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Grease Monkey 2 (2022)
Loved this unused commission sketch and turned it into a sequel to a favorite from 2007. I swear it’s hard for me to draw doggy without attempting animation so that’s why we get this obsessive 8 frame salute to the T&A jiggle. Also included the sketch which has my kinda funny animation notes. Uncensored animation on my Patreon or DeviantArt!


Be Quiet (2007)
This one and Grease Monkey are rejected but recycled sketches for the Fantasy Fright piece for Freshmen magazine. The guy is wanking to the Fantasy Fright pic on his monitor!

Grease Monkey (2007)


Sk8r Boys 2 (2024)
Recent life drawing duo where one guy stared at his partner’s face and the other stared at his partner’s dick. Reminded me of some old characters made up back in 2015 (directly below↓) meant to embody a contrast and size difference fetish. X version with a new erection animation is on my Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/98434332?pr=true



Sk8r Boys (2015)

Another one of those images started about 4 years ago and then put aside, I came back to it recently because the situation is too hot to leave unfinished.
I love how the fat boy is so focused on his buddy’s face while the skinny one is concerned only with his buddy’s fat unit.
Check out the messy version that gets kinda hilariously splashy!


Life Size Dick Drawings (2019)
I have some collectors that are into my rare pieces with no face. They always seem to sell first. I wanna be offended cuz faces are a core aspect of my style… BUT… I needed to make a bit of cash and these were relatively quick and easy compared to my more complicated drawings. Colored pencil and thin Sharpie on 3 different toned papers. Also made sure they’d be about the right size if you hold them up to your crotch. It’d be a monster but a believable monster.


Nico’s Metamorphosis (1998, 2020)
Revisiting an episode of my high school school newspaper comic strip Backpage Backtalk, published in January 1998! Drawing Nico again 22 years later was fast & fun due to muscle memory of my 18 year old somewhere between Tiny Toons & Ranma style.
‪X-Rated versions (on Patreon) all still try to make a few little jokes while still being crazy hot to me. I hope you enjoy finding all the little aspects that do and don’t change. So at which stage is he the hottest?‬‬



Best Friend’s Dad (2024)
Drew this guy thinking about early crushes and that time we saw each other’s dicks in the pool locker room and I learned for the first time that kids can have bigger ones than adults. Check it out on my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/posts/best-friends-dad-99336846


Homothug Nuke (2020)
Remember Nuke? Did this new drawing of him (uncensored here for Patrons: https://www.patreon.com/posts/35162994) and thought it’d be nice to look at some of the much older ones all together.

This is kind of a great progression of how comfortable I eventually get with bulges.

New Shoe Smell (2022)
Dunno if it’s the leather or the glue but something about new sneaker odor does it for me. So here’s one of my oldest OC’s revealing my fetish! Eugene is a punkish skater twunk with a fat dick specifically not as pierced and tatted as the rest of him.


Hot Convention Guy (2018)
A long time ago I was working on a zine project about types of dudes I like but I abandoned the project even though I had all these great drawings of sexy dudes! Hot con boy is en route to the booth with the dragon dildos!  
X version is on my Patreon! If you like my art, please support!


Random Alternadude (2019)
This guy was originally a redesign of a super villian who I changed my mind about drawing. But I loved his sorta sleazy expression and not-that-muscular build so I revisited the sketch while travelling recently. Drawing the tattoo really made airport waiting fly by!
Full naked version = https://www.patreon.com/posts/alternadudes-fat-31697937 for patrons! I did this original sketch at the height of my loose foreskin phase- lol.


Radial Symmetry Drawing 01: Pac-Life

Radial Symmetry Drawing 02: All Swirl

Radial Symmetry Drawing 03: Rainbow Launch
(2018) Digital drawing app Procreate has a really cool radial symmetry feature that I use to doodle. So, yea, no penis in any of these but thought to include them as context for the ones directly below!↓


Cock Hungry (2018)
I used to work in textiles and actually really love designing patterns so it comes out in my porn art from time to time. 😉


Cock Hungry 2 (2021)
This is the sorta “taking a break from two big commissions” doodle that happens during a wind down with weed and MST3K.


Heat (2007)

Ride It, Boy! (2013)→
Courting Handjobs magazine with both of these.

All That Jizz (2012)
The original proposed title and cover to my book which would later become Tongue in Cheek. Roll over– there’s jizz!


Drake and Wolfgang (2007)


Enyo (2009)
Inspired by a trip to Mexico and a smokin’ hot horseback riding instructor! Roll Over!


You Can’t Hyde (2012)
One of my favorite of the muscle growth pics I’ve done! Minus the giant weiner wouldn’t this guy would be good for Darkstakers?
Click for uncensored version, password required.
(Get access through Patreon or the Shop.)


St. Nick Jr. (2018) 

Jr’s 5th appearance, joined by the reindeer from my anthro series and a new hairy-assed elf. 

So yea, this spitroast is definitely the raunchiest Christmas drawing yet but my favorite aspect is upholding the use of text theme in all St. Nick Jr. drawings! Full version on my Patreon!

St. Nick Jr. (2019)

See, the illustrator in me needs a bit of story to justify using yet another model leaning on a box as a subject.

X version on Patreon:
https://www.patreon.com/posts/st-nick-jr-2019-32593006 !

(2012, 2007)
Saint Nick Junior
(2008, 2011)


Pedro y Pablo II (2008)

Pedro y Pablo (1994)
Habia una vez dos chicos gemelos que eran muy diferentes entre si: Pedro y Pablo.
(Once upon a time, there were 2 twin boys who couldn’t be any less alike: Pedro and Pablo.)

Pedro era listo, exitoso y tenia una hermosa novia llamada Raquel. Pablo era malvado.
(Pedro was smart, successful, and had a beautiful girlfriend named Raquel. Pablo was evil.)

Los padres de ambos sabian que habia algo mal con Pablo cuando mato a los othros bebes en el hospital donde habia nacido.
(The boys’ parents knew something was wrong with Pablo when he killed the other babies in the hospital where he was born.)

Por lo que se deshicieron de el.
(So they sent him away.)

Pablo se convirtio en un ciminal y asi un dia acabo en la carcel.
(Pablo grew up to be a criminal and was eventually locked up.)

Los siquiatras de la prision, sin embargo, diagnosticaron que la maldad de Pablo ero producto de genes defectuosos y una mala crianza.
(However, prison psychiatrists said that Pablo was evil because of bad genes and faulty parenting.)

Cuando salio de la carcel Pablo se vengo de sus padres pegandoles un tiro en la cabeza. Luego ato a su hermano y lo escondio en el baul del carro.
(When released, Pablo took revenge on his parents by shooting them in the heads. He then tied his brother up and hid him in the trunk of his car.)

Pablo se posesiono de la vida de Pedro. Convirtio a sus amigos estudiosos en gangsters y a Raquel en una prostituta.
(Pablo took over Pedro’s life, turning his nerd friends into gangstas and Raquel into a ho.)

Pero con su nuevo novio, Raquel se sintio llena de vida. Juntos se embarcaron en una ola de crimenes.
(Raquel finally felt alive with her new man. Together they went on a crime spree.)

Cuando por fin lorgo escaparse, Pedro intento retomar el control de su vida pero Raquel le metio un tiro en la ingle.
(When Pedro finally escaped and proceeded to take his life back, Raquel shot him in the groin.)

La moraleja es que no vale la pena ser bueno en la vida.
(The moral of this story is that it does not pay to be nice.)

Pedro y Pablo’s first appearance was in a project for high school Spanish class where the goal was to write a report. My HS was effing hard but I got by on shit like this– turning in creative interpretations of assignments. I am VERY embarrassed by the amount of violence in this but concede to the fact that it was probably to garner a similar type of shock value that I get now with the big penises.


Miami Boys (2007)
Product of a vacation in South Beach, Miami.

Was worried the accessories in this one date it too much but people seem to like this one the most.


Casual Encounter (2007)
OK, I’ll put this out there. I’m turned on by CL ads. Originally a sketch for one of those Pirate pieces.



Who’s Next (2006)

Devilishly Heavenly (2008)
Size difference frottage– unf! Old but cute characters from what was supposed to be a more girl-centric project. Each of these girls below was supposed to get a difference set of wings and the boys rounded it out with angel and demon wings.



The Mathematical Woman (2001)

Anyone who’s been taught by the late David Passalacqua, illustrator and legendary professor at several NYC art schools, or any of his students who became teachers, has had this assignment. Just illustrate the phrase “The Mathematical Woman.” I’m the only one who ever interpreted it this way. From then on, Dave pushed me in the direction of porn. He was the first real illustrator or teacher who told me it was possible to have a carreer in porn illustration and that he was still getting royalty checks from an old 80’s porn project. Such an inspirational figure in my life.


T-Shirt Dudes (2004)
The best thing to come of the failed t-shirt project of ’04 were that it inadvertedly designed several characters I still draw. As I remember, all of about 5 people actually bought them but I’ll chalk it up to the crazy long legs I drew at the time. Haven’t given up on t-shirts entirely– just still contemplating which drawings to use. What Anti-Heroes image would YOU wear on shirt? Let me know– seriously!


The following are all old characters and concepts that once had bigger plans than what was executed. But some of the characters have been more fully realized as part of other current projects. (2002-2007)

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