Digital Drawing Videos

Sit Here (2022)
Briefly forgot why sitting front/middle is not optimal in life drawing groups. But after getting this static pose, the trusty perv brain came up with a way to make it interesting: By turning the gorgeous muscular model into Maelstrom, my hunky tentacle monster! Video is of the super-fun symmetrical drawing feature in Procreate.
Ruschae Holding the Pole (2020)
Model was short and buff so I turned him into one of my oldest OC’s, an elf who uses a cool segmented staff that serves as a very welcome replacement for the life drawing pole that shows up in way too many of my pics!

Justin Posing (2017)
Very muscular ginger model I’ve been sketching at the group recently. Procreate added a bunch of new features so a lot of this drawing process was relearning the app. I did use the new live broadcast feature which you can find in my Twitter feed: @JCEtheredge! Check it out if you want to see (and hear) this drawing in real-time as opposed to the sped-up version here.

Gay Paradise (2016)
Here’s a digital sketch of a commission for a friend and his husband who spend a lotta time in Fire Island. After the sketch, I painted the final piece on paper for them to frame. Those guys had the best weed ever! And reintroduced me to chilli dogs! Great tiny break from the chaos of this past summer!

Comfy Maraud (2016)
Digital life drawing of a pose I’ve drawn about a villion times so I decided to turn him into one of my anthros to spice it up!
Mr. Caleb (2016)
A friend clued me into this awesome technique whereby using the new iPad’s split screen feature you can have a hot porn pic from the internet up in one window while drawing in Procreate in another! I don’t normally like working so close to photo reference that I haven’t taken myself, so I decided to include the original image just to keep everything legit. It’s Mr. Marky my favorite porn star! If he roided up a bit, he could play Caleb in the Anti-Heroes live action motion picture!

Fist Of Mason (2016)
Number 3. This time I turned the model into an OC. From my angle, that fist covering the junk was disappointing- but now that I’ve thought of a way to make it raunchy, it’s awesome!

Mitch in Repose (2016)
Getting the hang of digital drawing from life. It’s kinda awesome to learn that some skills transfer over!
Devon In Repose (2016)
So I’m loving the iPad Pro’s stylus and this great drawing app, Procreate! Brought it into life drawing group and am really happy with the result! This looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

Vanity Drawn on DS (2008)

Emerson Drawn on DS (2008)
These are both using app, “Colors” on the Nintendo DS. Not as precise and robust as some other apps I’ll use after, but still fun!

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