Bulgy Buds / Busty Buds

(2010 – present)
An adult revisitation of a childhood hobby, at about 9 or 10, I used to make all these tiny paper dolls using Mega Man as a template, of course, not realizing I was giving them all huge tits and bulges until someone else pointed it out!

More recently, I was giving these out as Shrinky Dink keychains but the handcrafting proved to be more work than was worth it– especially for fan art.

And speaking of that– though I always welcome excitement over my work, It’d be friggin’ awse if some of the enthusiasm people show for this project could be transferred over to my personal original drawings.

But such is the nature of fan-art, and I like to think I’m subverting the concept enough to put my own personal stamp on it. (Particularly with Mary Tripletits… ^___^ )

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