Erotic Figure Drawing: Jason and Andy

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  • February 27, 2012

When there are two models posing together at the erotic figure drawing workshop, I am usually apprehensive because it’s difficult to capture likenesses of both guys in the allotted time. But since I liked both of my depictions of these models from previous solo sessions, I went into this with renewed resolve.

Jason, the shorter and skinner one of the duo, took all the more aggressive poses, making their contrasting bodies that much more fun to draw.

The last time I drew Jason, he looked quite stern, so I should have known he was more on the dom side. This time though, his facial expressions were a little more… cheery. I think he really liked Andy.

Andy is pretty tall and has the babyface looks of a true sub. Something about a big dude submitting to a smaller one is pretty hot.

To me, it seemed Jason and Andy, respectively embody the words hard and soft, in every way.

Oh, here’s the tribute to Tom of Finland pose– I was never more happy to draw those sailor props. (They come out at LEAST every other week… lol.

Despite looking so different though, both of their dicks were pretty similar, at least in terms of length. Andy, the taller one, definitely had Jason beat on girth. But Jason has an up-curved one that looks super-hard. A great duo, indeed!


  • You captured Jason perfectly! Good to hear he seemed happier this go round. I didn’t come to this session primarily cause he looked so glum last time I drew him.

    • JC says:

      Heh- Thanks, Lucky. Yeah maybe someone told him to lighten up a bit cuz he was all smiles this time. Of course, the other guy’s hot little ass in his face probably didn’t hurt- haha.

  • dreamerboy6 says:

    Hot! JC, I think this is one of your best figure drawings yet! I love their faces! Especially the eyebrows and expressions for some reason. 🙂 So cool! ^_^

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