Life Drawing: Original Characters

Models turned into the self-created sex gods of my own perverted fantasies!
(Click the cropped/censored images for the full versions (Archive Gallery password required.)

Passed Out Ryan (2021)
First time back to life drawing since the pandemic and was a lil’ rusty- but did manage to get some good sketches, one of which became my favorite hunky hairy OC, Ryan. Tried this idea of driving up engagement on Twitter by revealing each stage of undress after a specific like count and yea, Twitter stripped the fuck outta Ryan! Within’ just a few hours!



Glitter Bomb Ryan (2022)

Had to make some new physical originals for the gay art fair I do every year.

Everyone’s work is from figure drawing groups and everyone always has different solutions for filling the part of the page that’s not the figure.

I like attention so I chose glitter!

Included all the alternates AND process photos this time!

Really love having that record when it’s a physical piece.

Full versions on Patreon here!

Ryan Seated (2020)
Ryan poses for life drawing with a pice of cloth to cover his ample manhood that is likely not enough of a censor for most sites. But we’ll see- haha! Full naked version =


Contemplative Ryan (2016)


I Better Get This Job (2017)


Ryan’s Size 15s (2016)
Based on a life drawing! Hooray for forshortening!

Take a Whiff (2016)


Wanna Pat Me Down (2017)


Ryan Lifting His Junk (2017)
This and the two above are from a life drawing series where the model was wearing a suit. Uncensored version and process images for each are on my Patreon page! Donate a buck to see!


Ryan in Repose (2022)
So I did this a year ago and somehow never posted it here! For an artist who only cares about flesh, including that bar stool and ladder with a blanket draped over them in my life drawings is the pinnacle of annoying. We mitigate that by animating an erection sequence and electrifying money shot! Uncensored version = Patreon =

Ryan Holds the Pole (2019)

Last time I used acrylic paint or an 18×24” canvas was literally 20 years ago in art school!

Unfamiliar media is scary and frustrating… but also liberating and fun as fuck. So yea, I friggin’ PAINT now!

Developed from a life drawing, I took a lotta pics of the progress, including many with stuff for size context cuz I never work so big.

Full version of each step on my Patreon.



←Tucker Kneeling (2015)
The model told me he noticed how happy I got when he took this pose. I couldn’t help it– it was a new pose! And produced a great, eager drawing!

Tucker Wanking (2014)


Contemplative Tucker (2019)→

Tucker’s Belt (2017)

Sailor Tucker (2014)

Tucker Leaning (2014)


I Can’t Help It (2015)

Dillon Against the Wall (2014)

Dillon Stretching (2014)

Dillon Leaning (2014)


The Twins’ Drippy Spears (2010)
Color Rendering = Headlight

Twins Seated (2015)

Paxton Wanks (2015)

Where’d You Come From (2015)
No this has nothing to do with what’s going on with me right now. Drawing glitter in a fro and pubes was way more fun than it should have been.

Paxton on the Pole (2019)

Nuke Shoots (2010)
Color Rendering = Headlight


Contained Cum (2016)→
These models became the two OC’s they reminded me of. Added the full condoms as a throwback to this popular piece from back in 2004 where their cum was getting all over the place.


Shy Colt (2015)

Colt’s Hairy Butt (2015)

Colt and the Rope (2008)

Glitter Bomb Jeho (2022)
More fun with layering glitter paint and shiny markers over a figure drawing sketch. Even though this one sold, I somewhat regret not sketching that background out first. I pictured that as way more subtle in my head. Uncensored =


Jeho’s Pit (2013)


Are You Looking At My Butt (2017)


Seb Leaning (2008)


So this section is all the times I’ve turned a life drawing model into Seb, which is most often whenever it’s a good arse pose…

Seb Slow Reveal (2017)


Seb’s Back Flex (2017)


Perky Butt Seb (2013)

Seb Fondles Himself (2014)


Seb’s Momo (2016)


↑Drakaar Leaning (2016)
Drakaar’s Longjohns (2019)→
Dealing with an urge to work bigger lately, although you can’t tell on the internet, the longjohns one is about 10 x 13.5 and no one wants it because no one wants giant erotica. Smaller pieces do better (easier to hide.)

Drakaar in Repose (2018)
Drakaar’s Reveal (2008)
Drakaar’s Bulge (2019)
Drakaar’s Butthole (2019)
Life drawing using watercolor and colored pencil with another disgusting dark version for my Patreon patrons here:
Drippy Drakaar (2013)
Contemplative Drakaar (2022)
A life drawing that’s a few years old and initially put aside because I didn’t sketch what he was sitting on during the pose. Later, finally went in and digitally added this background which was a lot less chorish than I was thinking (probably because it’s a little reuse from other drawings.) Really dig the color and atmosphere in the final- takes the sketch to a whole other place.


Mason’s Slow Reveal (2015)

Fist Of Mason (2016)
From my angle, that fist covering the junk was disappointing- but now that I’ve thought of a way to make it raunchy, it’s awesome!


Bug Shoots (2010)
Color Rendering = Headlight

Remember Bug? (2015)

Contemplative Caleb (2019)


Bay as Caleb (2001)
This was done in a life drawing portion of one of my illustration classes in college. Bay, the inspiration here, was the only attractive model we had at Pratt.

Caleb Poses in Overalls (2016)
A model posed in overalls once, so he had to become Caleb, my only OC who wears overalls.


Combat Caleb Dripping (2010)
Color Rendering = Headlight
Caleb Wanks to His Feed (2019)

Down the Rabbit Hole (2014)
The model from the life drawing this was developed from said this was his favorite pose of the night. Since I’m obsessed for doing multiple versions of my pieces, rollover for the preview of the alternate version with a darker palette where Tangle’s dumping a monster load.


They Call Me Swipe (2014)
Same model as in the Rabbit Hole piece, the “Night” version of this one is spooge heavy on kind of an epic scale.
Wanna Get Stung?, Horned (2016)
Based on life drawings– same model on both as a matter of fact!
Get a password through or by pledging on Patreon to see the full version!



Baa (2016)
Developed from a figure drawing! Isn’t he adorbs?!

Me Time (2016)
Based on a figure drawing from life.
Model was young, smooth, bald and quite muscular… he didn’t have tentacles though. 😉
Get a password through or by pledging on Patreon to see the full version!

Sit Here (2022)
Briefly forgot why sitting front/middle is not optimal in life drawing groups. But after getting this static pose, the trusty perv brain came up with a way to make it interesting: By turning the gorgeous muscular model into Maelstrom, my hunky tentacle monster! Video is of the super-fun symmetrical drawing feature in Procreate.


Comfy Maraud (2016)
Digital life drawing of a pose I’ve drawn about a villion times so I decided to turn him into one of my anthros to spice it up!


Are You Done Yet? (2017) , Not So Ruff (2017)
In my universe, even sexy antho beast-men need quick cash and pose for horny artists! Uproar the lion, holding his lost hardon up with his thumb, is impatient and ready for the posing to be over. Meanwhile, Ruffhouse the hippo poses his ass off proudly boasting his stiff chode.


Creeper (2017)
From a drawing model who purposefully gave me poses to work with for my artistic aesthetic. Great way to explore some of my OCs like The Business, a big creepy anthro spider bear with the look of playfully terrifying domination in his many eyes. Also finally unlocking the original drawing of this guy here on my Patreon blog. Please support if you approve!


Bee Cakes (2019)


Caravaggio Seated (2018)


Contemplative Roundup (2019)
Red Hot Inferno (2018)


Daydream in Repose (2019)


Rexplosion Leaning (2018)

Emerson Seated (2013)
Not only proud of the way I drew Emerson’s big floppy uncut wiener in this one, but also that goddamn chair which always presents problems for me.

Back 2 Back (2010)
This was one of the proposed covers to my hardcover art book, Tongue in Cheek. My favorite part of the tame version is their kicks. And of course, in the naughty version, their enormous cummy penises are my favorite part.

All Smiles (2014)
Developed from a life drawing, the model kept this eerie wide smile for the entire 20 minute pose! I figured I had to capture some of that moment in the final piece once I turned him into Tad, my current go-to character for these hot pink anuses I’ve been drawing.


Tad Wanks to His Feed (2019)→
Same model and pose as “Caleb Wanks to His Feed” but from a different session so I decided to change him up a little, de-emphasizing the muscles and replacing the hand on a big dick to a big dildo being stuffed in an ass.


Tad’s Two Fingers (2016)
Most of the time in my erotic life drawing sessions, when the model wants to get sexy, he’ll jerk his dick. Only rarely is there ass play. Not this time though. This kid WENT TO TOWN on his butthole! He really got into it.



A Touch of Tad (2015)
Same figure drawing session that gave me “All Smiles,” this model was sooo my character, it was funny! Media is markers and colored pencil– people always ask that on this drawing.

Figure Drawing: Tiny Tad 1-7 (2013)
This was the 3rd time I was drawing this model so I thought it was time to just draw him as an OC. The poses were all spectacular which is why you can see faint impressions of them in each image. Opening them all and switching between them makes an awesome slightly animated effect.

A Tad Expectant (2016)↑


One After Another (2016)→

Dom Rims Tad (2013)

Dom + Tad Spit Exchange (2013)
This super sub/dom-themed 2-man figure drawing session really laid the foundation for the personalties of Tiny Tad and Dominic.

The top was dressed like a priest, the bottom, wearing rosary beads and even though I didn’t draw all that, the religious undertone to the characters ended up sticking.

The size difference in these is exaggerated to the Nth degree, so if you’re into that, get a password to see the full versions! Also, check out the raunchy fiction derived from this set entitled Tad Gets Dommed!

Tad Services Dom (2013)

Dom Edging (2016)↑


Tight Box Dominic (2018)→

Dominic in Drapery (2019)


Comfy Dominic (2015)
Apologies for hiding all the Dominic figure drawings, but since he’s kinda one of my “gotos” at the moment, I feel like his pics are among the best.


Passed Out Dominic (2019)
Can’t decide if I want to eat his hole or braid his hair.


Bashful Dominic (2015), Here Cums Dom (2015)
There’s been this long haired model in figure drawing who gets turned into Dom, my studly long haired OC. The model has much more effeminate hair than I usually draw for Dom out of my imagination. It’s tough to reconcile the model’s effeminate hair with one of my more purposefully manly characters, but I’m learning to get over it. If he starts getting too fem for you, just look at his fat penis.
Comfy Bobby (2019)
The oldest of my original characters you’ve seen, Bobby is from my junior high comics, which I’ll put online once I make more new raunchy art based on them. Yea, Bobby is blue but I worry the audience buying my physical drawings won’t be into that so I colored him with normal flesh tone to make the hardcopy salable. I like a blue dick though.
Uncensored version =

Bobby Holds the Pole (2022)
One of these days I’ll get over being embarrassed about my teenage sense of humor and post the notebook comics this guy comes from. Full version on Patreon just $1:


Craig Crouches (2016)
Here’s a new chara I’ve been drawing but don’t quite know if I’ll use him much now but maybe eventually! I love his MegaMan mohawk and chode!

Craig’s Beast Bose (2022)
Life drawing session where big Craig served up bestial poses, hoping I’d draw Beast the X-Man or maybe Tarzan but I was in one of my fuck fan art moments. Hard chode variant on my patreon here:
Jeveddo Strokes His Sack (2020)
Life drawing turned into OC Jeveddo, a sexy angry elf! Thinking about bringing this series of fantasy characters back for some new illustrations but reminded myself that I was into elves with glowing eyes!


Ruschae Holding the Pole (2020)
Model was short and buff so I turned him into one of my oldest OC’s, an elf who uses a cool segmented staff that serves as a very welcome replacement for the life drawing pole that shows up in way too many of my pics!

Ruschae Glowing (2015)


Corey Seated (2013)
Especially like the highlights here. Also, this is the very first piece in my entire body of work where the character’s palms and foot bottoms are lighter than the rest of the skin.


Tai Dripping (2010)
Color Rendering = Headlight


Cassio Dripping (2010)
Color Rendering = Headlight


Where’s My Courtesan (2015)
King Trevor not only gets my mean daddy fetish out of the way, but also the glitter penchant. This piece is very shimmery in person.


Milan Leaning (2008)


Preston’s Hot Shot (2008)


Saint Nick Junior 2019
See, the illustrator in me needs a bit of story to justify using yet another model leaning on a box as a subject. X version on Patreon:!


Coach and his Boy (2013)
Live drawing sketched around the time of the Wrestling Lesson commission series.


Cum to Zeke (2010)
Color Rendering = Headlight


Mark Seated (2008)


Pooped Bruce (2008)


Dustin’s Diet (2008)
This one surprises me how popular it is. Maybe it’s the body type. It’s title refers to the fact that I draw him much fatter now.


Brody Shoots (2008)



Life Drawing: All-American Series (2009)
Was working on a series of commmissions featuring these cute teenaged superhero characters and decided to carry them over to life sketching.
When drawing two guys from life, it’s difficult to get good facial likeness along with both whole figures in the short amount of time we get for each pose. So, for this session, I drew the bodies and left the faces blank, to complete at a later time.
Looking back, I think the reason I chose to turn them into this duo was mainly because of their similar but smokin’ hot muscle bods. There was also a subtle power dynamic coming across that I thought would fit these two guys well.


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