Commission: The Anaconda Series


“Anaconda and the Moral Americans” (2010)
This series of illustrations are commissioned by one of my most frequent clients. Meet Mrs. and Mr. Moral American, a married superhero couple that fights for their vision of traditional American values. Now meet the Anaconda, a super “villain” who, with his scandalous costume and namesake sized penis, fights for getting laid. The characters in this series take on a fun socio-political undertone while still keeping true to the raunchy but humorous style that permeates all my work.


“Anaconda Does Mr. Moral” (2010)
Mrs. Moral comes home after a long day fighting for values only to discover her husband, Mr. Moral with his legs spread wide open for their arch-nemesis Anaconda’s enormous man-meat! This commission was great because it allowed me to draw PENETRATION, something I don’t do often enough! I so enjoy drawing a huge cock stretching a tight little hole! And weirdly enough, a strange aspect of this was that I discovered I really enjoy depicting taint…


“Anaconda Goes to College” (2010)
A cute young quarterback kneels in the last stall of a men’s restroom at the local university. Soon, he is rewarded for his patience when a gargantuan cock snakes through the glory hole and into his mouth. The epic-sized member belongs to the super-hero/ villain Anaconda! And just as our college stud gulps down pints of Anaconda’s dick snot, pumping his own meat to a monumental orgasm, who should burst onto the scene but Mrs. Moral! She is determined to stop the Anaconda from converting any more men to his sinister cause, but having underestimated his powers, she fails miserably!


“Governor’s Office” (2010)
Anaconda brings his special brand of ejaculate terrorism to politics in this installment! The client wanted our super villain to have a cute young horse-hung protégé named Jamal who also works as an intern for the conservative but sex-crazed Governor. Both become main characters of the series!


“Oral 3-Way” (2010)
Your favorite heavy dicked nerd Jamal finds himself in an oral threeway with both of his bosses! And, at no one’s request, I did two versions to see what it would look like animated! Roll over to see! See what a good hire I am? So commission me!


“Daisy Chain” (2010)
Jamal is forced to finally seal the deal and pork his boss, but not without the guidance of his hole-hungry mentor, the nefarious Anaconda!


“Jamal Solo” (2011)
This is the first piece of the series to actually not feature Anaconda, as Jamal had become quite popular with my client. Decided to try my hand at colored pencil again, thinking that it may save time on coloring. WRONG. But at least it came out nice!


“The Conan Pose” (2011)
The Governor becomes more and more obsessed with her heavy dicked employee!


“Nun Lovin” (2011)
Yup, we’re taking it there! This may have been the first piece that I realized I totally take on the fetishes of my clients. I now have such a boner for nuns, it’s kinda funny!


“Mr. Moral’s DP” (2011)
Anaconda’s arch nemesis’ piggy husband Mr. Moral returns for another helping of Anaconda’s man-meat! But who knew he’d be in for a double dose of dick with the inclusion of the sidekick! hehe!


“Poolside Mystery” (2011)
“Now where is that idiot boyfriend of mine? I swear, if I find him somewhere sucking another dick, it’s over!” LOL This composition was slightly difficult but I’m super glad with how it came out! And a bonus is that I got to use the perdy flowers from a horrible freelance gig in a pr0n drawing!


“Campaign Headquarters” (2011)
The Governor has big plans! But sexing up her workers sometimes takes precedence– lol. Tyrone, the new guy, makes a few more appearances in later pieces.


“KAPOW Mom” (2011)
Here we have a new character in this commission series: Moral Boy, the hot twinky teenage son of Mr. and Mrs. Moral.
And of course, Anaconda’s out to turn him into a big ol’ queer just like everyone else! bwa haha! Poor Mrs. Moral can’t catch a break!


“Twink Love” (2011)
As Moral Boy’s rapidly ingrains himself into the Anaconda universe, he develops an attraction for Jamal; and where there’s Jamal, not too far behind is the Governor…


“The Arrangement” (2011)
Jamal’s duties as a political intern are quite varied. But as you can see, he seems to be well compensated for his time. Different media than usual here– ink wash with digitally manipulated color. See, how I like to switch it up? That’s why YOU should be commissioning me! Support struggling pr0n artists so we don’t have to be like Jamal and solicit the nearest desperate politician!


“Hold Him” (2011)
For this and the next one in this series, I took it upon myself to try out alternate X-Ray versions. So you can see how deep Anaconda’s stiff dick burrows inside Moral Boy’s wrecked guts!


“Swallow It” (2011)
And marvel at how far down Tyrone can swallow cutie Jamal’s monster member! Hoping to provide more X-Ray versions of pieces in the future!


“Deeper and Deeper” (2011)
Poor Tyrone gets a crack at Anaconda’s legendary dong! For this one, I decided to make an animation of my process. Enjoy!


“Anaconda’s Minions” (2011)
The boys eagerly accept Anaconda’s reward for their services! Who says you can’t find good help these days?


“Conjuring For Dummies” (2011)
The rebellious Moral Boy, son of Mr. and Mrs. Moral, champions of decency, has begun to dabble in the occult! He gets a spell book and mistakingly summons a giant, drooling, sex-hungry DEMON! Before Moral Boy can react he’s impaled on Big Redd’s massive trunk of a dick!


“At The Movies” (2011)
Our favorite gay cock craving politician has finally gotten her intern, Jamal on a date! And while she marvels at the hackneyed antics of Jennifer Anniston on the screen, Jamal marvels at the thick unit on the hot boy next to him! The new guy’s name is Bukkakai. ^___^ But I think I’ll call him Kai for short.


“Like Father Like Son” (2011)
“Dad’s always letting that shameless villain Anaconda get the better of him! I know he told me to keep out of this, but I have to help! Moral Boy must prove that I’m as worthy of this costume Mr. Moral! My morals are just as strong as my his! Ooh, but Anaconda is so damned sexy… those bulging chocolate pecs… those rippling washboard abs… and that beautiful massive fuckstick! Oh no, I’ve fallen into the same trap as Dad! Anaconda will once again have his way and spill two generations of Moral seed at once!”


“Juicy” (2011)
She certainly does take what she can get, huh?


“Anaconda’s Pets” (2011)
This is one of my favorites in this series of commissions. Everything seemed to come together from the pose to the palette to how I used this cool Photoshop chain brush!


“Makin’ Out” (2011)
Tyrone + Jamal + Slutty Nun = a bukkake scene you’ll only see on, baby!


“Nun Fourgy” (2011)
Wrote “I have a way of making debauch-a-raunch pretty artistic looking” in the blogpost for this piece. Doing what I do, it’s important to be reminded that it IS indeed art. Still quite proud of this one, especially the background which in part comes from years of being in the Home Textiles industry.


“Glug Glug” (2011)
Yea, these nuns get down and dirty, bro!


“Snowballin” (2011)
I think because I was coming from a stint of flat color for a lot of my work, I might have second guessed the rendering here a little too much. It was somewhat agonized over and didn’t really become something I liked until it was done. It’s funny- because even though I love it, all I can think of is how maddening the process was– haha!


“Security Fail” (2011)
Anaconda has found out Mrs. Moral’s secret identity as a pageant queen! Not even her hired security guard and son, Moral Boy is enough to stop Anaconda’s monstrous anaconda from blasting the fuck outta those tig ol’ bitties!


“Pageant Bukkake” (2012)
And so it comes full circle! Mrs. Moral AKA Miss California the Pageant Queen’s secret love of boy cum comes out! LOL. I love this palette.


“Spillin’ Seed” (2012)
What can I say? These ladies like gay superhero spooge.


“Super Soaker” (2012)
A new sexual superhero joins the fold! Say hello to the Super Soaker! I have to admit, his theme comes almost purely from me. The only real requirement from the client was that he should be thin, young and have dreads!


“Twice the Piss” (2013)
After a short hiatus from this series of commissions, that naughty nun comes back along with Jamal and Kai’s heavy peeing dicks to hold!


“More Fluids For the Nun” (2017)
And then after a much LONGER hiatus from the series, (4 years!) we’re back again! Super Soaker returns as his alter ego, Hakeem the schoolboy, showing his power to drown folks in his spooge! Jamal’s also along, once again, providing more fluids for that thirsty nun!


“Nun Train” (2017)
This would be a part 2 of the previous piece, that piss-thirsty nun gets it in her other orifice this time, using her busty sister to keep her balance from the exuberant thrusts of the two crazed teens behind her!


“Nun Train” (2018)
A couple hot hefty dicked boys just can’t get their beach wank on without some thirsty milf getting in on the action much to the chagrin of her horrified daughter!


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