Figure Drawing: Tyler

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  • December 17, 2008
Some of you have noticed that my erotic art goes through “phases.” A few years ago, I was experiencing the height of my “cummy” phase where I’d cover my cartoon studs from head to toe in semen. Right now, you could say that I’m in my “monster balls” phase. I have discovered that I have a fetish for large heavy nutsacks. It’s become something that I try to emphasize in my work. So, you can imagine my delight to discover this week’s workshop model, Tyler, a man naturally blessed with enormous testicles.

In general, I was very pleased with Tyler. His pic looked nothing like him (as usual) and showed him with short black hair and a completely shaven chest. So it was a awesome to see that in reality he was a redhead. I have a bit of a thing for the gingers. And what a bonus to discover he was really super hairy, something I’ve come to LOVE in these past few years. But as I said before, it was undeniably that huge pink bag between his legs that kept my mouth agape and cock hard the entire night.

I tend to find something attractive about all of the models who make it to my blog. But I think this guy was the first one I was actually attracted to. At one point during a break, he was walking around with a long line of precum dangling from his dickhead. You should have seen how tongue tied I got when he tried to make conversation.

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  • Anonymous says:

    redheads can be cute!!! never knew that you could go through phases in drawings….wonder what could your next one could be?

  • RDot says:

    you know…i looked at the pics before reading what u were saying about them…and the first thing that came to my mind was DAYUM…his is going through the first stages of elephantiasis….what huge balls he has. thanks for clarifying with your words when i actually read them. lol

  • JC says:

    My next phase will probably be shota furry amputees.

    RDot– dude, those nads are not exapperated. they were humongo! And to see him in those skinny jeans after the class was over.. I’m just like– dude– where the hell did they go??

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