Misc. Commissions

So Ripe (2023)
Latest commission, client wanted to show a wrestling hunk taken down and dominated by a daddy with intense pit scent pheromones! Alternate version with big hardons exclusively on my Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/so-ripe-84873272


Our Heroes Defeated (2023)
New commission featuring new client created characters, the maniacal bondage goth supervillain Dr. Dread and the superheroes he’s dominated here, the Alpha Couple, the city’s premier protectors… until now! Full version on Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/our-heroes-80838830


Imperiled Planeteers (2023)
Latest commission; client wanted these Captain Planet characters bound and gagged, crotch to crotch, dangling over a vat of acid. As Kwame and Wheeler struggle, being lowered to their doom, the chemicals sizzle from the droplets of their frottage! (In the X version (on Patreon and DeviantArt!)

Spyke Sealed (2023)
In this latest commission with a sexualized supervillian trap, X-Man Spyke and client OC Boomer find themselves uncontrollably aroused while sealed in a glass tube rapidly filling with translucent resin, eventually preserving the heroes’ fear boners forever! X-Version on my Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/spyke-sealed-78965040


Tub Fun With Daddy Big Lug (2022)
This client is a prom star with huge balls and a thing for hot twinks. Size difference and ginormous genitalia are both my jams so I had to take this one on. Really digging how close I got his likeness here. Follow this dude’s prom and if you’re a prom star, consider getting turned into a cartoon hunk by me!
Full version on my Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/64669769


Beowulf vs. Frost Giant (2022)
Heroic warrior Beowulf takes on a fearsome frost giant! Pretty much followed reference when it came to Beowulf but did kinda have to dig deep creatively to come up with his hairy hunky beast of an opponent. Drawing this BG was my bane but love how it came out in the end, tying everything up in terms of color and scale. Even without a ton of garments (which magically disappear anyway) Beowulf comes prepared but is no match for big blue’s frost breath!
Uncensored versions here on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/posts/beowulf-vs-frost-61130531 , where you’ll see my love for blue deek once again, this time in giant scale!


Moar Daddies by JC (2021)
My pal, fellow erotica artist, Jubell has a new game out with a few contributions from me and several other amazing artists: Chicken Wang: Moar Daddies: https://jubell.itch.io/cwmd

I reimagined Jubell’s sexy trio of daddies in my style, with each one’s pose theme mimicking their hobbies. This daddy, Fresco ended up being the one I liked the most, very unexpectedly… From the over-the-top hair to the chill attitude he evokes with the uke. This one is also may have my favorite genital area of this series… https://www.patreon.com/posts/fresco-x-version-56682934 !
This guy Tissimo is the mean one and kinda the one I liked the most at first. Was initially confused a bit on how to come up with an action pose for him based on his love of board games. But anime transformation sequence graphics jazz up any movement, however subtle. He took shape once I added those big hands, feet and other appendage: https://www.patreon.com/posts/tissimo-x-56682569 !
This guy, Limonique had the most fun face but you’ll see that I also really got into his wiry little thatch and blue rim light on his balls! https://www.patreon.com/posts/linonique-x-56682066


The Bank Robber vs. Dongage (2021)

We will penetrate all the different extreme gay art fetishes including hyper and inflation in my latest commission series featuring a new superhero called Dongage!

The look had to evoke Captain America but expose his juicy chest, chiseled abs and huge dong.

This shrimpy bank robber is worried but curious what this naked crime fighter has in store…

Dongage knows the only way to make sure this villain doesn’t get away is to… well… fill him with Dongage.
(Full Version = https://www.patreon.com/posts/50636895) I didn’t want to draw the robber letting go of the gun and money bag just yet because he kinda still kinda thinks he may be able to get away. I mean after what he thinks may be like a quick superhero load…

But once Dongage is fully embedded in the robber, he reveals his abilities: to stretch and manipulate his body at will, a la Mr. Fantastic. (Mr. Faptastic?) So Dongage’s cock had to grow to hyper size in the robber making his guts bulge tremendously, destroying his insides. I know I draw big dicks but this is the first official hyper dick!
(Full version = https://www.patreon.com/posts/50637364)

Then, filling the robber’s abdomen with cum is not only the natural result of an excited hyper dong, but also this hero’s preferred method of immobilizing criminals. (Full version = https://www.patreon.com/posts/50637608) This client wanted to push the inflation part past anything I’ve ever tried in this genre, with great reference of anthro characters laying on top of their massive bellies like a giant pillow.

And just a quick bonus image modifying the initial pose a bit just because I wanted to see the hyper Dongage in full. For some reason I feel like I should clarify: in gay art, a hyper cock is usually somewhere between the size of your leg and torso.

And just a quick bonus image modifying the initial pose a bit just because I wanted to see the hyper Dongage in full. For some reason I feel like I should clarify: in gay art, a hyper cock is usually somewhere between the size of your leg and torso.

Lastly, Dongage makes his exit, revealing the ass of his costume, hyper cock dragging behind, leaving the cops to discover this foiled robbery in the form of a gaping cavern of an anus and all of its profuse overflow. I like what I did here but youze should know super cartoony ass gape is not that easy to draw!
(Full version = https://www.patreon.com/posts/50638848)


Gordon’s Collection (2020)
Commissioned piece where client wanted to go in a different, non-green direction for this monster. His stable of studs in stone are still awake but stuck in the moment they turned. (And in my version, their holes are still warm.)



Doomsday Daddy (2020)

Commissioned piece, Hyper-Dicked, Evil Genius Not-Lex has his Mastasia-Boobed Arch Nemesis right where he wants, chained to his Doomsday Rocket! But to post this anywhere, I had to offer a toned down version. You guys get the Undies Variant unless you’re on my Patreon.

As you can see from the sketch, this was not meant to be as detailed as what happened. (Yeah, I don’t like the idea of being a background artist at all… I ONLY DRAW PORN! But yea, sometimes I feel like I need more detail back there.)



Saw It Coming (2018)

Check out my best and newest inflation piece, commissioned by Shoker, a fellow erotica artist whom I’ve worked with before. He provides detailed sketches for me to work from so I can’t take credit for much of the idea or composition. But I like to think I’ve added something. 😉


I resisted putting the screen with the Billy the Puppet in there for much of this piece’s conception. Gave myself every reason why he shouldn’t be there. Of course, now it’s my favorite part of the drawing- haha!


The Smoothie (2018)
This sexy Fight Club style character belongs to Dave-Lon. He has an abundance of show muscle and an exceptionally high pain threshold but no sustained fight training and his pale bod marks up easily.

Turned on by his ability to endure submission punishment, his lengthy appendages inspire unusual punishments, which I’m eager to draw! X-Rated version available on my Patreon!


Indy Wolfy By JC (2018)
So even though my first Anthrocon was a bust, there were a few furries at the con who got into my furry art. Indy Wolfy was one of them; a friendly guy who was inspired by my Brutal Ballers series to get a commission of his fursona in a basketball jersey! And of course, since I have to draw a dick on everything, I added an alternate version!


Dom Sir (2018)
Here’s a piece I drew in traditional media (including collage!) commissioned by @RyanSpadexxx on Twitter, whose tatted arse is featured. A sequel is cumming soon!

Swimming in BBC (2018)
Technically one of the hardest drawings I’ve ever executed, here is that promised sequel to the Ryan Spade piece best described by the client himself: “Surrounded by BBC, swimming in black dicks of all shades in my mouth, ass, and hands… with no sheet behind me, just walls black flesh!”


Boreal Force by JC (2017)
My bud Taylor Cordingly commissioned me to draw his original characters, Canis, Castor and Ursus, the males of a Power Rangers inspired team of heroes. I’ve been envisioning sexualized transformation sequences for years so this was a chance to scratch that itch!



Gay Paradise (2016)
Here’s a digital sketch of a commission for a friend and his husband who spend a lotta time in Fire Island. After the sketch, I painted the final piece on paper for them to frame. Those guys had the best weed ever! And reintroduced me to chilli dogs! Great tiny break from the chaos of this past summer!

Ropes On Ropes (2016)
In these fan fics, Merman Vs. Beastman and Beastman Steps Out, Beastman is dumb, super hung, and very very very full of cum. He and Merman’s wrestle-fuck sessions end with Merman milking the brute, triggering the hairy, virile fucker’s explosive, several-minutes-long orgasms, causing gallons of Beast-spunk to coat the ring! The author, Powerplayer and I share a love of big heavy nuts and cum geysers. Powerplayer got this as a reward for pledging at the highest level on my Patreon campaign! Maybe your free commission will cum next!
Ultrabeef (2016)
This client’s character is called Ultrabeef– a scrawny dude who finds a bizarre space rock that morphs him into a muscled-up beast! My first muscle growth commission, I’m very pleased with him– especially that monster arse! Whoever’s lucky enough to take care of that thing is going to have to really be on his game becasue I made it look very, very strong!


Sadistic Anticipation (2015)

For this commission, I had to create the hairiest daddy I’ve ever drawn! I was certainly up to the challenge since I love extremes and was psyched to see how far we could take it!
Oddly, the more taboo elements, like his young but over 18 years old son or the terrified screaming bound chick or the various torture implements are all quite secondary to the daddy’s epic hirsuteness. We’ve even got a fur collar going!



Entrapment (2015) 

Size difference and sexy coppers in full effect for this commission! 

My mind goes wild thinking about where this scenario goes… 😉 

Oddly, an important part of this for me is the police department logo design. Kinda related it to this site!

Lick My Boot (2015) 

Our monster-cocked monster cop isn’t done with our pencil-necked law-breaker just yet! Part 2 of this series of commissions and there’s more to cum!

Metal Stocks (2015) 

Part 3 of this awesome series of commissions, our hulky kinky cop reveals his secret S&M life to his puny scardey sub! 

Was kinda surprised how much the restraints would turn me on! 

Wonder what’s going got hurt more– the whip or the other weapon…


I was commissioned to be the real life talent behind an artist character in an upcoming indie film.
The character paints situations in his life, navigating gayness, blackness and casual sex!

So these 6 pieces not only plot points but also props in the movie!


You Need A Hug (2015)

Protest (2015)
I tend to have the most visceral reaction to this one because it’s frankly hard to work with those phrases for an extended period of time. And harder still to ascribe those words to one of the patented fierce-ass glamazonian divas I draw! I wish the actress was as ugly as the signs- lol!


Nice To Meat You (2015)

Wanna Fool Around? (2015)

Confession (2015)

Red Black and Green (2015)



Suck It Up (2014)

Commissioned by Shoker.
I had a lot of fun with this. Check off inflation on the list of fetishes I’m now into due to having drawn it. 😛

Shoker actually provided me with a pretty detailed sketch, so I can’t take all the credit!
This one is surprisingly popular on Deviant Art.



David Loves Johnathan (2014)
Commissioned for an upcoming film project about a ancient torrid love triangle! Kinda can’t say too much until it comes out!



Resistence is Futile (2013)
Oh those naughty pesky Borg– always kidnapping those sexy Starfleet boys and mechanically stimulating their pleasure centers causing their fat dicks to erupt with more spooge than they’ve ever seen! LOL.
I don’t often get fan-art commissions, so I went all out on this one, making sure to get the atmosphere just right!


Zorro vs. the Tickling Bandits (2012)
One of the more complex and meticulous commissions I’ve ever done, the number of fetishes in this series is pretty effing epic!
See how well I take care of my clients? ^___^

Tickle Forest (2012)
Same client and themes as the series directly above! The men and boys are indeed supposed to be actual characters from existing media but I’m not saying who because I don’t think I did a great job with the likenesses. It’s hard to caricature of pretty-boy actors, yunno?


Sinbad & the Old Man of the Sea (2011)
Who’s the most phenomenal extraordinary fellow? (10 points if you know that reference!) This client has commissioned several artists to draw this ancient story. ROLL OVER to see what gets him through those cold Arabian nights!


Pretty Boy Cable (2010)
Not long after posting a rant about how much I didn’t like pretty boy Cable was I totally commissioned to friggin’ draw ‘im! HAHA! But I was up to the challenge, as this is the more accepted version of the guy. And truth be told, for reading, I prefer old man Cable, but for fantasy fucking, it’s pretty boy Cable all the way! ROLL OVER for the reveal!


Jeremy Feist (2011)
Here’s a caricature of Jeremy Feist, porn star and all-around funny man on Twitter!


Ginger Tux (2012)
And here’s one of a cute ginger who has a thing for tuxedos!

A Blissful Sunset (2011)
Part 2 of these Old Man of the Sea commissions. This time he’s terrorizing my OC, Ryan. In retrospect, I should’ve thought harder about letting clients use my chracters in commissions. Because once I’ve drawn it, it kinda becomes part of the character’s story in my head. Why can’t someone commission me to draw Ryan screwing the fuck outta some hot twink?


Triple Suck (2012)
Commissioned piece featuring the client’s OC, Nexus, Zell from Final Fantasy and everyone’s favorite why-isn’t-he-freakin-canonically-gay-by-now superhero, Iceman. (EDIT: I know I should change this blurb becasue he IS canonically gay now, but I kinda like leaving it to show how much we fans really really really wanted this.


Lil’ Nick (2012)
Below are 5 bulgy chibi avatars for porn star Nick Roberts!

Pornaments (2010)
Yup, exactly what you think. The concepts are all from the company– I just visualized them. It was very interesting designing for hard goods. There were several interesting technical rules. Sadly, these didn’t go to production because the company didn’t own the name.


Drama Queenz (2010)
These guys were promoting their web series, Drama Queenz at Pride fest here in NYC and I thought I’d bust out my networking skills and offer to provide some illustration.
(Not often am I so bold– there was some social lubrication afoot… haha)

I love how these guys turned out– their likenesses are all there.

Heartbreaker (2008)
Here’s a commission I did for this guy as a birthday gift for a friend. I don’t love doing caricature of real people– but I made an exception, because this kid was cute!

Alan Man (2008)
This caricature was for the guy that wrote one of the first articles about my art. Published on Edge Media New York’s website!


DarkStalker Series (2006)
Fun series because even though DarkStalkers is easily in my top 5 favorite game series of all time list, I probably would have never drawn most of these characters if I wasn’t commissioned. This client had specific ideas of sex scenarios involving the bizarre designs and behaviors of the more overlooked guys.


Super Jack and Sean (2004)
Nto amazingly proud of this piece or anything but I do like having it around because it’s nostalgic. This was very eearly on in my career and my 1st personal commission as an adult. It led to requests from all their finance industry straight friends that I eventually had to turn down for my sanity. The girl dog came out fierce as hell though, huh? lol

JR (2004)↑
This guy requested a sexy toon of himself to get printed on his snowboard. It came out cool but I can’t feature it too prominently because people see a photo of a real person on a drawing site and always assume it’s of the artist. You can see it here and here though.


Fam Feud (2005)
Commissioned by the NY Department of Health, the party they were involved with was at this bar where they have a Family Feud night, hosted by a drag queen. They had doctors on hand administering shots for something I can’t remember. (Wanna say flu but since it’s gay nightlife, it was probably something sexually transmitted.)


Oktoberfist (2003)
One of my oldest gigs made for one of most popular illustrations ever. People’s reaction to this is always amazing. I will sadly admit to never actually going to this party although I’m told it was pretty wild!
Oktoberfist II (2004)
Though the sequel is not as popular as the original, I still think it’s a strong piece.


Hayride (2004)
Most of the flyers in this section were commissioned by Daniel Nardicio, notorious in NYC for throwing raunchy parties.

Magnum Party (2004)
At this party, all the gogo boys were supposed to be 10″ or more. I kinda didn’t believe it but I’ll never know because I didn’t go. Photos of the actual bar are used in this.


Sexy Sailors (2004)
Not an official commission… more like the beta version of the piece to the right. This wasn’t what the client was looking for so he was forced to sit down and think about what he actually wanted and then got back to me with the new idea. As a burgeoning professional illustrator, this was a very valuable lesson:
Don’t accept vague direction! But yea, absorbing the cost of labor for the old version wasn’t such a negative since I do really like this original idea as a stand alone drawing.
Sea Tea (2004)
An annual gay booze cruise in NYC, this is the only event on this page that’s still active. Nowadays the entertainment on the boat is popular porn actors and drag queens so they usually appear on the current flyers.


Underwear Party (2003)
Gawd, this is hard for me to look at these days, although I remember it looked better once the text was dropped in. (Probably covered those horrible chunky legs!)

Manpole (2003)
Another one that’s somewhat embarrassing to show but in this case it’s not the drawing I’m wincing at… it’s that cringey logo someone designed. And also the fact that I don’t think this website ever really got going. But I got paid, so who cares?! lol



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