Figure Drawing: Roger

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  • December 8, 2007
So last Wednesday, I attended the Leslie Lohman Foundation‘s Queer Men’s Erotic Art Workshop for the first time and let me tell ya, it was definitely worth it! It was nothing like I expected and exactly like I secretly wanted! Haha.

Back at Pratt, I had a LOT of figure drawing. With my major being Illustration, my advisors assured me that I should get as much figure drawing as possible. So about 4 times a week for 4 years I was sentenced to render the very repetitive brigade of weirdo models Pratt hired. Let’s see… there was Morbidly Obese Eviva, Johnny One-Nut, Coked-Up Keiko, Fat-Pussied Rose, Shaved Santa, Tampon String, Out of Work G.I.Joe, Senile Old Lady, and Beatles Haircut Guy With the Shit Stained Underwear… among others. Needless to say, I’d had my fill of figure drawing by the time I graduated and was content to let my imagination do the work from there on out.

So, imagine my delight at LLF when I saw hunky, hairy Roger! He was polite and outgoing and had the sexiest German accent. (He was Swiss.)

Despite much of the workshop feeling like school, I had a great time because I got to draw this gorgeous hottie. Although I really don’t know how I (or anyone there for that matter) was able to produce anything. It was wholly difficult to focus on drawing with such a sexy subject. But like the immortal Tom of Finland said “If I have an erection while doing a drawing, then I know it’s good.” Truer words were never spoken. Haha.

I’m glad to get back into figure. I think it gives my body or work this whole new facet you guys haven’t really ever seen. I feel like because it’s from life, it’s so much more real. Granted, I do take a lot of photo reference for my other stuff– but it really isn’t comparable to what I get from life drawing. I’m posting the whole set of all 8 of these on my main site in the Extra section. Enjoy!


  • Fabrissou says:

    You are so talented. I’m jealous ^^

  • Rudy says:

    These drawings are really good! You are so lucky to have the opportunity to go to these workshops. I would give my two front teeth to go… sigh!

  • White Wabbit says:

    Looks like you had loads of fun (as did Roger it would appear lol – loving the apt name). Were you encouraged to stylise or did you just want to anyway? Either way, what a great set of drawings, haha, the leg over the chair is particularly entertaining (was he REALLY dribbling that much?).

    My life drawing models have been bizarre too, there was the hairy woman, the pierced-flange woman, the excess-skin woman and the enormous-arse woman. How are these models going to teach us basic proportion when they’re deformed??!! In a way I’m glad there wasn’t any gorgeous men though, because I can ‘spring up’ pretty easily lol (and I tell you it ain’t easy to hide).

    Anyway, as I said before, gorgeous drawings, you really make his muscles look strong rather than just blobby. So good work mate!!

    Wabbit xx

  • dreamerboy6 says:

    JC! These are amazing! I absolutely love every one of them. They have such a high level of detail and energy. It’s amazing how intense they come across. I’m sure it’s no surprise that I LOVE his hairy chest. So sexy. As usual, you rock my world. 🙂

  • JC says:

    THANK YoU Fabrissou! That is flattering becasue I am REALLY jealous of your art too! But I keep forgetting to check your site because you’re not in my links. We gotta fix that, buddy!

    haha. Thanks Rudy. It is cool to be able to draw the way I like without worrying about people around me disapproving.

    Hey Wabbit. It was LOADS of fun (yes, pun intended– hint hint.) And NO, things are not stylized too much in these drawings. In other words… I drew EXACTLY what I saw. (Yeah, the dollop was like 5 inches long!!!)

    And I totally understand what u mean about these deformed models the art schools get. I guess they are trying to teach us to be versitile. But NONE of my school models were EVER normal proportions. I remember drawing the obese lady felt like architecture becasue she was big as a house. Thanks for stoppin by, dude.

    Yeah, Dreamerboy– Roger’s chest and stomach were so cute and fuzzy! Thanks for commenting. Oh and I haven’t forgotten your stuff. I’ve been super busy.

  • Kitt Mouri says:

    …too bad they don’t allow women to go to these events ^_~ Ah well, you told me why so I understand. *sighs* Nice pics, though. You refined them very well ^_^

  • Patrick says:

    Hey JC…

    These are simply gorgeous. You are such a wonderful artist, and the way you can play with styles and techniques as well as you do shows how much talent you really have. The folks in the class with you must have been quite impressed with what you did.

    And I agree with Rudy, you are very lucky to be able to attend these workshops. I am so jealous! LOL!

    Lovely work, deear friend!
    Patrick XOXO

  • blog owner: gormax says:

    Amazing sketches!

  • JC says:

    Aww– Kitt! Well you know I just found out the the LGBT center has a similar class where both men and women attend. But it’s at 10AM on Saturdays. We should go one of these days?

    Thanks for commenting Patrick and Gormax. Aw– Patrick you bring a tear to my eye everytime you give me a compliment! haha. But yeah, I think people there like my work although there are tons of other amazing artists there. They’ve all just been published in the new Bruno Gmunder book, “Dirty Little Drawings.”

  • Chubtoons says:

    I wanna draw Roger! I Did about half a simester of life drawing in College. All I got to draw was a popsicle stick-thin girl who wouldn’t sit still or shut-up.

    These works are very “stimulating” indeed. Knowing that they are of a real, flesh-n-bone guy somehow makes them even hotter. And you translated him so well into your unique style.

  • Jessica says:

    Awww… I wanna go! Why can’t women go? Is it some kind of “gay bonding” thing? Hmpf.

    By the way, I love your drawings.

  • JC says:

    THANXXX! ^__^

  • George G says:

    Unfortunately Jessica, it’s called the Queer Man’s Drawing Salon for a reason – it’s an all-male thing. Glad you enjoyed the salon – you’ll get into the feel of it eventually, and you’ll realize that despite the subject matter, people are really there to draw. I don’t go as much anymore unless I really like the model, but maybe I’ll run into you if I recognize your drawing style.

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