80 – Headstrong

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Drawing this big fluffy ram man became a winding journey, trying to balance inherently soft imagery with a hard attitude. Favorite aspects of the trip were adding the mutton chops and then his chest fur shape, emphasizing an Aries torso tattoo. Oh and learning that sheep can have monster balls, which of course, had to get depicted- check em out on my Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/80-headstrong-x-101518687!

Sk8r Boys 2

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Recent life drawing duo where one guy stared at his partner’s face and the other stared at his partner’s dick. Reminded me of some old characters made up back in 2015 meant to embody a contrast and size difference fetish. X version with a new erection animation is on my Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/98434332?pr=true
And below is the very first illustration of these guys from 2015, including the explosive alt!

Pulsar Saves the Day 01 thru 04

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New sequential art featuring the horny superhero character created by longtime commission client Timemonkey! In Part 01, a virile buddy cop duo look on with great appreciation for Pulsar who has ensnared the day’s villain, but also for Hotboy and his strategic costume damage.


In Part 02, still telekinetically holding the now aroused criminal, Pulsar shows the buddy cops how happy he is to maintain their positive working relationship.


In Part 03, the superhero scuffle escalates on to the hood of the car, as Pulsar finishes everyone off single-handedly, single-mouthedly and single-assedly.


Finally, in Part 04, with Hotboy spent and surrendered, the buddy cops cheer their hero for satisfying their supervillain dilemma and all their loins. The fire blazes on because that was the least important issue of the day.

(Full versions of Part 02 and 03 on my Patreon here: Pulsar Saves the Day on Patreon.

79 – Scythe

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So for my anthro jackal, the challenge I decided to take on was to evoke a modernized Anubis descendant specifically without drawing the Neme (that ancient Egyptian Pharoah hat.) However, immediately after adding color, learned that without the hat, many of you are going to see Umbreon before Anubis, but I’m OK with that.

Favorite aspects of this guy are the awesome jewelry, which I struggle not to put on every character I draw, that lovely phallic beard, and of course his godly dong with its matching gold o-ring! Check it out in my Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/79-scythe-x-94961858

Throttle Seated

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My sketch of the torso on this model was reminding me a lot of my snake men whom I’ve wanted to draw again for years now. Of course, the most fun part of drawing a hot anthro python man is drawing his python-sized snakey-shaped dick= check it out on my Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/throttle-seated-93893468

(And here’s the original Throttle pic + the uncensored version!)

Draw This Again Meme: Gogo Twins

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After an old art backup/ deletion scare, I came across this one from 20 years ago and got the idea to redo it. Tried to improve but keep as close to the original idea, that of identical twins with very subtle differentiating features, as possible. The old one is a good example of my fashion sketching phase while the new one shows my full commitment to the erotica genre with 2 naked alts on my Patreon here!

Life Drawing: Eddie

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Riddle Me This D (2023)

At one point there was a weekly Drink and Draw at a local queer bar that used to have geek-themed sessions where models would cosplay. This life drawing set was started in that period (pre the Batman 2022) when the Riddler was the primary goto cosplay for lanky guys.

(In fact, my specific reason to go to any comic con for years was to gawk at tall twink bulge in skin-tight Riddler suits.)


So one night cute scruffy Eddie shows up in a spectacular classic Riddler outfit, complete with the Riddler cane and delivered 12 playfully exuberant poses, which is as much Riddler tradition as an outta control bulge. Very much giving Frank Gorshin / Jim Carrey energy.
I know this was a lot but I really didn’t want to edit it down. Really fun poses, great wardrobe, awesome queer fanboy theming, as well as Eddie’s svelte frame and wrist thick unit inspired a little more work than what I usually put into figure drawing sketches, making for some of my favorite anatomy studies to date!

Naked versions on my Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/riddle-me-this-d-88867347