Character Study: Caleb

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“Caleb Character Study” (2014)
Caleb Chaos
6’4”, 245 lbs.,
Black Hair, Brown Eyes
Organically connected to cybernetic systems implanted throughout his body, Caleb’s equipped with all kinds of high-tech weaponry of his own design. But his tool of choice is usually a very very big gun. Leader of the notorious intergalactic soldiers of fortune known as the Anti-Heroes, Caleb has a genius level intellect and a sense of superiority that borders on megalomania.

“Guns Galore” (2014)
Created for “Hero Worship,” my first exhibition where I was curator. Part of the “Sparkle Series,” I used a lot of glittery elements and shiny, blingy applique, which are all impossible to capture in a still digital scan. So here’s a little video of how he looks when light passes over. This was the decided main advertising image I used for the show because collectors are convinced Caleb is me. I would argue that all my art represents “me” but I guess they do have a point in that a LOT of artists’ characters kinda look like the artist.

Mr. Caleb (2016)
A friend clued me into this awesome technique whereby using the new iPad’s split screen feature you can have a hot porn pic from the internet up in one window while drawing in Procreate in another! I don’t normally like working so close to photo reference that I haven’t taken myself, so I decided to include the original image just to keep everything legit. It’s Mr. Marky my favorite porn star! If he roided up a bit, he could play Caleb in the Anti-Heroes live action motion picture!

“Sputtering Caleb” (2013)
I hadn’t drawn my boy in a while so decided to depict him on one of these 3×3 canvas blocks I bought on a whim. The surface took marker kinda weird and made for an interesting texture. Ended up showing this in the SexyBlack show.

Caleb Dirty Little Drawing (2015)
Drawing was originally of a hot model but I built it up to look like Caleb! First piece I sold in Dirty Little Drawings 2015!

“Torso Series: Caleb” (2013)
Just one of 10 (so far) in a traditional media series where I cropped everyone at the torso. Yunno, for those collectors who are still phallo-phobic. lol j/k

Caleb Poses in Overalls (2016)
A model posed in overalls once, so he had to become Caleb, my only OC who wears overalls.

“Chara Card 02: Caleb” (2012)
Part of a series exploring my OC’s that has since been usurped by this page, this was the front of his “trading card.” This may be the only Caleb done during my flat color period.

“Steam Room Boys” (2012)
I actually did this for the back cover of my book, Tongue in Cheek, making sure to pick varied characters– Caleb got to be the token brown man. Of course, the REAL version in the Archive Gallery has giant erections and a drippy ass, (which, believe it or not, happens at all gym saunas in NYC, and in fact sometimes gets way more graphic than what I drew.)

“Caleb Valentine” (2009)
Remember how special those cardboard valentines of your favorite cartoon characters were? Sometimes the art was rare or slightly off-model, which made them even more collectible. I used to eat those up. This was inspired by that feeling.

“Christmas Caleb” (2011)
My friend Anthony Gonzales is an amazing gift giver– me, not so much. But I know he likes drawings of Caleb, so he’s the one who owns this original…

“Anti-Heroes: Boot Camp” (2010)

My newest webgame, Boot Camp is a Steamy Shooter Striptease Spectacle of awse sauce! Caleb, Tai and Zeke will train you, the fledgling Anti-Hero, in the ways of sexy space combat! I’ve worked pretty hard on this but the real credit goes to fellow artist / web developer, Necro. We met at an art show a little while back, and immediately hit it off, both of us sharing a passion for art, gaming and CAPCOM! (LOL) Boot Camp is available to play with a Archive Password. I’m dying to know what you guys think of it, so after you play a few rounds, be sure to let me know by posting here!


56 Full Color Pages, Story/Art: JC Etheredge, Colors: Silvano

“Blaster Master Caleb”
(Anti-Heroes #3 Front Cover, 2008)

The Anti-Heroes get captured by the Bomb Squad– a team of super-powered bounty hunters, led by a woman called Parasite!

Learn the true secret of Caleb’s “baby’s mother” and why she wants him dead!

Will Caleb’s awesome cybernetic power-suit be enough to escape?

Find out in this, the first Anti-Heroes book with full pornographic nudity on more pages than just the pinups!

And speaking of pinups– there are twice as many as usual in this book, including some in mind-blowing 3D! 3D glasses included!


“Caleb Entubed”
(Anti-Heroes #3 Page 26, 2008)

An excerpt from Ant-Heroes #3, I am in awe of Silvano’s gorgeous coloring inside this tube!

Looks way better than the kajillions of times we’ve seen Wolverine in a tube, huh? 😉

“Caleb’s Transformation”
(Anti-Heroes #3 Page 34, 2008)

Anime fans, especially Sailor Moonsters will recognize the nod to those transformation sequences here.

Colorist Silvano used his talent to really drive the idea home.

One day, I’m going to animate this.

“Posing in the Power Suit”
(Anti-Heroes #3 Page 35, 2008)

Colored by Slivano, Caleb strikes this fierce pose after transforming into the Power Suit.

Don’t worry– soon after, his dick bursts free.

“Caleb Tuckered Out” (2008)
Left: One of the Splash Pages in Anti-Heroes #3, digitally colored by the amazing Silvano, this is one of my more popular pieces.
Right: For one of my first shows, I decided to build on the sketch for Caleb Tuckered Out in traditional media (markers and colored pencils on craft paper.) But for this version, I decided to cover him up.

“Power Suit Caleb” (2008)
Left: One of my favorite drawings of Caleb, no doubt in part thanks to Silvano’s amazing digital coloring. Caleb dons the Power Suit in Anti-Heroes #3 for extra firepower. It’s definitely Tron inspired, with a bit of Mega Man thrown in… and an enormous phallus, of course!
Right: Again, a less raunchy redo of the original in tradition media.

“Anti-Heroes Line Up” (2008)

Another of the Splash Pages from Anti-Heroes #3, this one also got translated into 3D.

Since this drawing, Caleb has grown about 3 inches (cuz yunno, as a cyborg, he can just install that— like in his legs… yea, that’s the ticket.) Color by Silvano!

“Caleb VS. Rene” (2008)

Yes, actual hetero penetration– haha!

Caleb’s ex, Rene plays a major part in Anti-Heroes #3.

This image is a bit of a flashback to their college years when they experimented! Color by Silvano!

“The Extraction” (2008)
The largest of the 3D Splash Pages of Anti-Heroes #3, this actually doesn’t happen in the main story so you’ll have to use your imagination as to who’s milking them and why! Color by Silvano!

Caleb & the Anti-Heroes by Anthony Gonzales (2008-2010)
No one has done more fan-art of Caleb and the Anti-Heroes more than Anthony. Each awesome in its own right, Anthony has an unrivaled attention to detail that shows in all of them. Here’s all his drawings with Caleb… (so far– I bet he has more cuz he can do like 10 drawings in a night!)


“Caleb by Lucky Sanford” (2005)

“Caleb by Lucky Sanford, Take Two” (2013)
Lucky made the left piece for my birthday shortly after I first him. A great drawing on it’s own, but totally takes on a new context when you look at it compared to the piece he drew on the right, almost 10 years later! I love seeing artists evolve! Lucky’s crisp line work was always one of my favorite aspects of the way he draws. Thanks a ton, Lucky! And check out his blog for more gorgeously rendered toon dudes!


← “Anti-Heroes by Jezza Smilez” (2009)

Jezza is another good IRL bud o’ mine who truly gets where I’m coming from with my art.

We see eye to eye on a lot what’s going on with gay erotica.

In his own work, the men are always smiling and engaged with the viewer.

(Although my eye is always drawn to the monster dicks– hehe.)

And unlike many artists working in a cartoony style, Jezza manages to cram all this subtle detail into his drawings. Also, killer weapon design on Caleb!

↓ “Anti-Heroes by Jezza Smilez, Take Two” (2010)

“Caleb by Bordin Marsinkul” (2010)
I met this artist at NYCC where he was sketching at a booth where they were selling markers. His wonderfully gritty Street Fighter pieces were up, so that’s what got me to stop– but then I actually saw him work… which was incred. He needed tons of space and went at the paper like a martial artist. He was very animated, which seems to really show through in his work. I love the exuberance and excitement that goes into this piece I commissioned.

“Caleb by Sarumaru” (2009)
This was an art trade with Sarumaru. I really admire his style. I love that he loves muscles, and I love that he loves nipples, and I love that he isn’t afraid of drawing a big fat penis! This piece is very indicative of Sarumaru’s style: strong & masculine but with this inherent cuddly softness. And I just looove these boots! (might have to borrow that design for a future issue 😉 ) Sarumaru runs Saru-X, his monster of a blog, full of sexy, chunky, manly goodness! Thanks, DJ, you’re the best!

“Anti-Heroes by Bulldog Bronx” (2009)
Check out this killer graphic graphite rendition of our favorite trio by artist Bulldogg Bronx. I appreciate his soft rendering and the utter raunchiness of the poses!

“Caleb by EJ Lyonheart” (2009)
To quote the artist, “I’m not a bottom but even i gotta give credit to [Caleb’s] huge….gun…” YEUH! Thank you, Ej-Lyonhart for this yummy rendition of Mr. Chaos. I really love the rendering and the cool arm-cannon design! There’s an attention to subtly that I appreciate… and that’s just a good penis drawing.

“Anti-Heroes by tc1965, Takes 1 and 2” (2009)
Poser artist tc1965 aka Digital Mind did these awesome renderings of the Anti-Heroes! Digging Caleb’s haircut in the left piece!

“Caleb by IcemanBlue” (2008)
Next up, here’s Caleb in the Power Suit drawn by the renowned IcemanBlue. We agreed to art trade– I did his character MidnightMan and he did my boy Caleb. Great action pose and lighting here, but I expected nothing less from this guy. You’ll find yourself spending hours on his site!

“Caleb by Silvano” (2009)
This gem is by comic artist extraordinaire, Silvano, the colorist on Anti-Heroes #3. I’ve always been in awe of his work. He’s got this amazing color sense that gives his characters this really animated look. Don’t they feel as if they’re going to jump right off the page?! But what I love most is that Silvano, being so familiar with the Anti-Heroes, gets all the details right in his rendition while still designing new elements that totally work.

“Anti-Heroes by Chubtoons” (2009)
My bud who runs the blog Big Boy Toons did this spectacular fan-art of the Anti-Heroes! I am in love with his technique in general. He always has these sharp, crisp lines in everything he does. In this one each Anti-Hero has Chubtoons’ signature stylization yet seems maintain his unique personality. Thanks, Jason!

“Anti-Heroes by Jeremonkey” (2008)
In his words, he wanted to prove to a friend that he could draw orc-sized cocks! haha– They’re nice bulges indeed– but I also really love the way he renders nipples… very pluckable! Check out his Y!Gallery site for some great xxx pics of pretty boys and their pretty dongs.

“Anti-Heroes by Imatoy” (2009)
I’ve always been interested to know what the Anti-Heroes would look like as genuine bona fide action figures. So, I decided to commission Tobias Trost over at Imatoy. He does really great work. Tobias said that these were some of his favorite pieces to create. Indeed they are unique because he’s working in a larger scale and using more sculpting and painting and accessories than ever. I just love the way these came out– they stand abouve my desk alongside all my X-Men and Street Fighters!

“Anti-Heroes by Aneros” (2008)
I also commissioned erotica artist, Aneros to do the Anti-Heroes! They all came out adorable but I think where this piece really shines is on Caleb. The coloring on the figure is very rich and the weapon design is awesome! It’s different from anything I’ve ever drawn, and yet, I could still picture my favorite cyborg megalomaniac toting it with no problem!

“Anti-Heroes by Blue Dog” (2006)
I commissioned this piece after lusting over Blue Dog’s Y Gallery forever. They all came out very cute– Caleb’s expression is so naughty!

“Caleb by Seraphic Reverie” (2006)
Awesome lineart of Caleb by the talented SeraphicReverie! This artist varies line weight, a technique I value very much. Check out his gallery.

“Caleb by K-Slash” (2007)
When you click the link to K-Slash’s site, don’t be surprised to find much newer pics than this one in a much tighter style. I appreciate this older piece becasue I really like seeing artists grow and over the years. The new stuff might be cleaner, but you can still see the artist’s signature in the old stuff.

“Caleb by GuBoy” (2006)
Guboy was one of the very first artists I ever followed on y-gallery. This was an art trade where the piece I did for him ended up influencing the direction of some other characters on this site. I still think this is quite possibly one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen.

“Figure Drawing: Caleb” (2010)
Pencil Sketches = Me
Color Rendering = Headlight
Model = I so don’t remember
Full Cock + Drippy Spooge Version = Password One of seven in a series.

“Happy Blogiversary” (2007)
This was to commemorate a year of blogging. Wow- remember when people cared about blogs? lol. This was a very different palette for the Anti-Heroes.

“Dixels” (2006)
Bought a pixel art book and it inspired me. This is kinda what I did at my old job– except with upholstery patterns– not naked big-dicked cartoons.

“Anti-Heroes Halloween” (2006)
Who wants a taste of Toni’s witch’s brew? Caleb’s in Geordi cosplay here although people who don’t know the Anti-Heroes always just assume I just randomly drew a hot buff Geordi.

“Anti-Heroes Turf War” (2006)
One of a few One-Pagers featuring the boys, I originally made this for some gay art compilation book but I totally can’t remember which.

“Caleb Profile Pic” (2006)
Used in one of the earlier incarnations of my cast o’ characters page, this is a rollover and the 1st time I drew Caleb in overalls!

“Anti-Heroes Chase Waterfalls” (2006)
Some early experimentation with pixel art and animated gifs.

“Anti-Heroes Classic Web Intro” (2006)
Aw, remember Flash? This was during a phase where my site was chocked full of a lotta Flash. This animation has its issues but I loved how it came out… and at the time, it definitely did its job, enticing users into the site.

“Anti-Heroes #1” (2005)

Meet the hot, hung, horny, hard-bodied Anti-Heroes: Caleb, the cyborg powerhouse; Tai, the bulging brawler; and Zeke, the psychic gigolo! In this issue, the boys get caught up in a web of treachery and revenge when they kidnap Princess Toni for Bug and his cultish rebel group! And then, they must face the wrath of President Cassio in his powered-up, nigh omnipotent form!

Hardcopies of this issue are sold out but it’ll be available to read in the Archive Gallery soon.

“Caleb Vs. Bug” (2005)
An excerpt from Ant-Heroes #1.

“Anti-Heroes #2” (2005)

A tropical vacation turns into a spectacular martial-arts melee when Cattle and his hot hench-twins, Rock and Stone attack the Anti-Heroes! As Cattle and Tai’s past is revealed, it becomes apparent that there was a little more to their relationship than just teacher and student! And then, learn why everyone wants to get their hands on the mysterious Dragon Nuts!

Hardcopies of this issue are sold out but it’ll be available to read in the Archive Gallery soon.

“Dragon Nuts” (2005)
An excerpt from Ant-Heroes #2.

“Bomb Squad Beta” (2005)
Here are the Anti-Heroes in costumes like the Bomb Squad, the villains in Anti-Heroes #3. The Bomb Squad is a slightly older idea than the Anti-Heroes, so this represents how often the idea the Bomb Squad evolved over the years. This piece became the back cover of the issue where the 2 groups officially meet. Also an early attempt at paint (I think watercolor?)

“Anti-Heroes Forever” (2005)
An early watercolor attempt, several of these characters never made it to the comic, but you’ll see them in other projects on this site.

“Anti-Heroes on Vacation” (2005)
While ending up the back cover for Anti-Heroes #2, this is one of the earlier pieces I can remember making my partner pose for. Good ol Riis beach’s gay section…

“Spooge Fest” (2005)
The earliest XXX-rated piece featuring all 3 Anti-Heroes, I employed my partner’s coloring here. This was back when I wasn’t so confident in my digital color skills. For cum color reference, I screencapped that shot on Ren & Stimpy where Ren wakes up sick and sunlight is glistening off his snot.

“Streets of Gays” (2004)
Bit of a love-hate relationship with this piece. I hate that I did it before truly understanding pixel art, but love the idea and theme. So do the folks at GayGamer! There’s a sequel in my works-in-progress folder called “16 Players Version!”

“8-Bit Anti-Heroes” (2004)
Let the record show I did this waaay before the Mega Man sprite became the default for everyone and their mom experimenting with sprite editing.

“Anti-Heroes Pride” (2002)
Did this to coincide with Pride month.

“Lunchtime” (2002)
I’m not really a painter but I’ve always been proud of this early shot at watercolor.

“Anti-Heroes Love Contrapposto” (2001)
Kinda want to redo this with LESS contrapposto, though this one is special because it’s the first one with all 3 Anti-Heroes together.

“Bay as Caleb” (2001)
This was done in a life drawing portion of one of my illustration classes in college. Bay, the inspiration here, was the only attractive model we had at Pratt.

“Ratatat” (2001)
Still studying where I wanted Caleb’s to go, I actually had a friend help me draw this gun.

“New Invention” (2000)
Here we have the very first Caleb drawing that’s totally XXX! Like all of us who first dive in to Photoshop, I was into using photography as the background. But for this, I remember tweaking the full color photo to match the drawing.

“Caleb in Ink” (2000)
I had an amazing Illustration professor my junior and senior years at Pratt: Dave Passalacqua. Not only was he the teacher who was most sure I’d excel at porn (based on my supposed “tame” work!) but he also had invaluable advice about where I should go technically. He suggested I try ink and look at ancient Asian art for reference. This is my an early attempt at ink wash but what works better for me was inking with varying line widths, something I directly lifted from old-school Asian art.

“Real Bout Caleb” (2002)
Originally used as a button to launch an earlier version of this page, the idea for this comes from Real Bout Fatal Fury where the character portraits are really… bold. Lotsa BIG expressions- lol.

“Caleb Web Portrait” (2004)
Also used in a former bio page for Caleb, the face shading here was inspired by some new-school SF art.

“Propellor Cap Caleb” (2000)
Still not quite sure where I wanted to go with color, i did this drawing to commemorate this monstrous collection of Prismacolor colored pencils I had just bought. (Still have them, by the way–more than a decade later!) The propellor cap comes back in Anti-Heroes #3 in a flashback to Caleb’s college years.

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