Peace Out

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  • April 8, 2007
Hey kids. Just wanted to get one quick post in before I go on vacation for a little while. Enjoy this drawing of Zeker I just whipped up while watching Flavor of Love. (LOL)


  • Patrick says:

    Hey JC…

    This pic of Zeke is absolutely beautiful! :o) We rarely see the character looking so calm! LOL! Thanks for posting him — and enjoy your time off, my friend!

    Hugz + kisses,
    Patrick XOXOX

  • Manny says:

    Hey JC,

    Zeke is always fun too look at, he changes his hair color more than I change my jocks, and reminds me very much of some of the Gym Junkies that visit my Gym in Sydney, come time for a major party you can always hear them talk about what they are going to wear and how much money they spent on it.

    Hope you have a great holiday and come back with some kick ass stories for us

    Big Hugz


  • Anonymous says:

    Hi JC!

    The pic is beautiful
    and rather surprising for Zeke… you’d never expect him to look so un-horny!

    Thanks again, and congratulation for another peace of art…

    enjoy the holidays!

    tout plein de bisous

    Antoine from Paris

  • JC says:

    Hey guys! Thanks for the compliments on the Zeke pic. Yeah, it is a change of pose for our psychic psycho. It was originally going to be Preston, but I didn’t feel like doing his tattoos– haha.

    Kick-ass story about Miami? Hmm– well once we realized the fancy resturaunts had the same caliber food as most of the others, we started slumming it and eventually found ourselves in Burger King. There was a colorful selection of South Beach weirdos there but perhaps my favorite was this lady with drawn-on eyebrows and a ridiculous wig who kept talking about how northern men dress better than southern men.

    But what she thought was “swanky dressing” was alligator shoes. At one point she remarked that northern men’s alligator shoes are so clean that one could fix her hair in the reflection cast from the shininess of the shoe.

    Oh, Manny, I linked your bloggo.

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