Digital Drawing Videos

Sk8r Boys 2 (2024)
Recent life drawing duo where one guy stared at his partner’s face and the other stared at his partner’s dick. Reminded me of some old characters made up back in 2015 meant to embody a contrast and size difference fetish. X version with a new erection animation is on my Patreon here:

Scythe (2023)
So for my anthro jackal, the challenge I decided to take on was to evoke a modernized Anubis descendant specifically without drawing the Neme (that ancient Egyptian Pharoah hat.) However, immediately after adding color, learned that without the hat, many of you are going to see Umbreon before Anubis, but I’m OK with that. Favorite aspects of this guy are the awesome jewelry, which I struggle not to put on every character I draw, that lovely phallic beard, and of course his godly dong with its matching gold o-ring! Check it out in my Patreon here:
Lumps (2023)
Pose is from a recent live figure drawing but have been seeing this character, a backwards capped anthro mountain lion dude, in my head for as long as the Brutal Ballers project has been around. Purposefully doling out the canines and felines slowly so as not to prematurely run out of characters folks really want. X-Versions = HERE on Patreon!
Emerson on Rings (2023)
This is for the awesome backstory written by a good friend that reveals not only how my OC Emerson gains the powers of Venus, but also that he’s a gymnastics whiz! Gymnasts’ ripped bodies and powerful poses evoke symmetry which is a big turn on for me! Nude version on my Patreon here:

Toad RemiX (2023)
Used this great 60 second gesture sketch from life drawing as reference (check out the video!) Hope this reminds me to be looking harder at my sketches while fleshing them out because it’s more fluid and dynamic than the pose in the finished drawing. But don’t worry, I bring the fluids and dynamism back in X-versions here on Patreon.

I was sitting to the left of the guy who took this pic at one of the rare drawing groups that allows photos. Thanks to porn star Bennett Anthony!

Beast Seated (2022)
Your favorite big blue fuzzball poses for figure drawing, reading about quantum theory to keep focused. But yunno, cuz it’s Hank, science gets him hard! X-Version on my Patreon here: or on my DeviantArt:

Daydream Seated (2022)
Figure drawing (actually my first one on Procreate!) turned into Daydream, my unicorn dude. One day I’ll remember to start a Pride drawing before the end of June. Magenta horse cock version =

Blob RemiX (2022)
Been trying to draw this guy for years but never liked the poses I was coming up with… till now, when I decided to think of him as fighting game grapple character! But yea, all those not-working Blob sketches accumulated also because he didn’t really start working for me as hot character till that sexy flavor saver (flavor savor?) horseshoe stache! In cartoons and real life, sometimes all it takes to turn a dude from nope to f-ckable is facial hair. X-versions on my Patreon:

Sit Here (2022)
Briefly forgot why sitting front/middle is not optimal in life drawing groups. But after getting this static pose, the trusty perv brain came up with a way to make it interesting: By turning the gorgeous muscular model into Maelstrom, my hunky tentacle monster! Video is of the super-fun symmetrical drawing feature in Procreate.

Passed Out Ryan (2021)
First time back to life drawing since the pandemic and was a lil’ rusty- but did manage to get some good sketches, one of which became my favorite hunky hairy OC, Ryan. Tried this idea of driving up engagement on Twitter by revealing each stage of undress after a specific like count and yea, Twitter stripped the fuck outta Ryan! Within’ just a few hours!
Ruschae Holding the Pole (2020)
Model was short and buff so I turned him into one of my oldest OC’s, an elf who uses a cool segmented staff that serves as a very welcome replacement for the life drawing pole that shows up in way too many of my pics!

Magneto RemiX (2020)
‪Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 and House Of X renewed my interest in the mutants and particularly Zaddy Mags. Over the years, sometimes there’s a beard and sometimes there’s long hair but I think only when you use both does he begin to look like the god he thinks he is. Kneel before the master of magnet!
Wall0 Sketch (2020)
Designing my anthro pig, flexing my years of drawing Hamton muscles while juggling a cute but edgy look for this guy. Kinda proud of his tatts and general uniqueness.

Radial Symmetry Drawing 01: Pac-Life

Radial Symmetry Drawing 02: All Swirl

Radial Symmetry Drawing 03: Rainbow Launch
Radial Symmetry Drawing 04: Cock Hungry (2018)
Yea, number 4 is the only one of these new radial symmetry ipad drawings my audience is gonna care about– but I thought you’d need the others for context. I used to work in textiles and actually really love designing patterns so it comes out in my porn art from time to time. 😉


Cock Hungry 2 (2021)
This is the sorta “taking a break from two big commissions” doodle that happens during a wind down with weed and MST3K.

Justin Posing (2017)
Very muscular ginger model I’ve been sketching at the group recently. Procreate added a bunch of new features so a lot of this drawing process was relearning the app. I did use the new live broadcast feature which you can find in my Twitter feed: @JCEtheredge! Check it out if you want to see (and hear) this drawing in real-time as opposed to the sped-up version here.

Gay Paradise (2016)
Here’s a digital sketch of a commission for a friend and his husband who spend a lotta time in Fire Island. After the sketch, I painted the final piece on paper for them to frame. Those guys had the best weed ever! And reintroduced me to chilli dogs! Great tiny break from the chaos of this past summer!

Comfy Maraud (2016)
Digital life drawing of a pose I’ve drawn about a villion times so I decided to turn him into one of my anthros to spice it up!
Mr. Caleb (2016)
A friend clued me into this awesome technique whereby using the new iPad’s split screen feature you can have a hot porn pic from the internet up in one window while drawing in Procreate in another! I don’t normally like working so close to photo reference that I haven’t taken myself, so I decided to include the original image just to keep everything legit. It’s Mr. Marky my favorite porn star! If he roided up a bit, he could play Caleb in the Anti-Heroes live action motion picture!

Fist Of Mason (2016)
Number 3. This time I turned the model into an OC. From my angle, that fist covering the junk was disappointing- but now that I’ve thought of a way to make it raunchy, it’s awesome!

Mitch in Repose (2016)
Getting the hang of digital drawing from life. It’s kinda awesome to learn that some skills transfer over!
Devon In Repose (2016)
So I’m loving the iPad Pro’s stylus and this great drawing app, Procreate! Brought it into life drawing group and am really happy with the result! This looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

Vanity Drawn on DS (2008)

Emerson Drawn on DS (2008)
These are both using app, “Colors” on the Nintendo DS. Not as precise and robust as some other apps I’ll use after, but still fun!

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