Commission: Unzipped Media Series

“Fantasy Fright” (2007)
Just before gay pr0n magazines died, I hopped on the payroll to provide hot illustrations for those deliciously nasty pieces of fiction they published. This was for a piece called “Fantasy Fright,” which dealt with a young guy getting banged out in his childhood bedroom by a studly masked stranger. ROLL OVER for the alternate cummy version!


“Bunk Buds” (2007)
Definitely my favorite of this series, “Bunk Buds” was about college roommates, one with a long dick and one with a fat dick. This may have been one of the first pieces to showcase dick comparison which becomes a major theme in later Anti-Heroes illustrations.


“Pirate Model” (2007)
The next 4 illustration are all for the same story, “Pirate Captive,” which is uploaded in its glorious fappable entirety here. It’s about this pretty-boy model who gets whisked back to pirate times and porked by the smokin’ hot horse hung captain.

“Pirate Love” (2007)
In retrospect, I probably should have drawn another sex pic instead of this one– I don’t think the art director would have minded. But for some reason back then, I thought there needed to be a tender pic.

“Pirate Bondage” (2007)
So here’s the part where there’s a group of pirates all ogling the pretty boy tied to the mast. I had fun designing these characters. My partner said I made the Black one look a little too insane– LOL. It’s the eyes. I definitely wanted them all to look crazed.

Here’s a bonus below: the reference pic I took for the poses. (I’m well aware the majority of youze would probably prefer a Street Fighter drawing like this to anything on this page…haha. Eventually, dudes. I do have an SF Fan-Art section on this site…)

“Pirate Fuck” (2007)
I’m also proud of how the captain came out. I was worried I’d have trouble making him appear as gruff as a pirate captain while still as attractive as the story describes. I love how complete this drawing is except that I wish I could have depicted penetration or semen. Those were the two big no-no’s for gay magazines.

“Slutty Summer” (2007)
The fiction piece was about a cute blonde lifeguard who, despite having reservations, spent his summer sucking and fucking everyone he encountered. (We’ve all been there– haha.)

My partner really likes the brunette’s nose and thick, tapered dong here.

Years later, Bruno Gmunder chose this image for the cover of my artbook “Tongue in Cheek,” albeit a much more modest version! Cuz… yunno… you can’t show thick, tapered dong on book covers.

“The Initiation” (2008)
This was for a piece of fiction where an eager young lad interns at an auto garage. I actually live across the street from one and went over there to take reference photos.

Me: Yo, can I take a few pics real quick for a school project?

Mario, the Hilariously Stereotypical Big Loud Boorish Italian American Brooklynite:

Me: Pratt.

Mario, the Hilariously Stereotypical Big Loud Boorish Italian American Brooklynite:

Me: Um, yeah, somethin’ like that.

His reaction, though a perfectly normal tone for him, kinda startled the hell out of me– this guy really projects. The funny thing was, if he was that reactive over the lie, imagine if I’d told him the truth– that it was really for a drawing in a gay porno magazine! HEHE!

⬅ “Rods and Reels” (2008)
And this story was about a gay teenage nerd who works at a small town movie theater. He crushes on his coworker, a fat cocky straight boy toting what the author describes as “the dick of death.”

Of course, one night after everyone has left the theater, the two boys get it on behind the counter of the concession stand, using popcorn butter as lube. The butter thing was the most unique part of the story, so in my other two sketches, I really played it up. But those weren’t chosen because Freshmen magazine couldn’t depict fluids. Originally, I thought it was only bodily fluids that fell in that category.

I really liked those sketches though. Someday, I’ll turn them into something else…

“iHook-Up” (2009)
The last piece I did for Unzipped Media was actually for an article about Grindr, back when the app first came out. (Yea, makes me feel old as hell- lol.)

I thought the best way to show how hot this app can be was to depict a hip young artsy dude on the street, tip-tapping away at his phone, connecting with some hot suit-and-tie stud stuck behind a desk. They have a virtual plethora of guyPhone cuties to choose from but somehow these two end up fitting just right for each other. They’re chatting about their dong sizes and who’s gonna bring the lube and how they’re gonna fuck in the storage closet…

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