Character Study: Dillon

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Dillon Kidd
6’2”, 160 lbs.,
Black Hair, Brown Eyes
Whether it’s his skyscraper high top fade, strange skrull beard or truly outrageous sense of style, Dillon commands attention wherever he goes. Often underestimated due to his skinny frame, make no mistake, each of this happy-go-lucky blipster’s long appendages are super toned and rock hard. A master musician, you’ll be sure to catch good vibes from any of his instruments, including the one between his legs.

Rock Out Cock Out (2014)

This is part of the Sparkle Series where I used a lot of glittery collage on top of traditional media. The whole set is Lisa Frank inspired but this is the one that seems to say that the most.

I learned with this piece the difficulties of scanning neon, so this is actually just an approximation of the real colors.

Dillon represents my nostalgia for 80’s and 90’s as well as my general love of music.

I Can’t Help It (2015)
Dillon Against the Wall (2014)
Dillon Leaning (2014)

Dillon Stretching (2014)→

Life drawings turned into this character, just getting a feeling for drawing this body type. I remember the feeling of ‘no pressure to turn this into a muscle-man’ was sort of liberating.

Jake Overloaded (2016)
“Referenced” this porn pose enough times that it was necessary to make a piece out of it. I never know what to do with hands in copulation pics so that’s where the dildos are coming from. As for Tucker’s lube cap… well let’s just say that’s less a cartoon fantasy than it is an actual real life need.

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  • pedro says:

    Ah the good ole days, fun to be had. It was not about getting your rocks off, but about the play. Its a much more satisfying game than wham bam, thank you man.

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