Goro by JC (2015)
Since some were disappointed my anthro shark didn’t get 2 wieners, I’ve been brainstorming where that could happen in my portfolio. Especially since the real life dude with 2 came forward with pics and that AMA– it became almost imperative! At some point I realized Goro was perfect for this and since I want furries to like me, a Kintaro variant is added (mouse over!)

So check out the nude, excited and messy versions in my archive gallery, now accessible through Patreon! And the messy version has the special bonus of a completely destroyed Johnny Cage gaping deeper than I’ve ever drawn before! They really did finish him!


  • timemonkey says:

    Awesome. Though now I wanna see Johnny actually getting stuffed. XD Or maybe MK’s actual gay character.

    I kinda love that anyone who draws Goro pretty much has to add in Cage getting plowed. It’s like the unofficial rule of MK porn.

  • dreamerboy6 says:

    Wow! These are awesome! I love how many different versions you did! 😮 Those double dicks put DDD to shame, haha! ;D

    • JC says:

      Haha- thanks, buddy! Oddly the Kintaro version is more popular! I couldn’t have predicted that at all! I had to look up who DDD was. I was a little disappointed– back when all he had out was the AMA, he seemed somewhat humble. Now that he has more of a web presence, he’s coming off a bit less classy. I should offer him design help- lol.

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