be penetrated!


Daze (2016)
Snakeman #2, Daze captures a sense of slinky, snakelike sensuality which he can amplify using his awesome powers of hypnosis! “Look into my eyes. Or look into my hole, whichever you prefer.”


Daydream (2016)
This guy made his official debut at an in-person art show where he’s cumming a rainbow. The piece was so popular (particularly among women!) that he’s become a t-shirt! Click to order and show the world what a sexy unicorn you are!

Daydream In Repose (2019)

Another life drawing from a 10 minute pose becomes the vehicle for revealing the front side of my unicorn, Daydream! Previously we’d only seen his yoked back and big meaty bum.

Many artistic revelations while working on this guy but the easiest one to explain is: I’m pretty sure the only thing I love drawing as much as genitalia is hair.

And for my patrons on Patreon, enjoy five drawings of Daydream’s enormous horse cock getting hard and then spooging a fountain of rainbow sperm, all strung together for another of my erection animations!

Oh- and HAPPY PRIDE! Try to get laid.

Throttle Seated (2023)
My sketch of the torso on this model was reminding me a lot of my snake men whom I’ve wanted to draw again for years now. Of course, the most fun part of drawing a hot anthro python man is drawing his python-sized snakey-shaped dick= check it out on my Patreon here:


Daydream Seated (2022)
Figure drawing (actually my first one on Procreate!) turned into Daydream, my unicorn dude. One day I’ll remember to start a Pride drawing before the end of June. Magenta horse cock version =



Deluxe (2017)

As you’d expect, Deluxe’s plumage dazzles the pants off most of the dudes in the league.

Phallic feathers were more fun to design than I ever realized! Also, if it feels like his wing color may be out of place, we call back to it in his genitalia! Check it out exclusively on Patreon!


Gnaw (2017)

My caveman catman is genetically related to T-Bone with a color scheme borrowed from Mr. Creed.

Bigger hole than I usually draw… I guess he’s gettin’ it from the other giant studs in this prehistoric faction pretty often! Check out his naked version exclusively on Patreon!

Lulu (2017)
Hung fatter than any of the other twinks in this series so far, Lulu, the loner is unaware that most of the league is hot for him. But none of these big beastly Ballers actually has the balls to overcome their fear of an accidental orgasm spray. Check out his naked version exclusively on Patreon!

Mallet (2017)
Shark entrant number two, wait’ll you see his dick. It’s very… themed. Check it out exclusively on Patreon!

Beatdown (2017)

I imagine this guy will get into trouble for flagrantly fowling anyone is his bloomin way.

He’s an aggressor to watch out for, from his powerful legs and tail to his drastically curvy dick! Check it out exclusively on Patreon!


Rexplosion (2017)
After a ton of fail sketches, I was almost ready to give up on everyone’s favorite tyrant of the Jurassic! But then I found a killer pose from life drawing, and just kept bulging up those legs until he finally started working! Naked version’s dick is as scary as you’d expect– check it out on Patreon exclusively!

Rexplosion Leaning (2018)

This hot-bodied model gave us this great pose that emphasized his muscular legs. Turning him into Rexplosion wasn’t easy because even though Rex has big legs, the proportions had to change a lot to really embody my big red sexy dino stud!

Of course there’s multiple nude versions because I couldn’t just draw one dick state. I had to see it soft, and then hard, and then kinda semi, to more semi until… it just became an animation.

So Patreon users will enjoy a 6 keyframe gif of Rexplosion’s big floppy uncut snake becoming the mountain-like erection you saw in his first drawing! Enjoy!

Jolly Villevillage (2019)
I love how Jolly’s drawings of my OC’s convey their personalities while still hitting the mark on the bare feet fetish. Great job, Jolly– thanks so much! Particularly proud of these because I’m sometimes insecure in my decision to give my anthros human feet. Furries generally like paws. But yunno, almost equally, Furries like feet too. I love that about Furries– no one agrees on anything.

Kiloton (2017)
Kiloton shaves not only to reveal that killer tat but to also show off his big sexy belly, hopefully securing the gay bear fanbase as well as the furry community!

So let’s put him on a tee! Very sorry Society6 didn’t have a big guy to model the shirt.
Click to buy!

And don’t forget to check out his fat chode in the nude version exclusively on Patreon!


Rascal (2017)
Trying to check off all the requests before Anthrocon next year. An otter was at the top of the list for a while. Like the term bear, the gay community has adopted the word otter to mean basically a skinnier bear. So Rascal would up more lithe than some of the muscular otters we see in the furry art community.

Eager to draw Rascal and Kiloton the grizzly bear in a sex pic because I picture these two as close pals and fuckbuds; sort of a Yogi and Booboo type of dynamic. Check out what our sexy otter’s working with if you’re on my Patreon! And yea, those are whiskers on his sneakers.


Brutal Ballers Bulgy Buds (2017)
An adult revisitation of a childhood hobby, at about 9 or 10, I used to make all these tiny paper dolls using Mega Man as a template, of course, not realizing I was giving them all huge tits and bulges.



Snowflake (2017)

Researching anthro penguins shows they kinda run the gamut but one thing they seem to have in common is a high cute factor.

Snowflake tries to capitalize off that by wearing his bowtie everywhere.

But the inside joke in the world of Brutal Ballers it to constantly give him orders cuz he looks like a butler.


Droxy (2017)

My list of potential characters for this anthro project is very dominated by different dog breeds so big Drox over here consolidates that a little.(Now I just need a cerberus with bird heads- haha.)

I’m super proud of this dude’s dick(s) which are unlike anything I’ve ever drawn before. It’s 3 cocks intertwined to form one massive weapon of ass destruction! It’s kinda gross but kinda hot too!!! Check it out in if you’re on my Patreon!

Catillac (2018)
This little cutie will be the only one in my anthro series based on a house cat so he had to represent one of the coolest domesticated cat concepts in toondom. Seems like all 80’s furries call out Cleo as their earliest toon crush. Catillac’s boner is smoother than I normally draw– check it out on my Patreon!

Sploosh (2018)
Diving in head first with fish now! Forced myself to watch Fish Police for research and um… holy fuck was that show perverted! I mean, even if I wasn’t going to draw a fish-man with a big dick, (on my Patreon,) that cartoon would have pushed it!

Thirst (2018)

I don’t research animal dicks for these characters cuz I like and draw nice human dicks. HOWEVER… a regular, innocent “BAT” web search brings up clips of bat dicks that kinda made it into my drawing. Check it out on my Patreon!

The clips are regular zoo-goer phone videos of sleeping bats with enormous human-like hard-ons that they can lick with their crazy long tongues all while hanging upside down! (I know, I’ll draw that next…)


Overkill (2018)

Even the biggest, most threatening guys in the league are nervous around Overkill, AKA the walking weapons locker. One of the more technically challenging characters to design so far, I’m happy with how he turns out, looking kinda like a Mega Man character.

11 of 12 of his scary appendages are here but to see #12, check out the naked version on my Patreon!)

Charge (2018)
I already draw thick chunky trapezius muscles in almost all my guys, so it was a treat to bulk them up for this guy to simulate that bison hump. Chief Charge is the voice of reason and more mellow than his bovine bro Roundup the bull. Naked version has the current best chode I’ve ever drawn (released on my Patreon!)

Pturbulence (2018)
I’m really feeling how drastically I distorted this original reference pose for my latest dino-man! In the naked version on my Patreon, Pturby’s dick points in the direction he’s flying!

Blowhard (2019)

So here we have the first and probably ONLY animated entrant in the Brutal Ballers anthro chara design project.

I’ve wanted to draw this guy for as long as I’ve been doing this series, but when I actually started, it took way longer than I ever imagined. There’s definitely a reason why most animation doesn’t have a ton of detail and shading.

But I really wanted a smooth morph, so it was important to fully render all 3 of those transition frames to the same level as the two main keyframes.

(The semi-transparent elements get really compressed when saved as an animated GIF so please also check out the still PNG versions below.)

Read Blowhard’s interview and then become my patron on Patreon to see this spunky twink and his little nub become a burly beast packing a fat sea monster!


INTERVIEWER: Hello, Blowhard. So you’re the 61st Brutal Baller to hit the scene, an anthro pufferfish. First off. I’ve gotta admit, I’m surprised to see a hairy fish man.

BLOWHARD: It’s not hair, it’s spines.

INTERVIEWER: Oh? It looks a lot like hair.

BLOWHARD: Well I’m part human so that shouldn’t seem that unusual.

INTERVIEWER: Yes but you rarely see a fish with hair.


INTERVIEWER: Yikes! Ok, please don’t hurt me! Those spikes are serious!

BLOWHARD: Spines, dude, not spikes. And yea, it’s the ultimate defense mechanism.

INTERVIEWER: I’ll say. Are guys in the league threatened by you?

BLOWHARD: Haha, they better be! But nah, they’re mostly turned on! Especially the chubby chasers. They like how big and powerful I get in Puff Mode. And they all love how fat and girthy this dick gets!

INTERVIEWER: It does get quite puffy. Have any of them actually had it?

BLOWHARD: Plenty of them.

INTERVIEWER: Can you give me any names?


INTERVIEWER: How about a hint?


INTERVIEWER: Ok, sure. It’s just a little surprising because most of the guys say they’re afraid of your spikes. I mean spines!

BLOWHARD: Really? Well tell them not to be afraid. I can go Puff Mode without spines.

INTERVIEWER: Interesting! Can you do that now?

BLOWHARD: I don’t feel like it.

INTERVIEWER: So you’re saying you can control separate aspects of your Puff Mode, as you call it. Can you stay small and only put your dick in puff mode?

BLOWHARD: Of course I can.

INTERVIEWER: And you won’t do it now?

BLOWHARD: Not right now. I gotta be turned on.

INTERVIEWER: Fine. And for the record, Maelstrom, the giant octopus, known for topping multiple twinks at the same time, says he preferred your twink form last night.


INTERVIEWER: Fair enough. Can you explain why your jersey isn’t covered in holes right now?

BLOWHARD: Oh no one told you? Our jerseys are nanotech. They can appear and disappear whenever we want, sometimes float around us with sparkles and shit, like Sailor Moon. That’s how you guys in the media get all those half naked pics of us.


BLOWHARD: Yea, man, how do you think the cow and the reindeer get a shirt on?

INTERVIEWER: I don’t know… seems a little convenient.


INTERVIEWER: A very implausible thing…


INTERVIEWER: Security bots!

Cloudstrike (2019)
LOVE: Drawing sexy bird men for this anthro series!
HATE: Drawing wings!

We power through because winged dudes are so cool but what would really help for reference is an action figure with articulated wings. I have 4 different Angel/Archangel figures that are all useless. Would gladly sacrifice joints in the body for a few in the wings.

But no reference really needed for Cloudstrike’s cock, however LOL. Been drawing (my) dick from memory for over 30 years now. See it on my Patreon page here!)

INTERVIEWER: I’m here with one of our newest players, CloudStrike, a beautiful hawk man. Yunno, I’m not usually into bird guys but I have to admit, you’re very handsome.

CLOUDSTRIKE: Ah, so I’m supposed to be flattered that you’re feeling abnormal? This is off to great start.

INTERVIEWER: Uh sorry. I’m just looking at your sexy introduction card and am amazed what a great shot this is. Awesome Magneto pose, very regal.

CLOUDSTRIKE: Thanks though I wouldn’t use the word regal to describe me. Maybe noble.

INTERVIEWER: Strike two, alrighty then. Well, your hairstyle is very cool.

CLOUDSTRIKE: Yea, ya like that? Inspired by old school Webby. You know who that is, right?

INTERVIEWER: Yes, Duck Tales, of course! Loving the reboot!

CLOUDSTRIKE: I’m really turned off by those awful square heads on the kids. There’s a reason the nephews have looked the same since the 30’s. Cuz they were adorable! Circular heads are adorable. These new square heads look… jowly.

INTERVIEWER: Um, sure. So back to your portrait. I think the best part of the image is that nice thick hard BBC you’re sporting in the nude version. I love BBC!

CLOUDSTRIKE: I thought you weren’t into bird cock.

INTERVIEWER: Oh no, that B stands for black.

CLOUDSTRIKE: Wow, racist and birdist. Are we done yet, bro?

INTERVIEWER: Gah, I need to get one positive response from you or I may lose my job. So um… what special skills are you bringing to Brutal Ballers?

CLOUDSTRIKE: Insanely incredible eyesight. Imagine seeing 8K in every direction all the time. It’s a blessing and a curse.

INTERVIEWER: What would be the downside?

CLOUDSTRIKE: I’ll answer your question with another question. Are your pores bigger than other humans? Cuz they look like craters to me.

INTERVIEWER: Yunno what, yea let’s end this. And for the record, you’re not into me right?

CLOUDSTRIKE: Uh, hard no. I’ll tell ya what though, do you have a connection to Reboot Launchpad? Cuz he can definitely get it.

INTERVIEWER: I don’t, dude. Sorry.

Tank (2019)
So the model I got this pose from had the muscles and fat dong but not the gut I wanted for my bulldog. Check out how I transform him in all the steps I’ve posted! And check out said fat dong here on my Patreon!

Spruce (2020)
The league’s big friendly new draft pick wants everyone to know that he does NOT skip leg day, that his relatively small legs are genetic and that they make his cock look huge.
(here for Patrons:
Also, don’t ask how he gets his special hats with antler/ear holes on his head because that’s a closely guarded secret.

WallØ (2020)

Flexing my years of drawing Hamton muscles while juggling a cute but edgy look for this guy. Research taught me that gays who identify as pigs seem to be into beards and tattoos. 

Rarely sketch the back of a character but needed to show he’s tatted up all over (had nothing to do with currently being into big boys with voluptuous asses.) 

X-Version =

Quash (2020)
A new dino! Originally going for a sorta armored Ninja Turtle look but after a while he was giving me bastard Koopa Kid and then my partner at one point said he looked like a He-Man villain. But we all know the only place this cartoon sex deity could come from is the world of Anti-Heroes. X-Version on my Patreon!


Thunder (2021)
A new bird man for all 2 of you who are into that. An ostrich, the biggest one yet (in more ways than one!) Naked version =
And here’s what’s next on my list for avian anthros: owl, vulture, gryphon, phoenix and maybe a parrot.


Spitfire (2021)
Initial drawings of this one were way too adorable for what I envision for his personality. The psycho Ken eyebrows did butch him up a little but the lesson here is you kinda can’t de-cute a chihuahua. His hookups though, thinking his junk is going to be as cute and tiny as he is, are in for a big scary surprise! Available on my Patreon here:
Chopper (2020)
Kind of a vast myriad of toon mice to reference but we chose to go the biker mouse route, given I already have a few more reps from the muscle anthro craze of the 90’s. (Yea, love me some Gadget but the sorta male version I tried didn’t quite work.) X-Version (here on Patreon) shows he definitely measures up to his ninja turtle and battletoad bros.


Icicle (2020)
Meant to be a rival for Inferno the tiger, Icicle is thick and stumpy all over! (exposed version on my Patreon.) At one point I tried white hair hair on this guy and even though it looked very correct, it also aged him about 30 years! So we went back to ice cyan blue and have only now fully appreciated how much personality these crazy colored tufts of hair on top of their fur can create!


Trey (2022)
Important this guy reference the number 3, from his name and number to his bling! Included sketch cuz it’s from a gesture drawing and no one ever does anything with their crappy gesture drawings but I finally tried and succeeded! Also included this pencil progress step to show how I tend to run out of room on the page and am then forced to just scan and work digital. Would have been nice to have this on paper though! Still want to add a chubby stegosaurus and a twinky raptor maybe with feathers! X-versions of the erection and group shot on Patreon here:


Flipside (2020)

Continuing the theme of the equine Ballers being super hung (see that on my Patreon) bodybuilders who like to pose, Flipside was a really fun draw! The stripes were surprisingly easy and his bright Magenta tufts give the eye break from all the black and white and also set him apart from his cousins.

↓And speaking of them, now that we have several horsies, I’ve been itching to see them MLP style so I commissioned my BFF Kitt Mouri to make that happen. Thanks so much, Kitt! These are too cute for my brain to process! Now I just have to resist the urge to draw MLP-stlye dicks on on each of them.



Gambol (2020)
Had it in my head for a long time that this guy was going to look a lot like Swipe my twinky raccoon. But a little research revealed that anthro red pandas tend to be a little bit pudgier. So Gambol reps a body type that’s (as another raccoon said) a sandwich away from fat.

He’s also maybe a bit more endowed than I originally imagined cuz the reference pose covers it up. So reason #397 why I draw enormous dongs: Whenever anything covers it, the dick has to grow so it’s no longer covered.


Myke (2020)
Some form of Toad fan art happens from me every few years so to make it different this time, I wanted to see what he’d look like big, hairy and scary.

A fair amount of agonizing over the shape of his cock, trying to make it look like a type of mushroom. Then I realized… my normal dick shapes already look like mushrooms. No need to make a crazy shape that’s not sexy.
But in addition to shape, the other mushroom callback in Myke’s monster is the psychedelic color. I’ve never been more proud to be turned on by magenta and acid green.



Revere (2021)

Have been hyped to draw this one for a long time- and after 2 attempts using bad bodybuilding poses as reference, decided to make up my own pose. Drawing tip: Standing poses will not always work for a flying character.

But once I finally found the pose, Revere came into place as one of the sexy, muscle bound stallions in Brutal Ballers. Naked version (HERE) has all you’d expect a perverted artist would do with a horse man!

Rendering that body was and deek was so fun. And I’m really into those feet. Yunno furries don’t like human feet but I’m totally MORE into feet if it’s an anthro character.

Alt Version: Originally wanted to include this way of drawing/ color for the main pic of this guy. But it’s a little too stylized to fit into my world, so I had to make an alternate version just to let yall know- i REALLY wanted to reference gay ass ancient Greek pottery!

Brock (2022)
Ferociously burrowing his way into the Brutal Ballers, meet Brock the bulgy badger here to destroy competition! X-Version on my Patreon or DeviantArt. Yea, my anthro characters love matching their sneakers to their pubes.


Lumpz (2023)
Pose is from a recent live figure drawing but have been seeing this character, a backwards capped anthro mountain lion dude, in my head for as long as the Brutal Ballers project has been around. Purposefully doling out the canines and felines slowly so as not to prematurely run out of characters folks really want. X-Versions = HERE on Patreon!
Killabite (2022)
In my continuing tradition of designing anthros based on unpopular species, here’s a piranha dude wearing grillz for ya. KB has a belly cuz he’s a hungry bastard but then that fat bloated motif carries over to the cock- check my Patreon or DeviantArt!


Tusk (2023)
So those big yellow whiskers on a walrus inspired this mustachioed look for my anthro walrus character. And then for the X-version, the tuft around Tusk’s third tusk is styled in a way that matches the facepubes. Full version =


Who’s next? YOU DECIDE!

I’m doing an on-going poll here and on the other art social networks. Whatever other type of manimal you guys mention the most will get moved to the top of the to-do pile! So, which species would you guys like to see get drafted next? Comment below!

Top Requests:



  • dreamerboy6 says:

    A smaller canine like a fox, or maybe a coyote? Coyotes are tricksters so that could be fun. What about a hyena?

    • JC says:

      Yup, the fox is at the top of the list at this point. It’s my partner’s favorite animal. So, yea, my sexy fox guy is in a sketchbok waiting to be scanned. I’ll have fun with a coyote and hyena too. Thanks for the suggestions, bud!

    • Anonymous says:

      A huge bodybuilder tiger. Nuf said.

      • JC says:

        Thanks for commenting! Inferno fills my traditional tiger quota but you’ll be interested to know I’m doing another wild cat who will be HUGE… and his size will be appropriate to the species… is that enough of a hint? lol.

  • sssk76 says:


    • JC says:

      All these are great– thanks bud! The squirrel may possibly come first since someone suggested it on DeviantArt. But all the rest you mentioned are definitely on my list. I have such a clear vision for a spider-guy– it’s gonna be epic!

    • dreamerboy6 says:

      Omg! Spider! That should be awesome. 🙂

    • Ejg191267 says:

      Muscle bull
      Hot zebra
      Muscle buffalo

      • JC says:

        Thanks a lot, bud! All great requests! We’ll probably see the bull 1st since he seems to be a popular suggestion. I gotta get some Cowboys of Moo Mesa in. Hehe! I would rock a Buffalo too! Can’t wait to draw them all!

    • JC says:

      Cool take on an orca! I have to admit, an orca is on my list but I’ve been at a loss at what direction to go… we’ll see! Your request (along with a few others on other social networks) have just bumped him to the top! Thanks for commenting!

  • YinToYang says:

    Dude you so many awesome potentials listed. For my choice of animals…hmmm

    You definitely haven’t gotten twins yet. Identical or both extremely different size and shapes like a buff on and a scrawny one. For that I was thinking either something simple like a eagle or unique like a giraffe. And since you introduced dinosaurs. You definitely gotta get a t-rex and triceratops going down. And lastly we a literal bull headed coach haha! I hope these ideas amuse ya 🙂

    • JC says:

      I had a few ideas for twins…a Siberian Tiger to compliment Inferno seems obvious, but also like a must. Also the Puma (Mountain Lion, Cougar) and even Jaguar and Leopard are all variants of each other and the Panther, so there might be some family relations there when any or all of them get drafted. But yea, thanks for suggesting some twin representation because before I thought it might have been just something that I wanted. Now I know there’s some interest in the concept! 😉

      You’ve just bumped Eagle, Giraffe and Bull up to the top of the list– so expect to see them sooner than later! T-Rex and Triceratops are definitely coming although they intimidate me because they’re such popular animals! haha.

      On the idea of a coach– wow I can’t believe I never thought of this. I had been toying with the idea of a ref, but a coach also seems like a must! Thanks a lot for bringing that to my attention. And thanks for commenting here buddy!

      • YinToYang says:

        No prob bud glad to help. Also one other animal in mind was alligator or crocodile since I was thinking of vector from the sonic games haha. So hope this helps some more. I’d love to help out more in anyway I can 🙂 can’t wait to see what you produce for the next brutal ballers 🙂

        • JC says:

          Cool- yea there are definitely more requests for an alligator. I probably won’t reference anything though because I think of Leatherhead and Al Negator and those references are just a tinge obscure– lol. ANd I feel like I’d be a poser if I reference Vector since I’ve only ever played the very 1st Chaotix. (Yunno, we specifically bought a 32X just for that game cuz me and my bros were big Sonic fans. So we get it home and play and are like- WTF is this bizarre ass shit!? lol. Are they handcuffed together?! We were not expecting that play style! Or music. Or odd color pallette. lol Yea, lotsa negative associations with Chaotix here– lol. But I know they’ve expanded on those characters since.)

  • matt says:

    you should make a giraffe

    • JC says:

      Cool– that officially puts giraffe at the top of the list. Thanks for commenting! I’m going to have fun with that!

  • Mike says:

    Hey there, long time fan/first time commenting, luv your work (mostly cuz I’m into twinky whiteboys). Since I’m 45 I might be a fan of yours since some of your first work, I even had a subscription to “Freshmen” back in the day, LOL. I have to admit, the piece that your avatar is from has to be one of my faves of all your work. I would luv to see an Ankylosaurus in the line-up since you already have one dino on the team already, his armor and “knobby” tail could really inspire some interesting details on his thick little cock. A Stegosaurus could also look cool, with those multiple plates on his back, similar to your first dino. A Zebra ref and the Bull coach definitely would be cool too. You need another twink on the roster, so maybe a tall and slender Lemur with a striped tail that’s nice and long. An otter and/or bear could go well with your piggy-boar. I swear I’ve gotta get myself a password for your site as soon as I get a job and can afford some luxury spending again, for now I will continue to enjoy your generous free offerings, LOL. Thanks for all the eye-candy and keep up the great work.

    • JC says:

      Hi there– thanks for taking the time to comment, buddy! I’ve been hearing this a lot lately- that someone has been coming to this site for almost 10 years. Gotta say, it’s very inspiring!

      The Staredown pic– yea, that’s a popular one. I had no idea it would take off like it has but it’s my most popular piece on every social media site!

      On to your requests! Ankylosaurus is such an awesome dino, he’ll definitely make the lineup! And sure, I’ll definetely give ‘im a nice chode! haha. A Stegasaurus and a Lemur are on the list too but topping the list right now thanks to your comment are a Bull and Zebra. Expect my Bull to come out in the next few days!

      Thanks so much for the kind words and feedback! Check back soon for my big Ballers update– 8 new guys coming soon!

      • Mike says:

        Looking forward to your 8 new Ballers. I forgot to mention before but I love your Tiny Tad study and he may be my favorite work of yours, so cute with the red hair, one of my fetishes. I would luv to see more rear-shots in your other work, with the guy bent over and showing his hole as well as his cock-n-balls. That would definitely give you more opportunity to draw some boy-taints, yum. I’d luv to see some jockstraps thrown in too, another one of my many fetishes LOL. I mentioned your site on my blog, I hope some people will read about it there and get to appreciate your art like I have, if they are not already aware of your amazing work that is. I also posted a couple of your G-rated pieces as an example, hope you don’t mind.

  • Joe says:

    you should make a kangaroo, and a merman!
    ps. if you do make these can you send them to me?
    my email is greenery123456789

  • YinToYang says:

    Hey bud! Loving the new Ballers introduced! My top 3 have definitely got to be Despoil, Action, and Roundup! For new suggestions I think I’ll give the top 10 list I had for no particular order new Ballers…some will be vague and some will be specific 😉

    1.) Scorpion!
    2.) Crocodile/Alligator
    3.) t-Rex
    4.) Raven
    5.) more shark variants(old school street sharks fan lol)
    6.) snakes! Cobras or vipers
    7.) Crabs or Lobsters
    8.) Lochness Monster/Nessy (need someone in a kilt 😉 )
    9.) Raptors (Canadian basketball team mascot is a velociraptor)
    10.) Bears! (Black, brown, panda, polar, whatever!!!)

    • JC says:

      Hey bud! Awesome list! Man people really want a Croc! I need to get on that! The rest are also on the list, with grizzly, rattlesnake and t-rex slightly higher than the rest. I’m surprised I hadn’t thought of Nessy! I think for some reason, I’ve pictured Nessy as a female creature so I’m wondering if I can pull it off– he’d have to be huge! And long! Hopefully he won’t look like just another dragon. And the kilt idea is gold, bro! Thanks so much for these awesome suggestions!

  • Tommy says:


  • OneLuckyGuy89 says:

    I’d say a husky and a unicorn, why the hell not?

    • JC says:

      So I have the awes awse-gasmic design in mind for the unicorn. Just wait– he’s gonna be everything!

  • Daffer Winston says:

    why is blistr so hot

    • JC says:

      HAHA I’m so glad you like him! He’s getting a spotlight VERY SOON! Fiction and fe new drawings! Can’t wait to show! Thanks for commenting!

  • Juki Loposke says:

    OMG Glint is officially my fav baller. blistr is a close second, with majesty in third, but Glint is the one who stands out the most.

    • JC says:

      Thanks! He was a really fun one to draw! I still can’t believe I managed to make a firefly sexy- haha. Really proud of all the bug guys so far. I know I wanna do an ant and maybe a roach but scared to– haha! Any suggestions on what animal to draw next?

  • Juki Loposke says:

    Actually an Iguana would be cool. A Quail would be the best choice though! A basketball player quail would be the best thing ever.

    • JC says:

      Wow a quail!? Definitely nn my list but was being bumped down due to some other popular birds. I’ll think harder about including a quail though… thanks!

  • HooTie says:

    Hmm… I feel like Glint deserves a spotlight of some sort… I think he should be paired with Deluxe! They are both bright and chill. Glint should be dominant. Just a thought! Love your work!

    • JC says:

      Cool- glad you’re into Glint! I was obsessed with him in the months it took to draw him and was then super disappointed when not many people online responded to him. So it’s great to know he has fans! And paired with Deluxe!? You’re right that would be a very dazzling picture. I actually kinda scared to draw Deluxe again- those feathers were hard! But he seems to have a fandom too so it’s gonna happen sooner or later. What’s cool is they both can fly so I can do an aerial scene with them which much be nice. Thanks for the suggestion! And requests on which new animal needs to be added?

      • HooTie says:

        I look forward to maybe seeing those two! As for a new character, An owl would be an interesting addition.

  • Anonymous says:

    polars bear