Character Study: Dominic

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“Character Study: Dominic” (2014)
Dominic Nazareth
6’3″, 240 lbs.
Blonde Hair, Hazel Eyes
Though Dominic is very dominant in bed, he’s normally pretty mellow, coming off mostly passive in every other situation. His zealous disciples however can be very aggressive, believing that Dominic is the next coming of Christ. Most of the cult is past fuckbuds who’ve gone through the fantastically transformative experience of being dommed by Dom. This burly handyman is the epitome of western masculinity while still unembarrassed to take Carol Danvers pics to the salon.
Dom Rises (2015)
Pretty much directly inspired by Jim Lee’s Psylocke rising out of the water.
Dom Edging (2016)
Originally a life drawing, both this one and the above one were shown at Dirty Little Drawings 2015 and 2016.

“Torso Series: Dominic” (2013)
A series I did for the Visions of Men show, this one was the most popular of the set. (People seem to like that middle finger shit.)

“Dominic by Lollicock” (2013)

I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to get this in my inbox! Lollicock presents Dom at his most merciless, totally wrecking the other guy’s hole. (Check out the detail in that swollen rosebud!) I love how this is doing something that I always do; make multiple versions of a pic. This is like 10 different pieces, each one hot in its own way, telling the story of what looks like one amazing screw! Thanks a lot, Lollicock!

“Tad’s Blue Sofa” (2013)
Made for the “Visions of Men” exhibition, this was done on a 3×3 canvas wood block- so that’s why it’s a bit rougher than my usual stuff. Pose is totally taken from a Machofucker vid- lol.

“Tad Services Dom” (2013)
The first and fap-worthy favorite of the my Dom/Tad drawings, Tad unhinges his jaw to take Dom’s monster. This, along with the pieces to the right and below were developed from a crazy-hot life drawing session where the two models were indeed performing each of these acts! The size difference wasn’t as drastic as I made it here– and the models looked nothing like my characters– but it was definitely an inspiring evening of drawing! Yes, Tad is cropped out of this teaser, so get a password to see the full version!
“Dom + Tad Spit Exchange” (2013)→
Yunno I only realized recently that I draw this scene a lot. LOL. Thing/Hulk, Wolverine/Batman and who knows who else! What can I say– I like spit. Dom’s dick in tis image is bigger than Tad’s thigh lol. But it doesn’t look wrong to me! The best part is the massage Dom’s big finger is giving to Tad’s dripping butthole.

“Watch It Grow” (2013)
An animation of Dom’s monster getting hard. Don’t you hate showers that have that weird almost-transparent glass?

“Dom Rims Tad” (2013)
I feel like this is only 1 of like 2 rimming pics I have on this site, which will be remedied soon, I promise! Another hyper dong on Dom (mainly because it’s an attempt at perspective.) >__<
BTW, there is raunchy fiction derived from the images of Tad and Dom appropriately called “Tad Gets Dommed.”

Bashful Dominic (2015), Here Cums Dom (2015)
There’s been this long haired model in figure drawing who gets turned into Dom, my studly long haired OC. The model has much more effeminate hair than I usually draw for Dom out of my imagination. It’s tough to reconcile the model’s effeminate hair with one of my more purposefully manly characters, but I’m learning to get over it. If he starts getting too fem for you, just look at his fat penis.

Comfy Dominic (2015)
Apologies for hiding all the Dominic figure drawings, but since he’s kinda one of my “gotos” at the moment, I feel like his pics are among the best.

“Choke Fuck” (2012)
Took it there… and beyond LOL. In the Archive Gallery, you’ll find the full version of this has 4 alternates with, of course, the money shot, but also an INTERNAL shot! Oh, and I know it looks like he’s about to deck Tiny Tad in the face, but believe me, that was NOT my intention! haha. I have trouble figuring out what to do with arms and hands sometimes so I fell back on the default comic artist’s hand pose– the fist. I’m not quite into Strawberry Shortcakes just yet (give me a few years!) Also, lol @ the fact that this is the first drawing uploaded to Deviant Art where I’ve had to check ALL of the mature content tags. >___<
“Dominic” (2012)
So I had images of this guy swimming in my head for a while before I actually drew him. A resurgence of the long-haired hippie look is back right now in Brooklyn and there are a lot of hot guys sporting it. I’m loving this because I’ve always fetishized and fantasized about the 70’s.
So Dom came about when I had to scrap this generic-y character I was working on for a freelance project. I loved the drawing and still wanted to use it somehow, so I shifted all the blues to yellows, plastered him in body hair and gave him a new long mane. After a few months, I added the pants-down version (roll over!) and once his fat wang was drawn, Dominic officially was born!

“Viking Stud” (2011)
When this was drawn, Dominic wasn’t quite developed yet but they look alike enough that I’m retcon this pic to be Dominic in cosplay. ^___^ This was for the Back to the Basement exhibition.
Before the TV show Vikings came out, if you Google image searched the word, a LOT of Techno Viking pics come up. (It’s a meme– and is actually pretty hilarious.) So I had to pose my guy like Techno Viking.

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