X-Men RemiX

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This is all playful parody– don’t sue me.

Everyone and their mom redesigns the X-Men. So yea, me too.



This ongoing project is an homage to the coolest family of comic books ever! More than any other group of superheroes, gays tend to identify with the X-Men. Easily some of the most popular work on the site, gay depictions of the X-Men and “X-Slash” are just popular on the internet in general. And I’m not gonna lie– I ship the hell outta Northstar and Iceman.


(Oh, and by the way, one of the MAIN reasons I love these comics is for its fierce FEMALE superheroes! Scroll to the very bottom of the page to see my drawings of the women. Though they’re not all naked and penisy like the men, they’re admittedly my stronger costume designs. Check ’em out when you… finish.)

X-Boys Height Chart (2011)
I have a fetish for line-ups– and an even bigger fetish for size comparison. Big next to small always gets my motor revved, whether it’s cock size or just general body stature. So that was the main impetus of this piece (besides reminding fans that Wolverine is never drawn to scale in the comics.)

X-Men Ass2Ass (2020)
This commission called for Cyclops and Wolverine restrained and dangling in an interesting way with Cyke looking imperiled and Wolvie thoroughly enjoyed. The double ended dildo resembling disembodied Venom dick was an unintentional happy accident!
Patreon patrons check it out here: Patreon.com/posts/X-Men-Ass2Ass-34802465!



Pwned Wolvie (2015)
So when I discovered Romulus, my first thought was, “Ooh they gave Wolverine an Akuma!”
Contrived character concept aside, “Daddy Wolverine” deserved the Anti-Heroes.net treatment just as an excuse to emasculate “standard Wolverine.”

Legendary (2008)
Polled my audience which video game cover I should redo and of course, an X-Men game won by a landslide. Quoting myself here: “I picked the 4 most iconic characters (all male of course, as this is the secret SEXY GAY version of the game.)” lol. Rollover for the naked X-Ray version! I know those dicks are kinda snakey… I think maybe I was trying to add movement to the piece…


Logan Blushes (2009)
A post-manipulated life drawing turned into an X-Dude (you’ll see that many more times on this page.) I really do tend to make Wolverine look… sweet.

Wolverine and Jubilee (2012)
OK, so I lied– one girl character makes it to this webpage. I made this “all-audiences” piece to celebrate Jubilee’s return to comics and my coming to terms with her recent vampirism. Really wanted to play up a tender, sorta parental tone here, but I think the inherent sexuality of the vampire genre combined with my suggestive-even-when-I’m-trying-not-to-be style takes it to another place.


Wolveine RemiX (2005)
One of the very first pieces for this project, I really wanted to show those hairy shoulders in his costume. And yea, those stylized slash stripes are very much supposed to be pointing to his batch. I always kinda giggle when I see the “Messy” verison.


Pig Logan Series (2010)
For this erotic life drawing session, we had a dude who brought along a few props from his leather pig play stash. Decided early on to turn him into someone else but debated whether it should be Wolverine or another random hairy fantasy hunk. And so another versioning project begins– haha. Click the images to go to individual pages where you can toggle his hairstlye. Oh, and yup, the model did indeed use a penis pump in front of an audience of artists.


Drippy Logan (1999 and 2011)
Having discovered the “Draw This Again” meme, I immediately jumped aboard, being someone who loves to chronicle my artistic progress. I like to think I’ve improved, particularly in the hands and feet department. But the 1999 one has the distinction of being the very first erotic piece I ever showed to freinds and ALSO the first fan-art I ever posted online.


Daken RemiX (2011)
I kinda created this character more than a decade ago in high school. My mutant creation was called “Savage” (OK, lame codename, but hear me out.) He had a blonde mohawk (this was in the 90′s– before mohawks were cool again,) Wolverine-esque powers, and a sexually ambiguous bent. His hook was being the son of Sabretooth and Birdie. His Sabretooth side caused claws to come out of his forearms (somewhat reminiscent of Batman’s glove spikes– but longer and in the reverse direction.) And his Birdie side gave him sexy mental powers.
And now, along comes Daken, my character almost to a tee… with a big ol’ tattoo. (Mind you, 16 year old JC knew a tattoo wouldn’t work on anyone with Wolverine’s healing factor.) So… I mean, is Marvel sending telepathic spies to invade my brain? Or is he just a really easy character to come up with?

Cummy Cowls (2013)
My buddy started a geek night called N3RD at the gay club he manages. This was the image for the flyer to kick it off.

Sabretooth & Wild Child RemiX (2012) ↑
Below you can take a look at the beta version of the above piece. Before taking the stiff pose too far, I abandoned it and went with an action shot instead, which made for a stronger piece all around. (Although that is one awesome looking distended anus in the beta version.)

And even though I think Sabretooth is an awesome vilain, his hero version has Wild Child as a sidekick and the slash potential between these two is just too delicious to deny.

“As I look at Kyle, a quivering mess on the floor, reeling from the vicious pounding he just received, I can’t help but wonder if what I did was right. He’s got the mental capacity of a dog. Is he really able to consent to what we do? But when he fingers his dripping hole, takes the finger, puts it in his mouth and smiles, my qualms disappear. He crawls over and begins to lick me, starting at my feet, working his way to what was just in his butt. He wants another go. Dog-boy’s got more stamina than anyone I’ve ever seen… except maybe Logan.” Haha– see?

Phat RemiX (2010)
Though he had little more to say that wasn’t a hip hop culture cliche, this character is a favorite of mine becasue I have a bit of a wigger fetish. I made his dong pretty PHAT– haha.


Orphan RemiX (2010)
What’s great about him is that his power, to be super sensetive to everything in the world around him, further emphasizes that wonderfully emo personality. And to check out something even more wonderful… and thick… and turgid… and PURPLE… check out his XXX version!

Bloodlust (2009)
As I am competely desensitized to blood, I kinda wantonly threw it on the piece, only realizing after I posted how sick the whole drawing had become. Slight qualms notwithstanding, I still stand by the work because it’s in character. And he’s a hot character. Yunno, sometime before this piece, years ago, if asked if I thought Vic Creed is hot, I would have been like, “oh god, he’s a blonde, dirty, sweaty, hairy, psychopath who looks like he has insane B.O.” Nowadays that phrase alone is enough to get me hard.

Anarchist RemiX (2010)
The apathetic, hot-headed, sometimes OCD afflicted, self-described token black guy of the X-Statix was a personal favorite. He was used to explore the issue of race in superhero comics, (which is notoriously glossed over,) but was still a well-rounded, multi-dimensional character. Very refreshing and well-done. Cop a password to see his cock, which is also refreshing and well-done.


Vivisector RemiX (2010)
One of the great examples of how meta X-Statix was, Vivisector was created to be unpopular and actually recognizes this in the title. I imagine though, if he was drawn like how I do ‘im, he’d develop a fan base… particularly one of gay otter chasers!

Nightcrawler RemiX (2005)
Always amazed at how frequently I draw this guy. I think my affinity for him is purely due to his genius character design rather than any of his storylines.


Swashbuckler (2010 ↑ and 2003 → )
Though these two pieces are similar, the newer one isn’t really a redo. I just really like the being able to weild 3 swords at once thing. Will most likely draw it a third time one of these days. Rollover the newer one!

Chara Card: Nightcrawler (2012)
The old characters page on this site features this Chara Cards project that I’ve currently abandoned although the drawings for them were awesome if I do say so myself. This was the blurb on the back: Though these features were clearly originally designed to be strange and frightening, something about being blue with pointy ears and a tail puts Nightcrawler in a whole different realm of cute in gay and yaoi fan art land. Being that my style skirts the edge of almost being too cute, I find that my porny drawings of Kurt are usually pretty successful. Although it could also be because I tend to give him a huge floppy ding dong…


Kurt’s Nips (2004)
Not mega-into posting stuff from sketchbooks, but this drawing was too cute to keep hidden. Also, I like having it here becasue with all the others, it shows how much (or how little, depending on how you look at it) the way I draw him has changed over the years.

Longshot RemiX (2011)
Decided to go balls to the wall with Longshot and really show him how I see him. He’s a star. He’s a charmer. And he had some seriously dated hair. Instead of giving him a boring un-unique hairstyle, I chose to emphasize the mullet, making it bigger and better than ever. Find out why everyone’s always falling in love with him with my nude version!


Captain Britain RemiX (2010)
Always liked Brit Cap, asshole attitude and all. Something about him is just so damned sexy… maybe it’s the meanness. I think I like rough trade. LOL. (I mean, can we talk about that Excalibur arc where he was in nothing but bulgy green pajama pants for like 6 issues? That might’ve been what turned me on to hairy. Thanks, Alan Davis.


Indeed (2009)
It was a while ago that I drew this, so I don’t quite remember what the drive was other than my angry diatribe about Bishop’s villianization in the 2000s. But I want to say this piece came about becasue I wanted to show Bish a little more hardcore than the previous one (right.)


Shatterstar RemiX (2010)
A ponytail I can handle. But this dude had a ponytail AND pigtails. And his creator had the balls to get pissy when Marvel made him gay. In any case, I feel like I have the power to make stupid hairstyles look cool.


A-POC (2009)
Love my palette for this fun villain. And wasn’t his voice actor in the 90′s toon kinda EPIC?
Bishop RemiX (2007)
The first Black male X-Man, I remember when I learned of him. Picture an 11 year old me and a friend in the schoolyard one morning:

Nick: Dude, did you see the new issue of X-Men!? There’s this new Black guy and he’s BIGGER THAN COLOSSUS!!
JC: What’s his powers?
Nick: I dunno– some energy shit. BUT HE’S HUGE!

We skipped lunch and booked it to the local comic shop where I grabbed a copy of Uncanny #282. Bishop was our favorite for a while– mullet and all until Nick eventually abandoned him upon realizing he actually wasn’t bigger than Colossus. (size queen)


Sunspot RemiX (2009)
Probably one of my first attempts at Kirby dots, I always loved this little nugget of Brazilian sexy.


Cypher & Warlock RemiX (2010)
Is it just me or did Cypher and Warlock come off really gay? Ok, I know I’m being un-P.C., implying that two heterosexual males can’t have a deep bond without it seeming queer. But… dude… they were sooo gay. Rollover for the lovey dovey nudie couple version where this may be my earliest example of connecting 2 guys with a precum string.


Rictor RemiX (2011)
As always, I end up loving the pieces based on characters I don’t care too much for.

Everything came together here, from the graphic element, color and posing to explain exaclty what the guy does.

Iceman RemiX (2006)
Like everyone else, I grew up thinking Iceman was the most believable closet case. Gay Iceman is so popular on the internet, it’s almost funny. We all like our boyish “All-American” Abercrombie studs, huh? I think he’s cutest only partly iced-up.


Triple Suck (2012)
Commissioned piece featuring the client’s OC, Nexus, Zell from Final Fantasy and everyone’s favorite why-isn’t-he-freakin-canonically-gay-by-now superhero, Iceman. (EDIT: I know I should change this blurb becasue he IS canonically gay now, but I kinda like leaving it to show how much we fans really really really wanted this.

Frostbite (2002)
Even though I’m embarrassed of my early attempts at Photoshop collage, this is one of the few I always thought worked really well.


Fire and Ice (2003)
Can barely look at this piece today, not only becasue of the ameturish Photoshop but becasue of the idea as well. Any X-Fan knows Pyro can only manipulate, not create flame. And still, that I put my own rules on the character isn’t as lame to me as the fact that I actually drew Pyro with Iceman. Too obvious.


“Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends” (2012)
One of my regular clients, Timemonkey commissioned Johnny Storm kneeling between Peter Parker and Bobby Drake, sucking them both off.

Now I already had a sketch of that particular pose already done and waiting for a different trio of characters, so I convinced Timemonkey to let me experiment with some different posing.

I wanted to show each of these boys displaying their powers in an interesting way while still performing the required sex acts. (Cuz yunno, that’s how superheroes fuck.)

Chara Card: Northstar (2012)
The old characters page on this site features this Chara Cards project that I’ve currently abandoned although I love the drawings I made for it. The original blurb justified my frequently giving JP a huge member with a Kinsey study that said gays had bigger dicks.
Northstar RemiX (2005)
Always loved this drawing of Northstar… might be the first one I’ve ever done. Hard for me to look at the naked ones these days though. Not because the drawing is all that bad… more becasue I draw him with such bigger junk now! It was a real struggle to resist embiggening those nads before I posted him here.


Etoile Jumelle (2009)
Life drawing turned into the fabulous X-Gay, it all really came together when I added the lights. Aurora makes a cameo, embarrassed at her bro showing off his mutant monster.

Midflight Rimjob (2012)
Timemonkey commissioned me to draw Northstar rimming Iceman. While looking at pics of said act online for… inspiration, I came across a gif where the rimee was really into it, wildly gyrating his hole into the rimmer’s mouth. I decided then and there, I had to try and animate this piece.

Pound It (2012)
I’ve always shipped Northstar and Iceman but the following series of Timemonkey commissions have really solidifyed these two as my X-Men OTP (look it up.) In this one, I love the movement I’m implying with some of my favorite cartooning conventions.

This series also begats what I call my flat color period, when I was exploring color and line choices in favor of rendering. It was supposed to be a method of speeding up my process but in practice it just became another thing for me to obsess over- haha.

Caught (2012)
Commissioned by Timemonkey, Cyke walks in on his brother enjoying a 3-some with Northstar and Iceman. This is a popular piece, probably due to the creative position (which I cannot take full credit for; it was masterfully described by the client.) My favorite part is probably the photo on the bureau.

Behold… Optic Blast (2012)
I literally (and I mean literally… this actually happened) dreamt and fantasized about Capcom animating the X-Men for a series of fighting games years before it actually happened in the 90’s.

There are particular design sensebilities from that era and genre of gaming that had a profound affect on my art style. For example, the frequent, slightly impractical, but very stylish and somewhat showy posing. That’s what this piece is homaging.


Sweaty Scott (2010)
Developed from a life drawing, this piece’s popularity surprised me.
Cyclops RemiX (2005)
Pretty much the template for all the characters I’ve drawn for this series. But unlike many of the early “RemiXes” this one still holds up for me.


Zark (2003)
Sometimes I kinda don’t think poses and concepts all the way through. Most of those pieces don’t make it to the internet… this one did. Still, it’s a mistake/oversight that only I care about: That even if he DID blast his weiner, nothing would happen because he’s immune to his own power. Yea, work that fan-boy knowledge!


Chill Cyke (2022)
Life drawing turned into Cyclops! Tried to make Twitter strip him for likes but the x-versions are only on Patreon (https://www.patreon.com/posts/chill-cyke-66016225) for now. I find this idea super hot: Cyke reaching his final alpha form, not needing the shades but his eyes just constantly spew energy at a low level. So yea, that version is in the naked ones!



Punish Fuck (2012)
Inspired by Northstar’s annoyed-as-hell expression in “Caught,” Timemonkey commissioned this scenario. Rampaging Northstar sets out to utterly destroy Cyke’s butt!
Danger Room Hookey (2012)
In this 3-part commission by Timemonkey, Cyke tries to have a Danger Room session with some of his teammates but they’re all just a bit… distracted. I’m quite proud of my depictions of holograms.



Summerscest (2012)
Commissioned by Timemonkey, X-Man uses his vast telepathic powers to push along the attraction his other-dimensional dad and uncle have for each other. I made a discovery with this commission as previously I hated X-Man. But after drawing him, he’s now in my good graces… at least MY version of im is. This pattern repeats itself in my fan-art; the process of drawing a character I don’t like usually makes me like them!

Hurry Up Lil Bro (2020)

Previously in the TUCMC (Timemonkey Universe of Commissioned Mutant Characters) we saw X-Man mind-control Cyclops and Havok into some passionate spit-swap, gooey frottage and intense finger action (above.)

Now comes the consequence in this new piece as they give into their overwhelming urges, with Scott a little more worried about getting caught than Alex.

For the clean version, I was kinda unprepared for hot someone just staring at a crotch would be.

But of course, the full version with genitals out, being milked is hotter. Patreon link here.

Anole RemiX (2011)
Probably biased becasue he’s a gay character but he’s by far my favorite of this generation of X-Kids. Purposefully chose to model him on the more muscular, more manly versions of him though it’s less frequently seen than his small, skinny incarnation. He also definetely has the biggest dong of any Academy X generation character I drew.

Havok RemiX (2010)
Second rate Cyclops always at least looked cooler than his older bro. His original design is nothing short of genius and his first X-Factor uniform was perhaps the coolest X-Costume of 90′s. So naturally, in referencing those 2 outfits for my version, he ends up becoming one of my favorites of this project. I also really love the haircut I give him!


Wait Your Turn (2012)
Timemonkey and I were chatting once about how Northstar is Anole’s mentor so he decided to start including Anole in his Northstar commissions. Here we see Northstar giving a private lesson… how to plow Wolverine’s hairy ass!


Concealed (2012)
“I know Anole’s there. Bobby doesn’t see– he’s too distracted. But I can feel it. I can feel teenage eyes staring… hear an eager tongue dooling… smell the precum from that monster lizard cock. I’m going to give this boy a bit of a show. Let’s see how long he’ll last…”

Haha– had to include that sexy blurb I wrote when I first posted this Timemonkey commission.


Relax and Breathe (2012)
Two minutes earlier, over-confident Drake completely ignores Beaubier’s warning to be a little more cautious with his latest endeavor. But no matter how much experience and training he has, he quickly learns that his superhero skills aren’t quite transferrable when taking the eager teenaged lizard boy’s enormous gut-punishing phallus. Commissioned by Timemonkey.

The Icebox (2013)
We arrived at this conclusion the Iceman/Northstar commissions in a discussion about how Bobby is a senior X-Man, and thusly able to adapt, and maybe shouldn’t be so green at this point in his fuxscapades.

Building on my image of Iceman as a cock-craving total power bottom, Timemonkey wanted Bobby to take both Northstar’s fat Canadian bacon AND Anole’s godzillian monster in his boy-poon simultaneously. He explains it with comic book science in that Bobby is technically a shapeshifter and should be able to ice-morph his anus and sphincter to accomodate both penises. But honestly, you guys should know I don’t really need an explanation to draw DP.

ALSO– I spent hours creating a STEP BY STEP walkthrough of my process for this piece so feel free to like look at it or something.

Colossus RemiX (2006)
So only after drawing this did I realize how similar the pose is to the earlier Colossus drawing from 3 years earlier (to the right.) Not particularly proud of this piece except for his big uncut metal dick.


Shiny Pete (2009)
Developed from a life drawing, it was a while ago but this may have been named “shiny” because the grainy paper texture was overriding what I was trying to convey with my line. Still definitely the strongest (and IMHO SEXIEST) solo Colossus piece up here!


Multiple Man RemiX (2010)
Given who I am and what I do, it shouldn’t be too much of a stretch of the imagination to figure out why Madrox (or Orgy Man as I’ve been calling him) has always been one of my favorite characters.

Skrong (2003)
All four of the ’03 pics on this page are from the same series, all done within days of one another and all try to involve the dude’s dick with his superpower. Despite that I can draw much better now, I still kinda love this piece.


Banshee RemiX (2006)
It doesn’t really matter what this guy has ever done canonically, he’ll always remain a top favorite for me simply due to the ginger sideburns. I’ve just always found this guy so hot! Also, I gave him the Irish curse (all potatoes and no meat) which boosts his hotness for me.


Synch RemiX (2010)
Synch’s creator: “I’m going to do something crazy and introduce a black character into comics who isn’t angry.” This was such a breath of fresh air for me. Too bad that if he ever comes back, he’ll be angry as fuck becasue he was killed.


RemiX PiXels (2013)
So this X-Men RemiX project has always been inspired by video game design sensibilities. I’ve come to the realization that video games are perfectly valid media to tell stories; specifically stories I’d like to tell. My dream X-Men game would combine the Beat-Em-Up engine of Konami’s X-Men arcade game, the level-up power system of X-Men Legends, the style and panache of Capcom X-Men fighters and the simple but effective design of X-Men games from the 16-bit era. So that’s what this pixel art is supposed to represent. Using the same proportions as the Height Chart piece at the top of this page, I made 18 of these figures and a cool Roster Select interface mockup. Sorry, no nudie versions– I feel like the dicks I draw require more pixels than will fit in this scale– lol.

Strong Guy RemiX (2010)
Had a lot of fun drawing Guido. Being that he’s a humorous and stylized character, I felt like I could be a little more whimsical with the drawing. I’m surprised, however, at the lack of erotic Strong Guy fan art on the web. That means you guys have to cherish this one.


Random RemiX (2010)
I really liked Random. I mean, really… liked Random. We’re talking traced the panels, redrew him nude, and… liked… those drawings- haha. So, since Random is a shape shifter and can make his cock whatever shape or size he wants, you can probably imagine what he gets in the XXX version of this pic!


Forge RemiX (2011)
I was determined to make this one really hot since I was in protest over what was done to him in the comics at the time. He bacame this kinda elderly-looking crackpot villain. I took care to give him Native American features which ended up making one of my hotter pinups.

Chamber RemiX (2010)
Sexy angsty rocker boy was such a welcome jolt to the X-Men Universe at the time. And yea, I DO like the idea of Chamber not having any flesh underneath the psi-fire… I just didn’t want to draw that. So my version’s skin is still intact (both chest skin and foreskin- haha.)


Skin RemiX (2011)
So, if you guys like foreskin, you gotta take a look at the cute lil’ mutie esé’s nude version. “Angelo has an extra six square feet of skin” is what they always said. See where I put some of that…


Mondo RemiX (2011)
Torn on this one becasue even though I love Mondo’s powers (matter merging has such endless possibilities!) I ended up falling back on the tree idea becasue anything else just seemed too difficult to convey. I do really like how I drew the tree though! haha. And his chunky frame! And I’m so glad I didn’t give him a tree dick, wood puns notwithstanding.

Beast RemiX (2005)
This is a character I’m always sorta bored with in the canonical media. Beast only becomes interesting in fan-created media– particularly gay-themed. When a fan likes Beast, it shows, and fans seem to like him a lot more than any creators in the field. My drawings of him tend to look more happy and cuddly than most, particularly this first one. He gets downright jolly in the “messy” version!


The Real McCoy (2011)
Since Beast can cover such a large portion of the fetish spectrum, I feel like it’s my duty to draw all his forms. Although this piece may be my favorite one I’ve drawn of him more for the action and background. (I guess the eyebrow-raisingly thick unit also contributes.)

Hairy Henry (2009)
Developed from a life drawing, I think this one captures a sorta shy feeling that’s rare in my drawing.


Chara Card: Beast (2012)
I tend to pile-on elements in my pics. I think what I was saying here was that he’s having to dodge these randomly firing disco beams coming from all around him as well as these mini-missiles that he’s disarming with his feet.



Cute Beast (2012)
PRIME example of one of the persistent motifs in my work. A simple sketch of Beast becomes this monster project with literally hundreds of versions.

At the time, I couldn’t think of a non-Flash way of posting him so he was shelved till now, over 2 years later. Bear lovers can enjoy man-Beast, X-Lovers can enjoy blue-Beast and athro-lovers can enjoy cat-Beast all in the same piece! (You have no idea how much of a struggle it was to omit evil-Beast, shaved-Beast, that new crew-cut-Beast, football-uniform-Beast… actually I still might do that last one!)

Hint: ROLL OVER Blue versions for CAT-BEAST!
Click for uncropped images (Archive Gallery Password required!)

Hint: ROLL OVER Blue versions for CAT-BEAST!
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Hint: ROLL OVER Blue versions for CAT-BEAST!
Click for uncropped images (Archive Gallery Password required!)

Hint: ROLL OVER Blue versions for CAT-BEAST!
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Hint: ROLL OVER Blue versions for CAT-BEAST!
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Hint: ROLL OVER Blue versions for CAT-BEAST!
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Hint: ROLL OVER Blue versions for CAT-BEAST!
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Hint: ROLL OVER Blue versions for CAT-BEAST!
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Hint: ROLL OVER Blue versions for CAT-BEAST!
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Hint: ROLL OVER Blue versions for CAT-BEAST!
Click for uncropped images (Archive Gallery Password required!)

Beast Seated (2022)
Your favorite big blue fuzzball poses for figure drawing, reading about quantum theory to keep focused. But yunno, cuz it’s Hank, science gets him hard! X-Version on my Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/beast-seated-72887736 or on my DeviantArt: https://www.deviantart.com/anti-heroes


Hellion RemiX (2010)
Yes, I can draw average and small dicks!


Elixir RemiX (2010)
I sorry to go here but I can’t help but think about sexualizing this guy’s powers. He can heal, so naturally, I imagine anyone who sticks their cock in his asshole would be cured of any STD’s they’d picked up prior. LOL Elixir would be renamed “Penicillin” in the gay comix version of X-Men.


Click Toad for X-Version if you have a password for the Vault or…

Full version also on my Patreon here.

Morty (2009)
Let’s be real, Toad is no one’s favorite character. But I can find things about him I like when I scan all the different X-Men media becasue he’s one of those characters who changes pretty dramatically depending on which media you consume. And oddly, each instnce is perfectly valid– so I’ve mashed them all up in my porny gay drippy dicked version.

Nezhno RemiX (2011)
Even though I’m not a big proponent of drawing fan-art of characters I don’t know, he’s brown and at risk of dying so I felt sympathy for him- LOL. Well, that and he looks kinda cool. One day, I’ll draw the smaller version of him and animate it into this bigger version, but for now, enjoy this one and see that his muscles aren’t the only place those mass-building powers have come in handy…


Indra RemiX (2012)
Initially, this one didn’t make my cut. The psi-armor stuff was a little too redundant for me. But when I needed to fill a few more spots, I decided to include him for a few reasons.
1) The look of the powers is sometimes kinda cool, 2) he’s Indian and I like diversity and 3) it seems like Indra and Anole are a popular slash couple here on the various internets.


I was sitting to the left of the guy who took this pic at one of the rare drawing groups that allows photos. Thanks to porn star Bennett Anthony!

Toad RemiX (2023)
So 14 years after saying he’s nobody’s favorite, I’m redrawing Toad after seeing him riding Juggernaut in my head pretty much everyday.

Used this great 60 second gesture sketch from life drawing as reference (check out the video!) Hope this reminds me to be looking harder at my sketches while fleshing them out because it’s more fluid and dynamic than the pose in the finished drawing. But don’t worry, I bring the fluids and dynamism back in X-versions here on Patreon.


Archangel RemiX (2005, 2011)
It’s a struggle not to redo most of the older drawings on this page, as I’ll do a much better job now. But I’m forcing myslef to let them rest.
Although when Warren’s ability to go back and forth between Angel and Archangel happened in the comics, I had to make an Archangel variant of this drawing.
I love the different facial expressions.


Golden Warren (2009)
Based on a life drawing, I absolutely love the wings here. The model was super muscular and fit but it didn’t stop any of us from wincing at how uncomfortable that pose looked. He said he was fine though…


Archangel Seraphic Form (2022)
My version of the X-Man combining his 3 major wing eras. Imagine this only appears during a glorious super move like Street Fighter, Gill.

With the X-Versions, (for subscribers on my Patreon or DeviantArt) you all know I’ll use any excuse to depict blue dick. But sometimes the ho in me needs multiple versions of a hunk in order to keep interest. LMK if you want any more alternates- it’s not that hard to add!


Cable RemiX (2009)
This is an homage to original Cable. I’m talkin Liefeld Cable… with the receding hairline, strange body proportions, tiny feet, useless straps and belts and buckles and all. Granted, most of the cosmetic changes the character got over time were welcome EXCEPT for anything that made him look younger. I liked that he was visibly older.


Bedlam RemiX (2010)
Sure you probably have no idea who this is but in addition to sharing my first name, Jesse Bedlam is cool becasue at the time of his introduction, he completed the triumvirate of there being an black man on every generation of X-team. X-Men had Bishop, Gen X had Synch, and now New Mutants/ X-Force had Bedlam. (You couldn’t count Sunspot anymore becasue he had turned white by then.)

Pretty Boy Cable (2010)
Not long after posting a rant about how much I didn’t like pretty boy Cable was I totally commissioned to friggin’ draw ‘im! HAHA! But I was up to the challenge, as this is the more accepted version of the guy. And truth be told, for reading, I prefer old man Cable, but for fantasy fucking, it’s pretty boy Cable all the way! ROLL OVER for the reveal!


Skullfire RemiX (2011)
Why this guy? 1) For the sheer wtf-ness of it. And 2) Because of all those 2099 guys, he was the most unique-looking. True, he looked like the sperm-baby of Gambit and the Crow,, but hey, at least I didn’t pick Serpentina. Yummy-Zombish-Dick Version in the Archive Gallery!



Spyke RemiX (2011)
Though X-Men Evolution had its issues, it offered many things I enjoyed, Evan being one of them. I just thought he was a solid, well-rounded, likable character.
And I really appreciated the deliberate attempt at diversity, considering that the X-Men comics seemed to be doing the opposite at the time.
I love how he came out here and I so want that skateboard!


Spyke Cam (2011)
The other 2 pieces in this Superhero Selfies Set can be found on the DC fan-art page of this site. Purposefully went with younger characters becasue this was back when only kids really did selfies. Click for uncensored version– I didn’t put any bones in it, which I regret now.


Rockslide RemiX (2010)
Of the Academy X / Young X-Men kids, this guy is fighting hard to earn the title of being my favorite… and winning. (Yea duh, I’m kinda obligated to have a certain green queer as my favorite) But Rockslide is definitely coming in at a close second.


Gambit RemiX (2005)
I always struggle with drawing Gambit because to me he never really looks like himself until you drop that eye color in. Then it’s like, “oh hell yes… THAT’S Gambit!” Interesting how that one trait totally changes everything. It’s a sexy look and sexy is essential to his characterization.


Buckethead (2010)
So, I Even though Mag’s has serious helmet hair here, I am always amazed that I feel like I can pull off a sexy silver fox daddy type. Roll over for the no-helmet version. Click for the nudie low-hangers version!


Sunfire RemiX (2011)
Sunfire beat out quite a few other D-List X-Characters just because he’s one of the few Asian males in that lot.


Cannonball RemiX (2005)
The worst thing artists can do when they draw this character is not give him his awesome big ears. I cannot stress this enough: Superhero characters need unique traits! And besides, they make him adorable as hell.


Grizzly RemiX (2011)
I wanted to get a bear into this project, so I resurrected this guy. He may be a little known character these days but he did have an action figure. In retrospect, my version of this guy is very Blanka adjacent.
Spyke Sealed (2023)
In this latest commission with a sexualized supervillian trap, X-Man Spyke and client OC Boomer find themselves uncontrollably aroused while sealed in a glass tube rapidly filling with translucent resin, eventually preserving the heroes’ fear boners forever! X-Version on my Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/spyke-sealed-78965040


Berzerker RemiX (2011)
Despite only making one significant comic book appearance, Berzerker has made it into numerous episodes of two different animated shows as an actual X-Man! Not quite sure why, but including him in my roster allows me to exercise a creative muscle, since there isn’t decades of reference to sift through. Find out where else he’s pierced in his XXX version!


Electric Lace: Gambit (2001)
The thing we always had to do in marker techniques class was render a beautiful woman’s face copied from a magazine. I found a way to work in fan-art of Psylocke, Emma and Rogue for those assignmets and was itching to do a male face. He didn’t come out as slick as the rest so I never showed him to anyone. But now that I’m looking at him with fresh eyes, I’m loving him! I feel like the spirit of this piece so captures internet pinups from around that time.


Magneto RemiX (2020)
‪Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 and House Of X renewed my interest in the mutants and particularly Zaddy Mags. Over the years, sometimes there’s a beard and sometimes there’s long hair but I think only when you use both does he begin to look like the god he thinks he is. The oldguy low-hangers float majestically in the X-Version! Kneel before the master of magnet!


Puck RemiX (2011)
So Puck may be short overall, but that certainly isn’t the case for that appendage I drew!


Maggot RemiX (2010)
Definetely one of those odd blips in X-Men history, though he fit in well with the bizarre, almost grotesque mutant characters of the era. I think the two seperate looks is part of what doomed him. The big blue thing was doofy– to me, he was much more interesting when the lithe brown skinned look was introduced. There was something quite sensual about the latter design.


Arkady Fruitovich (2009)
Looking back on this, all I can think was how much working in the home textiles industry and working with women only was creeping its way into my work. I plan on redrawing him becasue at the time I felt like the ponytail wasn’t masculine so I should play up some imagined feminine quality in the character. Now I’m way more than confident in my ability to make that ponytail masc. Still, I’m glad this drawing still comes off as creepy and scary as I think he’s meant to be.



Omega Red RemiX (2023)

Channeling my favorite and I suspect most infamous shot of this character, that introductory gratuitous nude in X-Men #4.

I’m sure drawing that cyber stuff all over the muscular anatomy was fun for Jim Lee but I’m more into a biological direction.

Techno-organic is very 90s whereas a dude with natural tentacles that emit super spores is cooler, hotter and way more mutant!

Of course, in my head-canon any tentacle is phallic but in the in X-Version (on Patreon) the 3rd phallus drives the theme home.

Also, apologies for dragging you all through my beard phase. Lately every character is looking better bearded to me!


Professor X RemiX (2012)
Wait for it… wait for it… (sorry I put an animation on a 10 second delay– but it’s part of the point of the pic.) The big blue floating psi-head suddenly appearing out of nowhere and shouting at you is definetely my favorite Xavier quirk!


Juggernaut, Bitch (2011)
My current obsession is this guy’s Marvel Select action figure which I tote around like a My Buddy doll.

Juggs is maybe the only character who consistently brings a smile to my face in whatever media he’s in.

Roll over for the No-Helmet versrion. Click for the girthy nude verion!



X-Treme RemiX (2013)

When this guy came out, I thought he was so ridiculous.

Now, fast forward to my life in hipsterburg 20 years later where long haired blondes (especially with beards) are my number one dick hardener.

Thusly, Adam X the X-Treme happily joins my RemiX lineup mainly just as an excuse to draw a hung hairy hippy hottie.



Mimic RemiX (2017)

Moved ALL the Members/Archive Gallery content from my X-Men RemiX section over to Patreon! And to celebrate, here’s a surprise new character: MIMIC! Calvin Rankin comes from the 60’s, with the mutant talent of power mimicry, possessing the abilities of the 5 original X-Men. He appears here and there over the years as both a hero and villain but wasn’t really worthy of joining my X-Men RemiX project until I discovered his beardy bohemian period.

The original look is too close to Cyclops and the Dark X-Men look is too close to Angel. Scruffy Jesus Cal is the only version that feels unique to me. It has nothing to do with how much I spooge over a shaggy hippy! Mimicking Beast, this character is often shown with big fat extremities, something that carries over into my XXX-version. Check it out on Patreon!



Blob RemiX (2022)

Been trying to draw this guy for years but never liked the poses I was coming up with… till now, when I decided to think of him as fighting game grapple character!

But yea, all those not-working Blob sketches accumulated also because he didn’t really start working for me as hot character till that sexy flavor saver (flavor savor?) horseshoe stache!

In cartoons and real life, sometimes all it takes to turn a dude from nope to fuckable is facial hair.

X-versions on my Patreon HERE!



Shaw RemiX (2023)

Even though he’s known for that 18th century garb, notice he’ll only keep it on for a few panels or so.

I think it’s cuz artists are always keen to draw Marvel’s hairiest chest besides Logan.

X-Version on my Patreon HERE!



Mystique RemiX (2023)

So my rendition of Mystique was always gonna turn male but almost morphed into a hot version of her 90s Monster Armor action figure… until I was convinced that was too much of a deep cut. Animation is so fun but so damn hard so get into my TF era with me!

X-Rated variants = Patreon


Hadn’t drawn a woman in this series for about 10 years before Mystique! Below is all of them so far, each from about 2005-2013. Originally had them on a separate page outside of my gay male porn art site but now realize they belong here. Maybe one day I’ll do nude versions of them too. Yea maybe not. They’re still pretty sexy though!↓



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