Hung Studs Series

Vaas Haas Fuun (2013)
Client wanted dudes from the game Far Cry 3, which I wasn’t familiar with going in.
But a little research and having a playthrough up while I worked taught me everything I needed to execute this series. (heh heh… execute. ROLL OVER!)



← Hung Barbie (2015)
Same client as the Far Cry piece above, this is based on a scene from a TV show, but we’re taking it a bit further than they ever could! Really like how this stud came out (particularly his beard and shoes!) And I’m quite proud of my simplified gallows background! roll over for what may be my biggest cumshot to date!


Hang Ten (2014)
The 2nd piece in this clients hanging studs series, here we’ve got two wakeboarder boys and a big buck with some surprises in his jeep. Beaches are always fun to depict– vehicles not so much– although I am always pleased with how they come out! Don’t forget to roll over for the punchline! lol



Prisoners of War (2015)
The fourth commission in this series, this time the customer wanted 3 sexy dudes wearing military uniforms in the gallows.

For their looks, we discussed a certain movie but midway through the project, decided to take it one step further and just give them outfits from said movie.

I think I may like the alternate better but hey, enjoy both variations!



Overkill (2016)
Four hunky bromos in search of the ultimate thrill check out this redneck hottie’s sketchy amusement park ride.
Though harnesses mitigate the strangulation threat, the danger of getting knocked out by their incredibly forceful cum jets is still there!
This time, the concept allowed for a bit more whimsy with the color palette, pushing me towards considering this the pièce de résistance of this series of commissions.
(At least for now- lol.)



Garage Hangout (2021)
The latest chapter in my Hung Studs series of commissions, a twinky geek invites his two favorite hung jocks over to experiment with breath play using whatever they can find in the garage.
Ginger jock initiates the choke moment which causes everyone to shoot huge powerful sparkling jets of man-juice, which is becoming the norm in this U.
Then Man-Bun jock loosens the makeshift noose as everyone basks in the light-headed sparking glow of a spooge-soaked garage!


  • Leonard says:

    I love these pics of hung dudes who are hanging.

  • TakeNoPrizners says:

    Your hung studs series is great. It’s that rare instance when “hung studs” and “hanged studs” overlap in grammatical correctness. Your male hunks are a lot of fun, because a semblance of their good looks shines through the endearing, toonish goofiness they sometimes have. I like the musculature that stays in touch with the reality of male physiques, even when the muscle bulges are playfully exaggerated. Caricatures reflect the unmodified original. I also appreciate your attention to biological detail, for example, the realistic ejaculations pumped out by your characters as they die :). I mean, those cumloads correspond to medical research, right? (Mine are about as big when I enjoy your toon studs.)

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