Character Study: Seb

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Seb Character Study (2018)
Sebastian Robusto, 5’7”, 155 lbs., Brown Hair, Blue Eyes
Seb was always that smoldering twink everyone knew was queer no matter how hard he tried to hide it. Never really having the chance to be closeted allowed him to figure out exactly what he likes in bed relatively early. So at 19 he has the experienced, well-used hole of Palm Springs retiree. With his coy, innocent look and big plump ass, he takes the crown as king of the sluts on!



Staredown (2013) 
With almost 2000 notes between two separate posts, this is my most popular piece on tumblr. It’s inspired by this awesome homoerotic image of Sagat and Ryu from Street Fighter Alpha. There’s a frottage and cummy version in the Members Gallery and on my Patreon showing some serious size difference action in their dongs.

Where You Goin’ (2018)
Seb, my twinky everyman and go-to bottom boy character finds himself in the fraternity fuck den of big beastly Ryan, who is the Zeus deity reincarnated. First drew this back in 2010 but for whatever reason, forgot about posting it until now. Obviously, there is a raunchy uncensored penetrative version along with alternates including: Condom, Cummy, Internal and the preliminary 2010 draft, all on my Patreon.


Sub Seb (2013)
Part of the Boys and Their Butts Series using mostly watercolor pencil; 1 of 3 teensy little postcard-sized ass-centric drawings.


Nightmare Fantasy (2011)
Check out all 11 of the throbbing dicks of varying shapes and sizes that have just gangbanged a blissfully dazed Seb here on my Patreon.


Peek (2017)
Did this one for Dirty Little Drawings and it sold right away. Yup, I save Grindr pics for reference– watch out!


Please Baby (2007)
A scene out of my old soap series, Persuasions with Seb and his high school BF, Brody.



Locker Room Gods (2010)
Super talented colorist Headlight provided the amazing coloring and rendering on their skin and BG and then I put a few little embellishments on top of that. Also, I remember vividly, this was drawn while stuck in a hotel room in a bizarrely cold and rainy Cancun for my 30th birthday.

Are You Looking At My Butt (2017)


Seb Leaning (2008)


So this section is all the times I’ve turned a life drawing model into Seb, which is most often whenever it’s a good arse pose…

Seb Slow Reveal (2017)


Seb’s Back Flex (2017)


Perky Butt Seb (2013)

Seb Fondles Himself (2014)


Seb’s Momo (2016)

Robust (2004)
One of 8, the best thing to come of this failed t-shirt project of ’04 was that it inadvertently designed several characters I still draw, including this guy!

Seb Used (2011)
Definitely the raunchiest in a marker series from 2011 and the only one that didn’t sell, probably because it’s a very big piece. Yea people don’t really buy 20″ porn drawings…

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