Omega Phi

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  • July 12, 2007
What if the most powerful Greek and Roman deities were reincarnated as SEXY GAY FRAT BOYS?

Such is the premise of my latest perversion: The Men of Omega Phi.

I’ve always been fascinated by Greek mythology. If you think about it, its totally up my alley– a bunch of beautiful super-powered people who fight and screw each other.

Don’t ask me what I have planned for these guys. At the moment, there’s no comic series in the works. I mainly just wanted to design the characters and finally get it down on paper.

I’ve drawn these images as wallpapers, because I felt guilty about taking the old ones down from my site. These are all at widescreen monitor resolution (1680×1050.) For the fullscreen versions at 1024×768, visit the work section of my site.

Comments greatly welcomed and appreciated. Which one’s the hottest? Personally, I have to say that I have a thing for big boy Ryan– and also Emerson. But then again, I wouldn’t push ANY of them outta my bed– haha. Let me know what you guys think.


  • Ikkian says:

    O…GOD…that is nice! Really. I think you’ve made the most know gods but you could do like so many of them. It’s awesome!

  • RDot says:

    The pics are madd hot..that frat name is awfully close to Omega Psi Phi tho..a real fraternity

  • dreamerboy6 says:

    JC! You’ve done it again! You’re seriously bordering on becoming a god yourself! NO JOKE! You have no idea how obsessed with Greek mythology I was while growing up in Utah. I mean, what else is there for a young gay boy in a Mormon household to ogle, but the statues of insanely hot Greek gods depicted in his parents’ encyclopedia set? Sure, I loved the Greek pantheon and mythology for a plethora of reasons, but honestly the main reason had to be how much the Greek gods turned me on. I mean, how hot would Hercules have to have been? As far as favorites from Omega Phi? It’s hard to choose, but I’d have to say Hermes (Jared?) and his clean cut good looks combined with his hot uncut cock, or Zeus (Ryan) with his dark features and hairy chest. Lovin’ it, man. Can’t say it enough. ๐Ÿ™‚ Great job!

  • foxy loxy says:

    oh man. I think I’m gonna do some Emerson/Brent fanart.

  • JC says:

    Hey thanks guys for commenting.

    I thought of doing more, Ikkian, but instead of giving myself another humongous project, I just chose the 6 whose powers I like the most.

    Rdot, yeah most of the frat names with 3 letters are taken. I chose Omega Phi specifically because of the way the letters look and the way it sounds. And yeah, frat names with 2 letters are less common.

    DREAMERBOY! Your comments are totally the reason I keep doin’ this! Yeah, the ancient Greeks and Romans really worshipped the male form. Looking at their artwork was like porn for me as a kid. Hey, did you get that CD yet?

    And Foxy Loxy– you know how much I love your work dude. I’d cream myself if you did a fan-art of those guys!!

    One more thing to all– I just realized that blogger severely compresses pics! I clicked one of those images and it looked horrible! So I changed them to link back to the real high-res, uncompressed versions my site. Enjoy!

  • Z-Maker says:

    Excellent, EXCELLENT Work, JC!
    I do hope you eventually, expand the story with these gents–Yum, YUM and more YUM! ๐Ÿ˜‰


  • Jessica says:

    I’m lovin’ Jared (Hermes).

  • Chubtoons says:

    As a fan of all things big and fury, I’ld have to say my faves are Jake and Ryan. Lightning and water could combine to make some interesting effects. These are awsome! The color/texture effects are very nice.

  • Patrick says:

    Holy Crap, Dude… this is one of my FAVORITE posts by you to date. JC, you just keep outdoing yourself!!! HA! HA! HA!

    I am always so impressed by your creativity. Your work is ALWAYS freakin’ HAWT, but beyond that you have a real gift for creative concepts and fresh ideas. It’s really very impressive! :oD

    I LOVE Emerson and Jared — They’re GORGEOUS! Again, amazing colors on both, and fantastic movement and flow in the figures! WOW!

    The spirits around Brent are so fun and creepy! Luv that! And the Water spout on Jake is simply beautiful.

    But they are all equally stunning in their own right, for many reasons. I find it too hard to choose just one favorite… Sooooo I will have to download them all and rotate through them for my desktop — which is cool ’cause I like to change that often! LOL!

    SUPERB POST!!!!!!
    Hugz + kisses,
    Patrick XOXOX

  • Ikkian says:

    I just noticed you used Greek names for some…but Roman names for others.

  • Kitt Mouri says:

    …you know who I like the best!! ๐Ÿ˜€ SEXY DREAD BOI!!! AIIIIIIIIIIIIIYYIYIYIYIYIY!! ^.^ ^_^

  • Kristophe says:

    I see you’ve been busy, too! Nice work! I was looking for you on MySpace, but haven’t found you, yet. You might want to give it a shot. It’s been rather interesting for us, there.

    And, stop working so hard! Make a date, take your mate and ….well, you know what to do.

    Best wishes,

    KJ & DDM

  • DigitalMirage says:

    OOH! So many to choose from. I say Jared and Emerson! Thats just a hot duo there, i know i would love to see them together, yummy yum yum! hehe, awsome work man. I certainly hope comics come out of this idea too! *cheers*

  • RDot says:

    The sexxy drea is is the zues like character…and dues with the skull on his dick…PRICELESS

  • JC says:

    Yay! more feedback! ^___^

    Z-Maker– You’re right, these boys are definetely deserving of more of a story. Once I solidify some of the other millions of stories and characters I got goin’, I’ll give these guys some attention.

    Jessica– seems like everyone likes that one– he’s my partner’s favote too.

    Chubtoons– Yep, Jake and Ryan were specifically created to appease my gradually growing fetish for bears. Watch– in 2 years, all my characters will be big and furry– lol.

    Patrick– always glad to hear when u like a piece. And it’s cool to know you’re gonna actually use them as wallpapers! I tied putting them on my desktop for a while– but I just couldn’t do it. I kept pointing out all the flaws and things I wanted to change! LOL– it’s never really done, is it?

    Ikkian– yeah, I only used the names I think are cool. Hephasteus, Posiedon, and Aphrodite are annoying for me to say– haha. Likewise, Jupiter, Mercury, and Pluto are just not as cool-sounding as their Greek counterparts.

    Kitt– it’s LOCKS remember!! LOCKS! We can’t used the evil “d” word– lol.

    Kristophe– I do not do MySpace. The reason why is fairly petty– and will probably change in a while. But right now, I steer clear. Well, that’s not true– I have an account and “lurk” from time to time. But I’m not active there.

    Dig– nice to hear from you, my man! Leave it to you to pick the two twinkiest ones– HA. You’re right though– that would be a fun combo to draw.

    RDOT– yeah I like the Hades one a lot– my partner doesn’t. I knew he wouldnt though. Skeletal ghost chicks with big tits are not his thing– haha.

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  • foxy loxy says:

    heehee! makin’ people cream their pants is basically my life’s work.

  • HvH says:

    These are really, really cool ๐Ÿ™‚
    I think I’m gonna use one as my wallpaper for a while. Maybe Neptune…


  • Anonymous says:

    Hey! I’ve been watching your work for a long time now and besides the creation of Tai, Jake has got to be one of the sexiest guys you’ve made. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE your style…but I would really like to see more of Jake ’cause he’s SO hot. <3

    Plus water is my favourite element. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • DrGaellon says:

    Emerson and Jared are my favorites… I hope you do more with these guys.

  • Korok Studios says:

    Jake Neptune does not have to ask! He’s majorly HOT! He needs pages and pages of nude art devoted just to him!

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