Commission: The Comstock Series

“Comstock Greeting Cards” (2008)
This series of 19 illustrations (accompanied by more from a few other artists) rounded out this company’s line of gay greeting cards. They provided the writing and I came up with drawings and scenarios to match. I made sure to try and vary up the types of guys but it was a bit of a struggle. They were convinced that only cards with young white muscle boys would sell.

Kinda have a bittersweet relationship with this project because even though it is wrought with problems behind the scenes, it made for some of my most popular illustrations ever. The line was distributed throughout the U.S. and I see them on the shelves of every gay novelty shop I visit in my travels. So that’s somewhat cool. What wasn’t cool was how the client disappeared without paying royalties to any of the artists. But I can’t dwell on the negative because that takes away from my appreciation of this series, which I truly believe is some of my best work.


  • Hello,

    Your work really is amazing! 🙂 I am newly out, and, well, hyper sexual too. You’re work is definitely delicious! I just wanted to say that. 🙂

    Also, how much do you charge for a card? I have a gay male friend, a gorgeous male in my opinion, and I might have an idea.

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