Interested in writing fic based on the characters of this site? Contact me!

Pirate Captive

On a pirate themed fashion shoot in the Bermuda Triangle, beautiful blonde model, Tristian eventualy finds himself aboard a real pirate ship! And captain Big Johnny means to capture some beautiful blonde booty!



Transformation erotica at its finest, a big muscular stud named Jim administers a workout to get arrogant model, Tyler into shape… quite literally.

Plan Bee

The first narrative work for Brutal Ballers, building their world while telling the raunchy courtship of Crag, the massive anthro rhino and Blistr, the hairy anthro bumble bee.

Rods N Reels

A gay movie theater usher crushes on his coworker, a fat rowdy straight boy toting what the author describes as “the dick of death!” Then popcorn butter is involved…

Tad Gets Dommed

Tad is a small, shy, repressed hipster twink. Dominic is a big, cocky, aggressive stud. Sparks fly when the two hookup for the ultimate sub/dom confrontation!

While I’m not a bad writer, I’m coming to terms with the fact that drawing and concept/character creation are my first artistic loves. These days, I prefer relinquishing narrative control to fans and friends with strong erotic fiction skillz. Have any of the characters you’ve seen on this site inspired an awesome idea for a story? Let me know and maybe I’ll draw some illustrations to supplement your fic!

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