Life Drawing: Fan-Art

Models turned into some of my favorite characters from comics, animation and games! This is all playful parody– don’t sue me.
(Click the cropped/censored images for the full versions (Archive Gallery password required.)

Riddle Me This D (2023)

At one point there was a weekly Drink and Draw at a local queer bar that used to have geek-themed sessions where models would cosplay. This life drawing set was started in that period (pre the Batman 2022) when the Riddler was the primary goto cosplay for lanky guys.

(In fact, my specific reason to go to any comic con for years was to gawk at tall twink bulge in skin-tight Riddler suits.)


So one night cute scruffy Eddie shows up in a spectacular classic Riddler outfit, complete with the Riddler cane and delivered 12 playfully exuberant poses, which is as much Riddler tradition as an outta control bulge. Very much giving Frank Gorshin / Jim Carrey energy.
I know this was a lot but I really didn’t want to edit it down. Really fun poses, great wardrobe, awesome queer fanboy theming, as well as Eddie’s svelte frame and wrist thick unit inspired a little more work than what I usually put into figure drawing sketches, making for some of my favorite anatomy studies to date!

Naked versions on my Patreon here:


Bowser Wanks (2020)
Aw I miss drawing someone jerking off in front of me. Even if coming up with ways to censor it are becoming the most difficult step in the process. The toothless piranha plant inspires some interesting fantasies but it’s really just to cover big daddy Bowser’s fat cock, monster balls and hairy anus which Patrons will see here =


Falcon in Repose (2020)
I was really excited to play Falcon in MUA3 since the MCU got me really into him. But I can’t describe how “gnaaah” I felt looking at that square-headed model in the game. I guess I’m really used to Mackie’s face as Falcon! And since I don’t have to pay him to use his likeness, I turned one of my figure drawings into him! X-Version = Patreon
Bucky in Repose (2020)
So I had these two sketches from the same life drawing sesh that were virtually identical but different enough to build them up and make them a series. You saw Falcon a few weeks ago– now here’s his new partner!
X-Version ( has my current favorite cock drawing (uncut cuz he’s kinda Euro nowadays!)



King of Ithaquack (2019)
Giving you guys some intense Rule34 action from one of my favorite DuckTales episodes. The nice full Greekfro and big ass medallion already did it for me. But his lean, semi-hairy bod and thick Disney dogman dick will do it for you!
Good ol Disney dog dudes- pretty much human except for a snout, lol. I contemplate way too often which are the dominant species; Disney duck or dogs.


Pig Logan Series (2010)
For this erotic life drawing session, we had a dude who brought along a few props from his leather pig play stash. Decided early on to turn him into someone else but debated whether it should be Wolverine or another random hairy fantasy hunk. And so another versioning project begins– haha. Click the images to go to individual pages where you can toggle his hairstlye. Oh, and yup, the model did indeed use a penis pump in front of an audience of artists.

“Naughty Bucky” (2010)
For this Erotic Life Drawing session, the 2 models were both guys I’d drawn previously. One is a cute little pocket-gay and the other is a tall hulking mastodon of hairy beef. I figured I’d better make this class because these guys together will make for some interesting drawings! Upon telling my friends the news, they all suggested I turn the drawings into famous “daddy/boy” pairings. And so here you have… Cap and Bucky!
For this pose, both the little guy and big guy sat on chairs covered in cloth. Little guy tweaked big guy’s nipple while big guy (who was super oral) tongued little guy’s neck and face. At first, I was bummed that from my angle, I couldn’t see little guy’s cock. But midway through the pose, big guy’s cock started standing up at attention, entrancing all of us that had such a pleasant view.

Superman’s Pal (2010)
Developed from the life drawing session with the dramatic size difference couple, (aka the Daddy/Boy Series,) this is the one I always forget about but alwyas reminds me to draw cutie Jimmy Olsen more.

Here are the rest from the Daddy/Boy series.

Here I Come, Sonic (2010)
Not that I can’t draw Sonic from memory (because I went through a phase in my adolescence where he was kinda ALL I drew) but when I quickly Google Image Searched “Sonic,” this pic below was one of the FIRST images to come up. The drawing is phenomenal in its own right, but click it to go to this page where the audio track very much makes this the best thing on the Internet… ever.

I Just Don’t Know (2010)
Shizumaru: I just don’t know… I’ve never had one that big before…
Haohmaru: I promise I’ll go slow. Ease it in, give you time. Before you know it, you’ll be in so much pleasure, you’ll never want it to end.

Average Bears (2010)

Good Ol’ Southern Eatin’ (2010)

Lick My Pit (2010)
Any excuse to reiterate my favorite piece of text ever:

From the original Mario 2 instruction book. God, I just love it. So random and strangely written.

Spoon, Bitch (2010)

Peanuts Life Drawing Series (2011)
Probably the only erotic fan-art I’ve ever had misgivings about, Peanuts has a strong root in my childhood as I learned to read and draw by studying these big anthology books I inherited.
I used to make my own Peanuts-esque comics (but drew Lucy with fiercer hair) and from then on, my style slowly evolved into what you see on this site.
So, understand why I found it a little disconcerting that I “went there” but I just couldn’t help it. I saw Reed’s shaved head and all I could think of was Charlie Brown, despite Reed’s hairy bod, bulging muscles, and his huge uncut cock.
Once Charlie Brown was solidified in my head, the debate over who to pair him up with began, because as much as Billy’s lithe, smooth, young body suggested Linus, I resisted for a while, quite frankly because Linus was the only one that I could never really draw. That weird lumpy head, man.

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Slutty Toads Life Drawing Series (2009)
This was the same week New SMB Wii came out and I was stoked to finally pay as Toad again, my favorite Nintendo character. So I may have been a little distracted in erotic figure drawing and turned everyone into mushroom people. Yes, I’m so desensitized to porn that 2 guys could be sucking each other off right in front of me and I can actually get distracted! LOL. At least the blue Toad in each one bears resemblance to the actual model, Doug Repetti. Anthony was worried they’d kick me out because I wasn’t taking it seriously. But the thing is– I take Toad pretty seriously- lol.

Streets of Rage Life Drawing Series (2009)
Was itching to reuse the hot couple from my Strest of Rage Reborn series.

Street Fighter Life Drawing Series (2009)
The model for this session had one of those killer bods that just really inspired muscle-bound fan art for me!
Get a password to check out the two monster-dicked ones below!

Let’s wrap this page up with some X-Men, all derived from this tall fitness model with the sexy muscular body like a Jim Lee figure- lol.

Etoile Jumelle (2009)

Hairy Henry (2009)

Sweaty Scott (2010)

Golden Warren (2009)

Shiny Pete (2009)

Logan Blushes (2009)

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