Marvel Fan-Art

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This is all playful parody– don’t sue me.

Falcon in Repose (2020)
I was really excited to play Falcon in MUA3 since the MCU got me really into him. But I can’t describe how “gnaaah” I felt looking at that square-headed model in the game. I guess I’m really used to Mackie’s face as Falcon! And since I don’t have to pay him to use his likeness, I turned one of my figure drawings into him! X-Version = Patreon
Bucky in Repose (2020)
So I had these two sketches from the same life drawing sesh that were virtually identical but different enough to build them up and make them a series. You saw Falcon a few weeks ago– now here’s his new partner!
X-Version ( has my current favorite cock drawing (uncut cuz he’s kinda Euro nowadays!)


“Flash’s Discovery” (2010)
This was commissioned by the person behind the All-American series. Spidey has just come home from an afternoon of crime-fighting and is in the midst of changing out of his costume when suddenly Flash Thompson walks into Pete’s bedroom! Parker only then remembers a tutoring session he has lined up with the jock and realizes that Aunt May must’ve let Flash in the house! What happens next? Use your imagination. Pete’s hardon isn’t going away on it’s own! I really had fun with this one. I love the way my colored line softens the piece up. I hadn’t used colored lines in a while. And I’m really fond of the rendering on Spidey’s tight little bod!



“Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends” (2012)
One of my regular clients, Timemonkey commissioned Johnny Storm kneeling between Peter Parker and Bobby Drake, sucking them both off.

Now I already had a sketch of that particular pose already done and waiting for a different trio of characters, so I convinced Timemonkey to let me experiment with some different posing.

I wanted to show each of these boys displaying their powers in an interesting way while still performing the required sex acts. (Cuz yunno, that’s how superheroes fuck.)


“Spider-Taints” (2006)
This was very inspired by Venom’s sprite in Marvel vs. Capcom which I always thought was sooo hot.

“Maximum Cumage” (2013)
I know you can’t tell here cuz it’s cropped but this is kind of a sequel to Spider-Taints, since this one is equally taint heavy– lol.



“Hefty Love” (2006)
My most often stolen piece! haha
Please, post my work on your sites– I have no qualm with that.
But don’t crop out my logo. That’s kinda shitty.


“Hulk Pound” (2012)
RICK: Come on, Bruce! That all you got?
BRUCE: Don’t make me angry, Rick…
RICK: I’ve had better finger fucks than this… oh… wait a minute… HOLY FUCK!!! AAAH!!!



“General Pride” (2010)
How do you like Cap’s alternate costume? ROLL OVER for the nasty, ravaged, exposed genitalia version!



“Naughty Bucky” (2010)
For this Erotic Life Drawing session, the 2 models were both guys I’d drawn previously. One is a cute little pocket-gay and the other is a tall hulking mastodon of hairy beef. I figured I’d better make this class because these guys together will make for some interesting drawings! Upon telling my friends the news, they all suggested I turn the drawings into famous “daddy/boy” pairings. And so here you have… Cap and Bucky!
For this pose, both the little guy and big guy sat on chairs covered in cloth. Little guy tweaked big guy’s nipple while big guy (who was super oral) tongued little guy’s neck and face. At first, I was bummed that from my angle, I couldn’t see little guy’s cock. But midway through the pose, big guy’s cock started standing up at attention, entrancing all of us that had such a pleasant view.

“Super Soldier Serum” (2013)
Hooray for my 3rd muscle growth piece! And guess what… You KNOW I did an uncensored version with no skivvies, complete with money-shot, right? Well, of course I would! And let me tell ya, that dick growth is pretty phenomenal! haha. Click for the naked version!



Deadpool Stuffs Cap (2018)

My first feeding/gaining fetish commission! Deadpool gingerly feeds footlongs to Cap out of his famous shield! There’s also a “dicks out” version when Wade is jerking, still sitting atop Cap’s inflated belly! Check out that one on my Patreon!


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