Commission: The Wrestling Series

Wrestling Lesson (2013)
The first in a series of pieces commissioned by a wrestling fan. You’ll notice similar themes in each set. In this one, “Coach Daddy” pwns this cute cocky jock in front of his girlfriend. I had no idea how popular Coach Daddy would become. This set is among my most popular Tumblr posts.

Coach and his Boy (2013)
Not technically part of the original set of commissions, this life drawing was sketched around the same time, so when I developed it more, it just became Coach Daddy and his Boy since they were on my mind.

Different media here becasue it’s not digital– colored pencil and markers; original available for purchase.

Sorry I left out the GF.


Tribal Daddy (2014)
In this scenario, a wandering hunky soldier gets destroyed by an older tribesman. I couldnt decide what time of day I wanted the pallette to reflect, so I just depicted them all! haha. Also, I wasn’t prepared for how hot that loin cloth only partially covering the guy’s dick would be. UNF!

Wrestling Fourgy (2015)
Set 3 in this series of mini-comics, this time we’re upping the ante with 2 couples– twice the wrestling, twice the domination, twice the dick, twice the messiness! LOL! Even though this client always gives me photo reference for the characters, I am still proud of how distinct each guy comes out, especially the beastly, bearded, bull-balled, be-choded, Bluto-esque bear!


  • 4/07/15 4:41p Anti-Heroes.Net Wrestling
    I like the fact the younger ‘Rasslers are not skinny Boys but very well built youngsters?!
    The College guy is a Big Muscled Airhead but the Beefy Oaf is a drooling Bull.
    The Hairy Fat guys prove that they still can get It UP. They need Toys to Play with.
    The Tribesman takes on the Power Soldier but this isn’t about Wrestling is it?
    The Dick on the Tribesman is bigger than he is?!

  • Gures says:

    Great wrestling series. I love how muscled young guys are dominated by older daddies esp. when they took on bigger one like in Tribesman takes. Pls do more of this.

    • JC says:

      Thanks! Yea I’m always pleasantly surprised how popular these series’ are! Wrestling is SOOOO hard to draw- lol! I often 2nd guess those poses but thankfully they’re working! I’ll see if this client wants to continue– I agree s/he has some excellent ideas.

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