Commission Me!

♥ Fancy yourself as a superhero?

♥ Need a design for your original character?

♥ Have sick, bizarre, depraved ideas but can’t draw?

♥ I’M ON IT!

Redcoat Returns (2007)
Client created superhero characters, All-American and Golden Boy saving their bud from arch nemesis, Redcoat!


Resistance is Futile (2013)
I don’t often get fan-art commissions, so I went all out on this one, making sure to get the atmosphere just right!


Nun Fourgy (2011)
Part of the Anaconda series, commissioned by most frequent customer, I’m still quite proud of this one, especially the background which in part comes from years of being in the Home Textiles industry.

Will Draw List

pinups, character designs, turnarounds, fan-art
twinks, chubs, muscle-boys, trans boys and girls, fierce divas!
gay / bi / str8 sex, oral, anal, masturbation, frot, docking, tickling, rimming, spanking, fisting, sounding, DP, orgies
anthro, asphyxiation, bara, bishounen, bondage, crossdressing, exhibitionism, feet, food play, furry, glory holes, humiliation, hyper, incest, inflation, jockstraps, kemonomimi, latex, leather, marco / micro, mpreg, non-con, pet play, S&M, shonuen-ai, shota, slash, tentacles, tattoos, toys, vore, voyeurism, watersports, yaoi, yiff
non-porn (hey, it happens!)

Will Not Draw List

Nothing, byatch! Try me! No judgements! Still haven’t been pushed to my limit. I will not be offended.

Wish List

Slight discount on commissions with any of the following:


Wrestling Lesson (2013)
Just one panel in a sequential series for a client who’s into wrestling! This set is one of my most popular pieces on Tumblr.




Prices will vary depending on the project details but here is a general guide. Feel free to e-mail me for a more accurate quote.

$100- $200 per full color figure. Will vary depending on pose complexity, clothing & props.

$150- $250 per full color background. Plain flat color or no color backgrounds are free.

Price breaks available for multiple pieces.

For commercial commissions, whose intended purpose is to generate revenue for the client, e-mail with the project details for a quote.

Zorro vs. the Tickling Bandits (2012)
One of the more complex and meticulous commissions I’ve ever done, the number of fetishes in this series is epic!


Suck It Up (2014)
Check off inflation on the list of fetishes I’m now into due to having drawn it! The client actually provided me with a pretty detailed sketch, so I can’t take all the credit here.



A 50% advance is required on all projects.

Client reviews a pencil sketch and requests changes as they see fit.

Once sketches are approved, work on final colors begins.

After final delivery, change requests should be minimal, e.g. color tweaks.

The work is a high resolution, large-scale printable digital JPG file. I like for most clients to allow the work to be showcased online, low resolution. Client anonymity is fully protected forever.


Vaas Haas Fuun (2013)
Client wanted dudes from the game Far Cry 3, which I wasn’t familiar with going in. But a little research and having a playthrough up while I worked taught me everything I needed to execute this series. (heh heh… execute.)


I am here to draw crazy gay pr0n 4 U!

Seriously though– I view this as a valuable service and find this work to be very rewarding.


  • John says:

    Hi, Love LOVE youre artwork. I

  • John says:

    Hi, Love LOVE youre artwork. Only just come across youre websight. Im a huge Marvel and DC fan. Love all the sexy slash pics. Anyway I carnt afford to join the sight beacuse im between jobs at the mo. But I would love to co write fanfic. I was thinking Northstar and iceman. I loved them together and was really rooting for a hook up. Personally id like to write Bobby`s sides of the story. Would this be something youd be intrested in? Ive been searching the web for a co-writer for ages with zero luck. I know you will be wicked busy with youre art but I just thought I would throw the idea out there. Youre art is definatly inspireing hehe.
    Anyway would love to har back from you. x

    • JC says:

      Thanks! I don’t really write fan-fic anymore but the Northstar/Iceman pieces were commissioned by Timemonkey who does write fan-fic.

      I’ve taken to writing original erotic stories and am thinking about starting a new section on the site for them. There’ll be images as well. I am definitely looking to collaborate on some of those, if you’re interested…

  • Jon Dennison says:

    Hey I was thinking can you do a Ben 10 pic of Grandpa Max Tennyson posing hairy naked when you get a chance soon that’ll be cool.

  • Jon Dennison says:

    I was thinking can you do a cartoon pic of Ben Tennyson and Rook from Ben 10 Omniverse both posing naked when you get a chance soon.

  • Jamez says:

    So fantastic!

  • K N Prince says:

    I was wondering if you could do a commission for me… Basically It would be a drawing based on the TV show “Archer” and would feature Sterling Archer along with Cyclops and Logan from the X-Men (James Marsden and Hugh Jackman) to set the scene it would show Sterling either on his knees and servicing Cyclops.. or Scott screwing Sterling from behind and the two of them getting caught by Wolverine.. who just so happens to be Sterling’s long lost “mystery” biological father who’s yet to be named…

    If you could send me a quote and also how much it would cost to have it sent to Canada… I’d be grateful…

    Thanks and Kind Regards…

  • john R. says:

    Hi JC

    How much for a Captain Marvel (Shazam), in the same pose as the Superman you did for me earlier.



  • Charbel says:

    Hi, I love your art and I’m a fan of yours. I was wondering if you could make me an art with a hot young muscular guy which I could send you a picture being used as a toy as a punishment by an older guy which I can also send you a picture. Thank you for your help!

  • JV says:

    2 Questions.
    What is the best way to see what existing original art is currently available and for what price?
    You mention that the final commission product is a jpeg. Do you ever send actual physical pieces?

    • JC says:

      Hi there! I don’t really have a master list, but much of my art on the web has an original that may be for sale. Identify which pieces you’re interested in and I’ll let you know if they’re available.

      Yes! Most clients prefer digital but I have done some commissions here and there where the client gets the original paper. My work in traditional media will be less detailed than what I do with digital.

      Thanks for your interest!

  • Manny says:


    Interesting work, I have just sent you an email . Would be great to work together on this.


  • Sea Lions says:

    What is your stance on depicting real people?

    • JC says:

      Hi there! No real stance- I’m a little better at it than I used to be. E-mail me your idea, bud! Thanks for commenting.

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