Commission: The Timemonkey Series


Pulsar By JC (2012)

Timemonkey is one of the most prolific gay erotica artist patrons out there and a personal favorite of mine because he commissions fan-art, which is a relatively unique trait in my client list. First up is a drawing of his original character, Pulsar.
This guy’s aesthetic fits right in with all the pre-established popular superheroes in that not only is his iconic design instantly recognizable no matter who draws him but also because he often appears in hot situations with said popular heroes! He gets arond, this guy!


Pulsar vs. Superboy (2013)
Commissioned by Timemonkey, Pulsar is his original superhero character. I had a lot of fun with this piece but am mostly proud of the color variations on each page. Having so many large areas of black presented some interesting opprutunities to get creative with color layout.



“Spider-Man and His Amazing Fuckbuds” (2012)

Timemonkey originally commissioned Johnny Storm kneeling between Peter Parker and Bobby Drake, sucking them both off.

Now I already had a sketch of that particular pose already done and waiting for a different trio of characters, so I convinced Timemonkey to let me experiment with some different posing.

I wanted to show each of these boys displaying their powers in an interesting way while still performing the required sex acts. (Cuz yunno, that’s how superheroes fuck.)


Spider-Man and His Amazing Fuckbuds II (2023)

Uncensored version on Patreon here:
Newest commission from a longtime client! Initial directive was to have Iceman riding an ice-restrained Human Torch but I of course had to overcomplicate it by adding Spidey, essentially making it a sequel to the 2012 piece above.
In me and Timemonkey’s headcanaon, this is something the trio does all the time, all over the place, in different positions every time.

Midflight Rimjob (2012)
Here, Timemonkey commissions me to draw Northstar rimming Iceman. While looking at pics of said act online for… inspiration, I came across a gif where the rimee was really into it, wildly gyrating his hole into the rimmer’s mouth. I decided then and there, I had to try and animate this piece.

Pound It (2012)
I’ve always shipped Northstar and Iceman but the following series of Timemonkey commissions have really solidified these two as my X-Men OTP (look it up.) In this one, I love the movement I’m implying with some of my favorite cartooning conventions.

This series also begets what I call my flat color period, when I was exploring color and line choices in favor of rendering. It was supposed to be a method of speeding up my process but in practice it just became another thing for me to obsess over- haha.


Caught (2012)
Commissioned by Timemonkey, Cyke walks in on his brother enjoying a 3-some with Northstar and Iceman. This is a popular piece, probably due to the creative position (which I cannot take full credit for; it was masterfully described by the client.) My favorite part is probably the photo on the bureau.



Punish Fuck (2012)
Inspired by Northstar’s annoyed-as-hell expression in “Caught,” Timemonkey commissioned this scenario. Rampaging Northstar sets out to utterly destroy Cyke’s butt!
Danger Room Hookey (2012)
In this 3-part commission by Timemonkey, Cyke tries to have a Danger Room session with some of his teammates but they’re all just a bit… distracted. I’m quite proud of my depictions of holograms.



Summerscest (2012)
Commissioned by Timemonkey, X-Man uses his vast telepathic powers to push along the attraction his other-dimensional dad and uncle have for each other. I made a discovery with this commission as previously I hated X-Man. But after drawing him, he’s now in my good graces… at least MY version of im is. This pattern repeats itself in my fan-art; the process of drawing a character I don’t like usually makes me like them!


Hurry Up Lil Bro (2020)

Previously in the TUCMC (Timemonkey Universe of Commissioned Mutant Characters) we saw X-Man mind-control Cyclops and Havok into some passionate spit-swap, gooey frottage and intense finger action (above.)

Now comes the consequence in this new piece as they give into their overwhelming urges, with Scott a little more worried about getting caught than Alex.

For the clean version, I was kinda unprepared for hot someone just staring at a crotch would be.

But of course, the full version with genitals out, being milked is hotter. Patreon link here.



Wait Your Turn (2012)
Timemonkey and I were chatting once about how Northstar is Anole’s mentor so he decided to start including Anole in his Northstar commissions. Here we see Northstar giving a private lesson… how to plow Wolverine’s hairy ass!


Concealed (2012)
“I know Anole’s there. Bobby doesn’t see– he’s too distracted. But I can feel it. I can feel teenage eyes staring… hear an eager tongue dooling… smell the precum from that monster lizard cock. I’m going to give this boy a bit of a show. Let’s see how long he’ll last…”

Haha– had to include that sexy blurb I wrote when I first posted this Timemonkey commission.


Relax and Breathe (2012)
Two minutes earlier, over-confident Drake completely ignores Beaubier’s warning to be a little more cautious with his latest endeavor. But no matter how much experience and training he has, he quickly learns that his superhero skills aren’t quite transferrable when taking the eager teenaged lizard boy’s enormous gut-punishing phallus. Commissioned by Timemonkey.

The Icebox (2013)
We arrived at this conclusion the Iceman/Northstar commissions in a discussion about how Bobby is a senior X-Man, and thusly able to adapt, and maybe shouldn’t be so green at this point in his fuxscapades.

Building on my image of Iceman as a cock-craving total power bottom, Timemonkey wanted Bobby to take both Northstar’s fat Canadian bacon AND Anole’s godzillian monster in his boy-poon simultaneously. He explains it with comic book science in that Bobby is technically a shapeshifter and should be able to ice-morph his anus and sphincter to accomodate both penises. But honestly, you guys should know I don’t really need an explanation to draw DP.

ALSO– I spent hours creating a STEP BY STEP walkthrough of my process for this piece so feel free to like look at it or something.

Lessons of the Bat (2013)
Commissioned by Timemonkey, who shares my vision of Bruce as a bottom. Of course, he’d be barking orders he whole time. (hehe)

I really love the way this came out, from the colors to the posing to the BG.

Sidekick Size Off (2015)
Building on my own fetish for line-ups and size comparison, Timemonkey came up with this idea for his latest commission.

I had a ton of fun piecing together looks for Garth and Roy and I’m loving how Wally’s FX came out. And of course I never tire of drawing Dick’s big dick.
Speaking of (cuz yunno I always am) originally I wanted to give one of them a baby dick since I’m really into that lately. But I love the idea of sidekicks being more hung than their mentors. So now you know why they called themselves Titans!

All My Dickpics (2015)
So many superhero dicks, so little time!
Timemonkey’s original idea for this commission, a loose sequel to Sidekick Size Off, was to have his OC Pulsar swiping through 4 pics.
But that number had to go up, if not just as a reflection of my own tendency to kinda hoard the xpics of all the hot guys I’ve chatted with.
There also may be some Titans dream team fantasy going on there for me- haha.

Pulsar vs. Superboy + Nightwing (2016)
Upon realizing I was drawing Dick with the same haircut as Connor, I needed to draw them together to prove that I can make them look different. Major oversight on my part because hair is an important character identifying tool in my illustration. My older pieces with Connor look like Dick’s twin! Aarg!

So Timemonkey graciously commissioned this sequel to Pulsar vs. Superboy, adding Nightwing into the mix! Dick keeps the old cut but Connor gets his 90’s redux hairdo, ironically the default hairstlye of most dudes nowadays anyway.

This blurb is mostly about the hair issue because it’s how this piece came about. Pulsar getting his anus filled with two superhero monster cocks simultaneously is probably more exciting than cartoon hairstyles. (Incidentally, their dicks are actually pretty identical too, but I don’t think Pulsar minds.)


Roy Dicks Dick (2018)
Red Arrow porks Nightwing in this next installment of a commission series featuring the super hung DC sidekicks. I drew this mainly because it goes with the next piece…


Sidekick Spying (2018)
Part 2 in my latest commission, I wanted the main heroes to know what their hung sidekicks were up to. So my client on this series worked these pieces into the story. Roy Dicks Dick in the Batcave and then at some point, old creeper Bruce reveals the secret footage to an eager pal!
Pulsar Saves the Day 01 thru 04 (2024)
New sequential art featuring the horny superhero character created by longtime commission client Timemonkey! In Part 01, a virile buddy cop duo look on with great appreciation for Pulsar who has ensnared the day’s villain, but also for Hotboy and his strategic costume damage.



In Part 02, still telekinetically holding the now aroused criminal, Pulsar shows the buddy cops how happy he is to maintain their positive working relationship.



In Part 03, the superhero scuffle escalates on to the hood of the car, as Pulsar finishes everyone off single-handedly, single-mouthedly and single-assedly.



Finally, in Part 04, with Hotboy spent and surrendered, the buddy cops cheer their hero for satisfying their supervillain dilemma and all their loins. The fire blazes on because that was the least important issue of the day.

(Full versions of Part 02 and 03 on my Patreon here: Pulsar Saves the Day on Patreon.

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