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What if the ancient Greek deities were reincarnated as sexy frat boys?


I was always a Greek mythology buff because it reminded me of X-Men– beautiful people with fantastic powers fucking each other while fucking each other over.


Since my adolescence, I was consistently drawing the Greek gods, though never quite settling on designs. Then in 2007, I finally gave them the good ol’ gay toon porn twist and (of course) those stuck.


I was once approached by a hot guy while sketching and soon my video game influence came up. He told me his “top secret” idea of a Greek gods fighting game. I didn’t have the balls to tell him it wasn’t that original an idea and that I’d had it since I was like 11– but the adorable straight boy’s request was kept in mind during the design phase for these guys.


Locker Room Gods (2010)
Super talented colorist Headlight provided the amazing coloring and rendering on their skin and BG and then I put a few little embellishments on top of that. Also, I remember vividly, this was drawn while stuck in a hotel room in a bizarrely cold and rainy Cancun for my 30th birthday.


Ryan Zeus (2007)
The next 6 pieces are the initial designs for these guys. Alpha male Ryan is a modern version of the thunder-god Zeus, easily the fan favorite of this series and perhaps of my whole stable of characters in all. He’s an idealized depiction of masculinity and authority, the obvious leader of the fraternity. Though he can be cruel, vengeful and pig-headed, there is a jovial playfulness about him that always seems to comes out in illustrations (of which there are many.)


Corey Vulcan (2007)
This one is perhaps the main reason why I’m using both the Roman and Greek names (people seem to have difficulty pronouncing Hephasteus.) Corey’s personality is not quite solidified yet but the drawings of him try to suggest his unfaltering nature. The most fun aspect of drawing Corey is his hair.


Jake Neptune (2007)
One of my earliest successful attempts at perspective and water, this particular drawing is my favorite of the initial six-piece series. Jake is good-natured but when someone gets on his bad side, he’ll use his his vast powers to enact wrath on the super-villain level.


Brent Hades (2007)
This is directly inspired by “Night on Bald Mountain” in Fantasia when those traumatizing big-tittied ghost ladies swarm the smokin’ hot muscular demon dude. None of my friends remember the boobs and for a while there, I thought I may have been making it up. Thank you various internets for proving me right, once again affirming that my proclivity toward sexualized drawings was cemented very early on in development. I saw that shit at age FIVE! They frikkin’ jiggled– it was bananas.

Brent, will be somewhat on the outs with the rest of his frat brothers, like the original Hades. Though not evil per se, I’d like to convey a somber, isolated tone about his character. He’ll lean kinda gothy and serve as an anchor for much of the demonic, hellish stuff I want to draw.


Jared Hermes (2007)
Since the trickster is usually depicted as a very young man, Jared became the twink of this lot. This “messenger of the gods” role makes me see him as somewhat subordinate to the others, though I would also like to convey a sense of cunning at some point. But all of that is secondary to his main purpose: to showcase my newfound foot fetish. He’ll always have the biggest feet of any character on this site.


Emerson Venus (2007)
That the goddess of sex and beauty is my favorite deity shouldn’t really surprise anyone, so inclusion was kinda mandatory despite somewhat hard-to-depict powers. The gender swap wasn’t such a big leap given that Omega Phi is decidedly all-male for various reasons. So, no, Bjork’s “Venus as a Boy” had nothing to do with it. Emerson continues to be an exercise in translating traditionally feminine imagery into something manly, which is why he’s as muscular and hung as Ryan.

Character Study: Ryan (2015)
Ryan Zeus
6’4”, 210 lbs.,
Brown Hair, Red Eyes
As the reincarnation of the Greek god Zeus, alpha-dog Ryan has mastered electro-kinesis but the extent of powers is unknown, even to him. Brash and impetuous, Ryan is used to getting anything he wants. He and several other deities have started their own fraternity, Omega Phi, wreaking havoc at Olympus University. Ryan also works part-time as a paralegal at the billion dollar Van Bruno Corporation, learning all he can to one day start his own business empire.


Ryan Lifting His Junk (2017)
This and the two underneath are from a life drawing series where the model was wearing a suit. Uncensored version and process images for each are on my Patreon page! Donate a buck to see!

I Better Get This Job (2017)

Take a Whiff (2016)

Take a Whiff (2016)

Emerson Seated (2013)
Developed from one of my life drawing sessions, I’m not only proud of the way I drew Emerson’s big floppy uncut wiener in this one, but also that goddamn chair which always presents problems for me.

Wanna Pat Me Down (2017)

Contemplative Ryan (2016)

Staredown (2013)
With almost 2000 notes between two separate posts, this is my most popular piece on tumblr. It’s inspired by this awesome homoerotic image of Sagat and Ryu from Street Fighter Alpha. There’s a frottage and cummy version in the Members Gallery showing some serious size difference action in their dongs.

“Old School Jake Neptune” (1999)
Yup, this character is that old! This was before I knew how to really use anything other than colored pencil. Also, it was when Pokemon just came out and I thought each of my characters needed a cute little sidekick.

“Jake and his Kraken” (2014)
Oddly enough, when I was drawing this, I’d totally forgotten about the old pic to the left. So it’s not exactly a redo, but I figured similar enough to post both pics together. The new pic combines colored pencil, collage, marker, a bit of digital fx and in place of a cute sidekick, a big exposed cock and some glorious phallic tentacles!


Jake Overloaded (2016)
“Referenced” this porn pose enough times that it was necessary to make a piece out of it. I never know what to do with hands in copulation pics so that’s where the dildos are coming from. As for Tucker’s lube cap… well let’s just say that’s less a cartoon fantasy than it is an actual real life need.

Jake Overloaded (2016)
“Referenced” this porn pose enough times that it was necessary to make a piece out of it. I never know what to do with hands in copulation pics so that’s where the dildos are coming from. As for Tucker’s lube cap… well let’s just say that’s less a cartoon fantasy than it is an actual real life need.


Omega Phi Orgy by Mertriton (2014)
My pal Mertriton on Deviant Art surprised me with this awesome gift. Of all the guest art on this site, this one has the distinction of including the most characters in a single piece. One of the purposes here was skin rendering practice, which I have to admit is very strong. I’m drawn to the vivid color choices and sophisticated light and shade, something this artist does quite well. Combine that with the intricate posing and fun expressions and you’ve got a super-hot frat-pad scene I’d love to be a part of! Thanks a lot, buddy!


Corey Seated (2013)
Developed from a life drawing, I especially like the highlights here. Also, this is the very first piece in my entire body of work where the character’s palms and foot bottoms are lighter than the rest of the skin.

Brent Emerges From the Shadows (2013)
Just a quick study of this character I’m becoming more enamored with over time as his personality develops.
Passed Out Ryan (2021)
First time back to life drawing since the pandemic and was a lil’ rusty- but did manage to get some good sketches, one of which became my favorite hunky hairy OC, Ryan. Tried this idea of driving up engagement on Twitter by revealing each stage of undress after a specific like count and yea, Twitter stripped the fuck outta Ryan! Within’ just a few hours!



Ryan Holds the Pole (2019)

Last time I used acrylic paint or an 18×24” canvas was literally 20 years ago in art school!

Unfamiliar media is scary and frustrating… but also liberating and fun as fuck. So yea, I friggin’ PAINT now!

Developed from a life drawing, I took a lotta pics of the progress, including many with stuff for size context cuz I never work so big.

Full version of each step on my Patreon.


Where You Goin? (2018)
Seb, my twinky everyman and go-to bottom boy character finds himself in the fraternity fuck den of big beastly Ryan, who is the Zeus deity reincarnated. First drew this back in 2010 but for whatever reason, forgot about posting it until now. Obviously, there is a raunchy uncensored penetrative version along with alternates including: Condom, Cummy, Internal and the preliminary 2010 draft, all on my Patreon.

Hot Coko Corey, Thunder Shock, Ry Got Back (2016)
Pieces with clothed and nude variants are a longtime staple of this website but it wasn’t until Dirty Little Drawings 2016 that I figured out how to show this technique to my in-person audience. The Corey one didn’t work but with a lot of technical finagling and intricate crafting the 2 Ryan ones worked well and sold!


Steam Room Boys (2012)
I actually did this for the back cover of my book, Tongue in Cheek, making sure to pick varied characters, of which Ryan is the only Omega Phi dude included. Of course, the REAL version in the Members Gallery has giant erections and a drippy ass, (which, believe it or not, happens at all gym saunas in NYC, and in fact sometimes gets way more graphic than what I drew.)

Torso Series: Ryan (2013)
One of four in the larger scale Torso Series made for the Visions of Men show. I had a lot of fun drawing that bod hair.

Shadow Writhe (2011)
This is just one of the many scenes that come up when I think about Brent, the god of death and just all things spooky in general. The imagery there is sooo prime for sexualization.


I Am Zeus (2011)
Inspired by this cool sequence in Mega Man 5 where after each stage where he spins around in what’s supposed to be some kind of cool interface that’s analyzing him or whatever. I have a narrative about why someone would be examining Ryan like this, but in the meantime, just enjoy the exam– haha. It was fun and interesting drawing his hefty dick and balls from all those angles but MAN does my hat sooo go off to animators.
Ryan’s Size 15s (2016)
Based on a life drawing! Hooray for forshortening!
Glitter Bomb Ryan (2022)
Had to make some new physical originals for the gay art fair I do every year. Everyone’s work is from figure drawing groups and everyone always has different solutions for filling the part of the page that’s not the figure. I like attention so I chose glitter! Included all the alternates AND progess photos this time! Really love having that record when it’s a physical piece. Full versions on Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/glitter-bomb-65151407


Ryan Seated (2020)
Ryan poses for life drawing with a pice of cloth to cover his ample manhood that is likely not enough of a censor for most sites. But we’ll see- haha! Full naked version = https://www.patreon.com/posts/ryan-seated-37089013

Leather Ryan (2011)
Made for the leather themed Black Party Expo, sold on t-shirts and tank tops. There is also an animated version by the amazing Blodiax! I love the lightning FX and the way those bulging hairy muscles heave! Thanks so much, Blodiax!


Ryan in Repose (2022)
For an artist who only cares about flesh, including that bar stool and ladder with a blanket draped over them in my life drawings is the pinnacle of annoying. We mitigate that by animating an erection sequence and electrifying money shot! Uncensored version = Patreon = https://www.patreon.com/posts/ryan-in-repose-46541554


Back 2 Back (2010)
As one of their narratives (yet to be released– but soon!) explains, Ryan and Emerson have a longstanding friends-with-benefits sitch going on. Developed from an awesome life drawing, this was one of the proposed covers to my hardcover art book, Tongue in Cheek. The guys at Bruno Gmuender weren’t quite feeling it though. My favorite part of the tame version is their kicks. And of course, in the naughty version, their enormous cummy penises are my favorite part.

A Blissful Sunset (2011)
A commission from one of my repeat clients, this is the 2nd appearance of my version of the Old Man of the Sea. He’s on Ryan’s back making Ryan carry him around so he can pick fruit that’s too high. In retrospect, I should’ve thought harder about letting clients use my OC’s in commissions. Because once I’ve drawn it, it kinda becomes part of the character’s story in my head. Why can’t someone commission me to draw Ryan screwing the fuck outta some hot twink?

Rockin Ryan’ (2008)
The idea of Ryan as a singer in a band is kinda hot. I toy with the idea that he’s actually not very good at all… but no one has the cahones to tell him. I did Textile Design as a day job for many years, so this was an attempt at combining those sensibilities with erotica. It’s the type of outfit only a man like this could get away with.

Ryan Raw (2008)
This is only the second full-body drawing of Ryan. Here, he’s perhaps wrapped up a morning run or gym workout and has stopped to pose and show us his awesome power. Not one for modesty at all, Ryan loves showing off and very much enjoys his devoted following.

Very Old School Brent (1998)
Even though I drew a lot of the Greek Gods in this set, only Hades is included here because he looks very similar to the modern version drawn 10 years later. You’re allowed to laugh at the drawing level here (I can’t believe how often I hid hands and feet.) Yunno back then, I let this one girl’s comment, “they all look effeminate,” affect me in a very negative way. Modern me would reply, “Yea I know. Do my dicks look effeminate too?” And then shove as her as many of my cock drawings in her face as possible.

Emerson Drawn on DS (2008)
At one point, I was pretty heavily into this homebrew art game called “Colors” on the Nintendo DS. I liked showing the app off and specifically didn’t draw any genitalia with it, but made sure the pieces were at least sexy. The best feature of the app was that you could export the art’s progression in the form of a video.


Omega Phi Portraits in Profile (2008)
The official first time I ever drew each of these guys together, this quick study served to further develop their concept and design.


  • darin cooper says:

    Nick Roberts sent me.over to you. I loved the little character head shot that you did for him which he uses for his FB profile pic! I’ve checked your work out and find it really different. I also enjoy the quirky socks and over exagerated proportions that are crazy good! I would love to have one of your works with me as the inspiration. Just a little face head shot kind of thing. I am the costume designer at Hardrive productions and prior to doing renderings and costume design I was always involved in art whatever med.or style,( at the time) it may be. So how do we move forward? $$$-time frame- if you have time-what you need from me? Please do feel free to check my company’s site out. Sincerely Darin Cooper.

    • JC says:

      Hi Darin! Thanks for the kind words about my drawings! Nick Roberts is the MAN! Love that guy! I’ll e-mail you about commissions tomorrow. If I do it now, my partner would kill me for working on the weekend. 😉

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