DC Fan-Art

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This is all playful parody– don’t sue me.


Tight Kal 2003
A first in a few areas: 1) Photoshop color and 2) my now signature nothing-t-the-imagination bulges. It was a concept piece for anassignment, to retell a Superman story. Was stoked to finally draw a sexy Supes, but then figured I shouldn’t be doing porn for school projects. Ironically, my teacher for that course pulled me aside once like, “Are you familiar with Tom of Finland?” haha.

Supes in the City 2006
A bit more in line with my dream version of Supes; now he’s got a bit of style and a devilish expression referenced from Eddie Cibrian. Who remembers when those queer ass leather jackets with the stripes were in for a minute in the early 2000s?


SuperDaddy (2018)

Drew Supes in traditional media for my last show knowing he’d sell. When I showed the buyer all the process pics of the piece on my phone, he admitted liking a version before I added all that epic body hair.

So I said I’d shoot him over a digital smooth version, but of course, while putting that together, I got the urge to add another version.

So enjoy my first shot at Black Superman!

Full versions on my Patreon but here’s the other times I’ve drawn him for good measure!



Superman’s Pal (2010)
Developed from the life drawing session with the dramatic size difference couple, (aka the Daddy/Boy Series,) this is the one I always forget about but alwyas reminds me to draw cutie Jimmy Olsen more.

Pulsar vs. Superboy (2013)
Commissioned by repeat client, Timemonkey, Pulsar is his original superhero character. I had a lot of fun with this piece but am mostly proud of the color variations on each page. Having so many large areas of black presented some interesting opprutunities to get creative with color layout.


Connor Cam, Gar Cam (2011)
2 of 3 in the Superhero Selfie set (the other one is on the Marvel Fan-Art page.) Purposefully went with younger characters because this was back when only kids really did selfies. Click for uncensored versions– I made both of them czazy hung.


Go Green (2011)
This began as a simple sketch of Guy but since no one really likes him, I thought I should do the others. But it’s mostly an excuse to draw different dicks on a template figure, as usual. 😉


Beast Boy is a Bear (2010) →
A bit of a mash-up between the cute, goofy Beast Boy in the Teen Titans Go animation and the sexy, fuzzy, gay wet-dream version from the old-school comics. 😉


Aquaman Having Completely Meaningful Conversation With Fish (2009)
Especially pleased with how the colors came out here. Rollover for the big sexy erect dick nude version!

Cummy Cowls (2013)
My buddy started a geek night called N3RD at the gay club he manages. This was the image for the flyer to kick it off.

Gogo Batman (2010)
So I wish I’d written more about this when I first posted because I can’t remmeber whet was making me want to draw Batman as a gay gogo boy… In any case, ROLLOVER for the reveal!



Swingaroonie (2006)
Used to have a major crush on Chris O’Donnell and was one of the few who liked his Robin. Wanted to do a sexy piece with him as the focus. This was at the height of my flare period.


Lessons of the Bat (2013)
Commissioned by Timemonkey, who shares my vision of Bruce as a bottom. Of course, he’d be barking orders he whole time. (hehe)

I really love the way this came out, from the colors to the posing to the BG.


Sidekick Size Off (2015)
Building on my own fetish for line-ups and size comparison, Timemonkey came up with this idea for his latest commission.

I had a ton of fun piecing together looks for Garth and Roy and I’m loving how Wally’s FX came out. And of course I never tire of drawing Dick’s big dick.
Speaking of (cuz yunno I always am) originally I wanted to give one of them a baby dick since I’m really into that lately. But I love the idea of sidekicks being more hung than their mentors. So now you know why they called themselves Titans!


All My Dickpics (2015)
So many superhero dicks, so little time!
Timemonkey’s original idea for this commission, a loose sequel to Sidekick Size Off, was to have his OC Pulsar swiping through 4 pics.
But that number had to go up, if not just as a reflection of my own tendancy to kinda hoard the xpics of all the hot guys I’ve chatted with.
There also may be some Titans dream team fantasy going on there for me- haha.



Pulsar vs. Superboy + Nightwing (2016)
Upon realizing I was drawing Dick with the same haircut as Connor, I needed to draw them together to prove that I can make them look different. Major oversight on my part because hair is an important character identifying tool in my illustration. My older pieces with Connor look like Dick’s twin! Aarg!

So Timemonkey graciously commissioned this sequel to Pulsar vs. Superboy, adding Nightwing into the mix! Dick keeps the old cut but Connor gets his 90’s redux hairdo, ironically the default hairstlye of most dudes nowadays anyway. Proved that it worked in the previous one, “All My Dickpics” but here, we see Dick in full so a full comparison can be made!

This blurb is mostly about the hair issue because it’s how this piece came about. Pulsar getting his anus filled with two superhero monster cocks simultaneously is probably more exciting than cartoon hairstyles. (Incidentally, their dicks are actually pretty identical too, but I don’t think Pulsar minds.)


Roy Dicks Dick (2018)
Red Arrow porks Nightwing in this next installment of a commission series featuring the super hung DC sidekicks. I drew this mainly because it goes with the next piece…


Sidekick Spying (2018)
Part 2 in my latest commission, I wanted the main heroes to know what their hung sidekicks were up to. So my client on this series worked these pieces into the story. Roy Dicks Dick in the Batcave and then at some point, old creeper Bruce reveals the secret footage to an eager pal!


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