Character Study: Tiny Tad

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DJ Tad (2014)

Part of the Sparkle Series, here’s Tad breakdancing naked on some flying DJ turntables.

I swear I was sober when I came up with this!

In fact, I saw it in my head the second I created Tad, knowing I wanted him to be a kinda-emo, kinda-hipster alternaqueer.

Tiny Tad Character Study (2014)
Thaddeus Smalls
5’0”, 100 lbs.,
Auburn Hair, Brown Eyes
Tiny Tad is a scruffy submissive gay twink hipster DJ! He’s deeply closeted, repressed and religious, loaded with tons of delicious sex guilt. No matter who he’s paired with, he’ll always be drastically smaller, fulfilling all fetishes for size difference. And with the devilish innocence of a Sailor Moon character, he’s so cute and nubile, if he ever shaved he’d totally be shota.


Tad Presenting (2019)
In watercolor and colored pencil and marker and maybe some Photoshop, along with the pic that inspired it. From Tumblr though I can’t help but wonder if it was stolen off Grindr.
Tad Wanks to His Feed (2019)
Same model and pose as “Caleb Wanks to His Feed” but from a later session so I decided to change him up a little, de-emphasizing the muscles and replacing the hand on a big dick to a big dildo being stuffed in an ass. Full version here on my Patreon!

Spitroasting Tad (2019)
Alternates include Cummy Version with a full belly AND disgusting X-ray Internal versions! Because it’s not enough to just tell you that Tad gets so filled with sperm that his stomach gets fat. I’m an artist and I must SHOW you these things.

I was so into this pic at one point that I wanted to animate the scene– painstakingly drawing all these frames of Tad’s holes stretching. In general, animation is not meant for an art style as detailed as mine and even though I know that intellectually, I still sometimes try. But check out what I’m calling an “animation test” lol along with the uncensored versions on my Patreon:

A Touch of Tad (2015)


Tad Expectant (2016)


The pics in this section are all from the life drawing session with this twinky little model we had once and only once.
A welcome change from the more muscled guys that normally pose, he perfectly personified Tiny Tad, giving me some of my best butt centric drawings yet!

One After Another (2016)


All Smiles (2014)

Tad’s Two Fingers (2016)

Dom Rims Tad (2013)

Dom + Tad Spit Exchange (2013)
This super sub/dom-themed 2-man figure drawing session really laid the foundation for the personalties of Tiny Tad and Dominic.

The top was dressed like a priest, the bottom, wearing rosary beads and even though I didn’t draw all that, the religious undertone to the characters ended up sticking.

The size difference in these is exaggerated to the Nth degree, so if you’re into that, get a password to see the full versions! Also, check out the raunchy fiction derived from this set entitled Tad Gets Dommed!

Tad Services Dom (2013)

Tad’s Toys (2013)
I love the idea of someone getting plowed on both ends (and don’t worry– I’m working on pieces that show this!) but for now, enjoy Tad plowing HIMSELF on both ends! There are keyframes for an animation of this…

On Display (2013)
The first of the Boys & Their Butts series, my love of guys presenting their assholes like animals in heat was just beginning.

Tad’s Blue Sofa (2013)
This was done on a 3×3 canvas wood block- so that’s why it’s a bit rougher than my usual stuff. Pose is totally taken from a Machofucker vid- lol.

“Choke Fuck” (2012)
Took it there… and beyond LOL. In the Members Gallery, you’ll find the full version of this has 4 alternates with, of course, the money shot, but also an INTERNAL shot! Oh, and I know it looks like he’s about to deck Tiny Tad in the face, but believe me, that was NOT my intention! haha. I have trouble figuring out what to do with arms and hands sometimes so I fell back on the default comic artist’s hand pose– the fist. I’m not quite into Strawberry Shortcakes just yet (give me a few years!) Also, lol @ the fact that this is the first drawing uploaded to Deviant Art where I’ve had to check ALL of the mature content tags. >___<


“Have It Again, Tad” (2008, 2014)
In the Comstock Series from 2008, I wanted to start drawing more different body types, and this guy was the little twink of the lot. The stubble, tatts and hip-hop style were added not only to prevent him from looking too young, but to also edge him up a bit. Meanwhile, years later in 2012, I was drawing Dominic plowing a somewhat nondescript skinny guy (above) and my love for Dominic quickly shifted to the little guy. I combined the twink from the card series with this new guy and Tiny Tad was born.
Figure Drawing: Tiny Tad 1-7 (2013)
This was the 3rd time I was drawing this model so I thought it was time to just draw him as an OC. The poses were all spectacular which is why you can see faint impressions of them in each image. Opening them all and switching between them makes an awesome slightly animated effect.


  • Mike says:

    Luv the Tad stuff. I’m more into twinks so it’s no big surprise that he’s my favorite. Have you considered doing another twink similar to Tad but maybe with a smooth hole and a bigger cock? Yummy, LOL.

    • JC says:

      Thanks a lot! I have considered this, yes! Tucker is kinda my hung twink at the moment although I draw him crazy hairy. I’ll try to make up a new hung twink who’s smooth!

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