Be Quiet

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  • May 9, 2007
Here is a new piece for you guys. This one is entitled “Be Quiet,” so says Mr. Upper Management who just happens to catch Mr. Blonde Intern goofing off late one night at the office.

Where do I come up with them, you ask? Well, while I like to think I have a vivid imagination, the premise for this piece is actually an unused sketch for an older one. Remember Fantasy Fright? Well, here is one of the scenarios I almost ended up using. I am very archival about my work– even sketches, as you can see. One of my teachers in art school said this was a bad thing and that I should be more disposable with my work. I can’t be that way though. Especially since I believe I can NEVER draw the same thing twice. So I save every little morsel of art that I do.

I took that sketch and slightly redrew the guys. The boy at the computer is Richard, one of my generic characters whom I’ve used a couple times before. The older guy is made up.

Then, of course, I had to come up with some sorta new background. Since this wasn’t for any particular job, I wasn’t about to draw one. (JC no like drawing backgrounds.) I figured photo collage will work and did a search for offices. The pic below worked perfectly even though I had to tweak the hell outta the perspective to get it to match.

And then, to blend it all together, I finished up with my new ultra-dramatic coloring/lighting style. This has always been a secret fantasy of mine… workplace seduction. All I need is a hot coworker and the imagination starts a-flowin’. Good thing I don’t have a job– LOL.


  • Manny says:

    Hey JC!

    Again, great work. Can’t play for too long today, I have Gallstones (Liver Stones) and they are causing heaps of grief until I pee them out.

    Hope your well and chat soon


  • JC says:

    OH NO! I’m told that’s really painful! Well, best of luck to u, dude.

  • Manny says:

    Hey JC!

    Well that was the most yukkiest, primative expirence I had ever lived through! Finally I passed my stones, there were three of the bastards! It was like peeing razor blades when they came out. Good thing I’m not a violent person because I did consider strangeling the nurse each time he stood over me with a bed pan watching me pee, saying “it will be o.k” Just as well I wasn’t passing house bricks otherwise he would have worn one!

    But I kept my stones and will take pictures of them to use as Christmas cards this year.


  • Reikro says:

    Hey JC

    It’s been a while since I last commented. Great picture by the way, it reminds me of a anime movie called “Boku no sekuhara” (My sexual harassment) where the lead character sleeps with his bosses, clients and co-workers in order to get to the top. Also features the infamous “corn scene”

    Take care!


  • JC says:

    YOWZA! That sounds like hell, man. You’d think since u were in the hospital that they’d give u something for the pain. Ah well. Oh, please leave me out of that X-mas maling– haha.

    Hey Reikro– thanks for commenting. I’ve heard of Boku no sekuhara and have maybe even seen clips– but I’ve never seen the whole movie. Is it hentai? I like my yaoi porn HARDCORE! lol.

  • Reikro says:

    Oh believe me, it’s very yaoi. The guys are very typically slim and slender (I myself prefer more muscular men) and the censoring laws at the time it was made means you don’t see any genitals, but the action is still very hot ‘n horny. It should be relatively easy to download from the interweb as it’s one of the more well-known yaoi’s.

  • JC says:

    Yeah, I think that might have been why I shyed away from it at first– becasue of the censorship. Only recently has gay hentai been bold enough to show stuff. But I will take a look at it since it’s one of the more popular ones– if not for anything but research– haha.

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