Character Study: Tucker

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Tucker Kapconami
6’3”, 165 lbs.,
Brown Hair, Blue Eyes
Who’d have ever thought all those geeky kids would turn out to be the sizzling hot sex symbols they are today? Such an example is Tucker, the sexy nerd of Though somewhat shy and socially awkward, behind closed doors his lovers are treated to that creatively deviant imagination only dorks have. When he’s not creating indy video games he’s playing with his other fat joystick and its remarkably droopy foreskin.


Tucker the GameMaster (2014)

More of new character Tucker, my nerdy, hairy, skinny but hung-fat stud I’ve been drawing a lot lately. This particular piece was part of my Sparkle Series so there’s a lot of glitter in there.

Also, I wanted to see if I could do pixel art with traditional media. So I drew it, traced the parts I wanted to be pixely onto graph paper and then pasted that on the page. It was a fun process that really paid off since this was the very first one to sell at my last show.

Full version is in my Members Galley, accessible by just clicking this image. The guy who bought it was like “I love how his foreskin is flapping in the wind.” lol

Tucker Wanking (2014)


←Tucker Kneeling (2015)
The model told me he noticed how happy I got when he took this pose. I couldn’t help it– it was a new pose! And produced a great, eager drawing!

Sailor Tucker (2014)

Tucker Leaning (2014)


Jake Overloaded (2016)
“Referenced” this porn pose enough times that it was necessary to make a piece out of it. I never know what to do with hands in copulation pics so that’s where the dildos are coming from. As for Tucker’s lube cap… well let’s just say that’s less a cartoon fantasy than it is an actual real life need.

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