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This is all playful parody– don’t sue me.

Dick Trek (2017)


You’re a fresh faced, perv minded Starfleet Ensign programming your perfect holographic hunk to um… help you learn more about the Federation! And choosing your study buddy’s species becomes a vital lesson for any gay Trekkie: a crash course in the many different dicks of the Star Trek universe!

Gotta say, I’m pretty surprised to find so little Star Trek alien dick reference online, save a Vulcan one here and there. But that made coming up with fappable phalluses for 16 different species that much more fun!

The naked version is my first PATREON EXCLUSIVE piece! Rollover for a preview and then go to my Patreon page and pledge any amount of $1 or more for access to the SEXIEST / STRANGEST / SCARIEST cocks your hungry little holes ever imagined!


Resistence is Futile (2013)
Oh those naughty pesky Borg– always kidnapping those sexy Starfleet boys and mechanically stimulating their pleasure centers causing their fat dicks to erupt with more spooge than they’ve ever seen! LOL.
I don’t often get fan-art commissions, so I went all out on this one, making sure to get the atmosphere just right!



Donjovan by JC (2023)

Came across this incomplete but hot fan-art of Donjovan, the hunky villain of the Myth comic series by Sean-Z and finally decided to finish the drawing some 15 years later. Easily one of the sexiest vampire characters I’ve ever come across. X-Version on my Patreon!


Fabulous Secrets (2006)

←Ropes On Ropes (2016)
So a full decade between Masters of the Universe fan-art pieces, both gifts for online buds who write MotU slash fiction! In Merman Vs. Beastman and Beastman Steps Out, Beastman is dumb, super hung, and very very very full of cum. He and Merman’s wrestle-fuck sessions end with Merman milking the brute, triggering the hairy, virile fucker’s explosive, several-minutes-long orgasms, causing gallons of Beast-spunk to coat the ring!

The author, Powerplayer and I share a love of big heavy nuts and cum geysers. Powerplayer got this as a reward for pledging at the highest level on my Patreon campaign! Maybe your free commission will cum next!

Click for alternate versions! (Password required)
Passwords available through Patreon or my Shop!

Click for alternate versions! (Password required)
Passwords available through Patreon or my Shop!

Click for alternate versions! (Password required)
Passwords available through Patreon or my Shop!

Goro by JC (2015)
Since some were disappointed my anthro shark didn’t get 2 wieners, I’ve been brainstorming where that could happen in my portfolio. Especially since the real life dude with 2 came forward with pics and that AMA– it became almost imperative! At some point I realized Goro was perfect for this and since I want furries to like me, a Kintaro variant is added (mouse over!)

So check out the nude, excited and messy versions in my archive gallery, now accessible through Patreon! And the messy version has the special bonus of a completely destroyed Johnny Cage gaping deeper than I’ve ever drawn before! They really did finish him!

←You Will Die (2011)
I know I wasn’t the only one turned on by this guy. So what if under that goofy helmet Shao Kahn was really cute?!


To My Biggest Fan (2002)
Definitely one of the first erotic fan-arts I’ve ever done for this site.

Vaas Haas Fuun (2013)
Client wanted dudes from the game Far Cry 3, which I wasn’t familiar with going in.
But a little research and having a playthrough up while I worked taught me everything I needed to execute this series. (heh heh… execute. ROLL OVER!)


Zorro vs. the Tickling Bandits (2012)
One of the more complex and meticulous commissions I’ve ever done, the number of fetishes in this series is pretty effing epic!
See how well I take care of my clients? ^___^

ATOM Orgy (2011)
Was working on this piece featuring the boys from Action Man A.T.O.M. when Blodiax, gay art animator extrraordinaire, contacted me for a collab. At the time, it was the most guys he’d ever animated in one piece! I was so stoked with the animation, I had to draw a money shot!



Peanuts Life Drawing Series (2011)
Probably the only erotic fan-art I’ve ever had misgivings about, Peanuts has a strong root in my childhood as I learned to read and draw by studying these big anthology books I inherited.
I used to make my own Peanuts-esque comics (but drew Lucy with fiercer hair) and from then on, my style slowly evolved into what you see on this site.
So, understand why I found it a little disconcerting that I “went there” but I just couldn’t help it. I saw Reed’s shaved head and all I could think of was Charlie Brown, despite Reed’s hairy bod, bulging muscles, and his huge uncut cock.
Once Charlie Brown was solidified in my head, the debate over who to pair him up with began, because as much as Billy’s lithe, smooth, young body suggested Linus, I resisted for a while, quite frankly because Linus was the only one that I could never really draw. That weird lumpy head, man.

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Me Bouncy (2011)
This came about from having to do a piece related to bears and Japan. Somehow, for me, gender bent Mai Shiranui only really works as a bear.

C’Mon Let’s Fight (2007)
Clark and Ralf, the hottest guys in KOF, although if this was drawn today, their dicks would probably be swapped.


Haohmaru in Repose (2003)

KOF Quarterly (2002)

Have a Happy Day (2002)
The Haohmaru pic I still love to death but these other 2 are almost too old to want to post. They’re mainly here as a reminder to draw Iori again.
The following are modified life drawings where there was awesome size difference happening with the models.
Turned each drawing into famous Daddy/Boy duos…

Here I Come, Sonic (2010)
Not that I can’t draw Sonic from memory (because I went through a phase in my adolescence where he was kinda ALL I drew) but when I quickly Google Image Searched “Sonic,” this pic below was one of the FIRST images to come up. The drawing is phenomenal in its own right, but click it to go to this page where the audio track very much makes this the best thing on the Internet… ever.


I Just Don’t Know (2010)
Shizumaru: I just don’t know… I’ve never had one that big before…
Haohmaru: I promise I’ll go slow. Ease it in, give you time. Before you know it, you’ll be in so much pleasure, you’ll never want it to end.


Average Bears (2010)

Good Ol’ Southern Eatin’ (2010)


Lick My Pit (2010)
Any excuse to reiterate my favorite piece of text ever:

From the original Mario 2 instruction book. God, I just love it. So random and strangely written.


Spoon, Bitch (2010)

Manly Toad (2008)
Some pretty heavy imprinting took place on ol’ Toad over here as he was who I’d pick to beat Mario 2. From then on out, I’ve stuck by him, through all the design and concept changes he’s undergone over the years. Although the image went along with an esoteric ranting back when I first posted, it was mainly a test at sexing up often overlooked but very recognizable characters.


WTF Toad (2006)
A bit more in line with how I drew Toad as a kid, which was pretty constant. He’s angry becasue popular media doesn’t give him legs and presumably no dick.


About Time (2009)
Whipped up this sketch to show how happy I was with Toad’s playability in Super Mario Wii. But the real tribute comes below…

Slutty Toads Life Drawing Series (2009)
This was the same week New SMB Wii came out and I was stoked to finally pay as Toad again, my favorite Nintendo character. So I may have been a little distracted in erotic figure drawing and turned everyone into mushroom people. Yes, I’m so desensitized to porn that 2 guys could be sucking each other off right in front of me and I can actually get distracted! LOL. At least the blue Toad in each one bears resemblance to the actual model, Doug Repetti. Anthony was worried they’d kick me out because I wasn’t taking it seriously. But the thing is– I take Toad pretty seriously- lol.

Demios By JC (2010)
←NJ By JC (2006)
Space Cadet By JC (2007)
Here are 3 fan arts of Class Comics characters created by the incomparable Patrick Fillion!

Streets of Rage Reborn (2007)
A bit of a tribute to one of my favorite video games, my kinky mind has always imagined them as a part of a sexual triad. Didn’t give them dicks at the time because I drew them in pretty mixed company. It’s a struggle to resist going back in and adding cocks. I may still do that.
Streets of Rage Life Drawing Series (2009)
Was itching to reuse the hot boys from my Strest of Rage Reborn series.

↑T-Cats (2003)

←Dang Blast It (2009)
Most of what’s going on here still works for me except the face. Granted, it’s a pretty face– the goal was to pull him closer to the theory that he’s the black guy of the Thundercats. But change the face and it stops looking like Panthro. SO yea, let’s say this is a guy in Panthro cosplay– lol.

Tony’s Tiger (2013)
My partner has a thing for Tony so I drew this as a gift for him. Nude, Hard and Frosted versions are here if you have a password!


A Loyal Servant (2011)
Igthorn: Hold still, you simpleton, how do you expect me to aim it properly?
Toadie: Many apologies, Dukey. Please give Toadie his bath.


Boo By JC (2009)
The star of many of Belasco’s erotic narratives, illustrations and animations, Boo is an important character in the world of gay comics so I really wanted to nail him!


Cutter for Kitt (2007)

Midnight Man By JC (2008)
Developed from one of my favorite life drawings where the model had a heavy sack, I was dying to use it somewhere for the longest. When Iceman Blue approached me to donate a pinup for his graphic novel, Midnight Man, that sketch popped in my mind as a perfect start. Oddly though, to this day, all I see is the original model. Midnight Man kinda looks like the guy.


30K Hits (2006)
Commemerating a mlestone on Y-Gallery. As of 2015, that number is a little more than 360,000.


Bulgy Toons (2003)


Ronin Warriors Beach Day (2003)
This and the Cutter roll over were both gifts for a good friend who’s more into both of those series’ than me. This is chronologically close to fashion sketching class where the long legs were a must. I carried that anatomy with me for a while!

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