Plan Bee

by Yin_to_Yang

Crag Torso Sketch, Blistr Torso Sketch (2017)

Brutal Ballers, the league of amazing anthropomorphic athletes is broadcast to millions all over the world. But only a small portion of its audience watches for the basketball. Every aspect of the beast-men’s lives is recorded with cameras built into most of the infrastructure of the Ballosphere. And as expected, this male-only ecosystem of testosterone-laden aggression, competition and domination produces non-stop pornographic action.

Each member of this menagerie is closely watched and designated a number and a name based on their appearance. Among this list the focus centralizes tonight on subjects 13 and 14.
Subject 13 is a rhinoceros anthromorph under the designation of “Crag” while Subject 14 is a Honey Bee anthromorph under the assigned name of “Blistr”. The two are currently within the detention hall of the academy… Proceeding with observation… Activating cameras

Crag and Blistr sit in The Cage, a detention like center designed for controlling and disciplining the Brutal Ballers, surrounded by bars like an old zoo or jail. The coachbot ordered both of their detention after they got into a little bit of roughhousing while they were playing one-on-one in one of the many courts within the facility. Their play ended up destroying one of the cameras in the process. Things would seem pretty normal…if it weren’t for the fact the two of these individuals were lacking almost any clothing save for their basketball socks and sneakers. Blistr was flying around the ceiling of the cage much to Crag’s annoyance that he immediately yelled, “Will you sit the fuck down!?! Fuck…you can’t even sit still for five minutes.” Blistr immediately stops and flies right in front of Crag, startling the bigger guy, “If I recall…we wouldn’t be in this mess if you didn’t flip the hell out like usual.” Crag frowns, “Me!? If you even knew the first rule of the game and would quit fucking buzzing around like you always do. I wouldn’t have been nearly half as pissed as I was with your…ugh…forget it.”

Crag (2012)
Crag was exhausted in more ways than one. The week has been one shit storm after another and he just wanted to enjoy a simple game of one-on-one for today, but was paired with Blistr by the Coachbot much to his annoyance. Crag is well known for being a hardcore basketball player, short tempered, and kind of a prick. While Blistr on the other hand is known to be energetic, light-hearted, and never takes anything seriously majority of the time. So the problems between the two are… obvious.

Not even fifteen minutes ago on the court, these two are getting ready for their next game and as they begin. Crag as usual shows off his skills, dribbling by bouncing the ball around and between his legs like its nothing and charging straight through like a speeding bullet, horns first ready to pulverize any opposition standing in his way. With the strength his body wields some wonder if he’d be a better rugby player than a basketball player. But basketball is Crag’s life like all the other manimals here.

Blistr loves toying around and never misses the opportunity to take advantage of his speed through flight. Weaving his way around the colossus Crag he manages to steal the ball from the unsuspecting rhino and casually spins the ball on his middle finger smirking devilishly, intentionally flipping off his fellow teammate from out of reach high in the air.

“Get down here Blistr!” bellowed the mighty Crag. Blistr continues smirking and says, “Is that all you got? Please… I can run circles around you every time.” The smack talk was being thrown down and Crag never took lightly too it… that metaphorical fuse that is his patience was already short and it doesn’t help that Blistr’s insults were getting to him, “Come…down…now…” Blistr slowly descended and as he came closer within Crag’s reach, the big guy jumped as high as he could but the busy bee ascends before Crag can touch him. “You’re gonna have to try harder than that Crag.” The jovial smile over Blistr’s face was definitely one of satisfaction from his perch in the sky as he throws the ball into the opposition basket nailing him the first point, “Haha! Better luck next time slick.” Blistr flies over and ahead of Crag to retrieve the ball not taking notice to Crag’s current disposition at all.

That was it…the detonator had gone off and Crag was charging at Blistr at top speed. As he charged towards his target a camera or two got in his line of vision between he and Blistr and without a second thought he charged right through the cameras, knocking them away with his horn. Blistr could almost feel the ground shake even if he wasn’t touching it as Crag was coming straight at him full throttle as he picked the ball up. The insectoid attempted to fly as high as he could but Crag leaped and just barely grazing the terrified bees body in his grip… manages to only grab and rip Blistr’s uniform off. “Dude! What the fuck!?!” screamed Blistr at the top of his lungs. There he was flying in the air completely naked save for his sneakers and socks…he wasn’t even wearing a jock underneath his shorts so his cock was completely exposed and out in the open for all to see.

Crag smirked smugly, “How does it feel? Being embarrassed and toyed with now ya little shit?” Blistr growled in frustration and boomed forward in front of Crag startling him, “Ya think this is funny huh?” Crag takes a good hard and long look at Blistr’s physique and shrugs, “…Possibly.” He lets off casually to further piss the bee off. Blistr glared and immediately retorted, “Well…two can play this game…”

Before Crag could even blink his eyes at what happened, Blistr in a sudden flash of speed used his sharpened stinger to bisect Crag’s own uniform clean in two and just like Blistr’s current clothing situation, he was now standing there completely exposed with his cock feeling the breeze in nothing but socks and sneakers. Crag was pissed and fuming and quickly grabbed Blistr by the arm, but before Crag could even think about attempting to hit Blistr square on in the face with his fist…The coachbot arrived…

And here they are now. A furious coachbot having chewed the two of them speechless, thrown into the cage like a pair of wild animals till they both settle their differences for the betterment of their team. Crag quietly sat in one of the benches in the cage with his legs crossed overtop the concrete slab in front of him as Blistr continued to buzz around the air much to his annoyance.

Blistr (2012)
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A heavy sigh exits Crag’s mouth as he stares up at the nuisance flying around and around, “Geez…can’t you cool your ass down for five seconds? Your buzzing is pissing me off.” Blistr looks down below at the cranky rhino and gives him a deadpan reply, “And can you quit being the resident prick for five seconds?” Crag frowns and throws a paper ball at Blistr which he easily avoids to which Crag replies, “…You’re a fucking smart aleck you know that?” and crosses his arms knowing he can’t do anything more to his teammate.

Blistr stares at the sky noticing that it’s already turning dark and the stars will be coming out soon but the floodlights illuminating the cage keep the stars from being visible, “Aghhhhh I’m missing out on my nightly flights…” Crag suddenly smirks and looks up, “You mean your usual stalking of the dorm rooms from outside?” Blistr frowns, “It’s research…” Crag raises an eyebrow, “No…it’s you looking for blackmail or gossip to spread around with your motor mouth.” Blistr leisurely floats above Crag and shrugs, “I’m a curious bee. I like knowing everything that goes on around here…” Crag laughs hard, “You’re more like a perverted fly on the wall. Everyone knows you like watching the others fuck around as you jerk off outside watching.” Blistr frowns and flies down crouching on the bench staring Crag dead in the eyes, “And you believe this bullshit…why?” Crag smirks, “Because I saw you one night looking through Tangle’s window as he was probably getting his rabbit hole plowed by his favorite Big Bad Wolf.”

Tangle, SilverMoon (2009)

Diesel (2013)
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Blistr completely flustered blushes and quickly retaliates, “Well…at least I don’t cry after trying to take Diesel’s literal giant horse dick!” Crag blushes in embarrassment and looks at him in anger, “Who fucking said that!?!”

Blistr laughs as he regains the advantage, “Oh please…everyone knows about ‘Crag The Size Queen’ and how he didn’t just ask…he BEGGED and GROVELED in front of Diesel to be plowed and obliterated by his literal giant horse sized dick. But when push came to the literal shove you couldn’t even take the head of the dick much less the whole fucking thing and began crying and screaming for it to stop.”

Crag couldn’t help but feel defeated in that regard. He wanted a cock up his ass so bad ever since he first witnessed anal sex. But could never take it as well he could give it. Crag sighed pitifully, “So I would assume you know about attempts two and three?” Blistr raised an eyebrow and smiled, “Surprisingly…no. Looks like my sources aren’t keeping me in the know with everyones sex lives.”

Crag rolled his eyes, “I tried going for smaller…well as small as I wanted so I thought Maelstrom would be a good second shot…” Blistr took a seat beside Crag in curiosity and excitement…but mostly hiding the fact his nice looking cut dick was already stiffening at the thought of Crag wanting to take a dick as big as Maelstrom’s monster octopus cock up his tight virgin rhino ass.

Crag sighed again as he began reminiscing, “It was shortly after my first attempt with Diesel. Maelstrom and I are pretty close friends already so asking him for a favor wasn’t too tough especially when it came to his skills in sex. Those tentacles of his…damn…for a sterned faced guy he was quite into sensual touching and loved feeling up every inch of the body to pleasure it. I couldn’t help but moan at the way he touched my throbbing cock, the erection and stimulation he induced in my nipples, and the suckling feeling on the side of my neck and inner thighs as his tentacles weaved around my entire body. And then finally I felt it…something hard pressing against my hole…it felt pleasurable at first but then came the stretching…at first it stung and then it began to hurt and before I knew it I was reduced to tears once again.”

Maelstrom (2012)
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Crag could feel himself getting hard slightly thinking back to when Maelstrom tried to fuck him and the feeling was so nostalgic that he could almost remember every sensation that happened around his body. Precum slowly started to leak out of Crag’s thick and long cock to Blistr’s amusement.


Blistr smirked, “Haha yeah Maelstrom is definitely one of the bigger guys. I enjoyed sucking him off once. He’s pretty wild in bed.” Crag smirked casually, “You managed to suck that thing off? I don’t believe you. How in the fuck did you fit that behemoth of a monster cock in your tiny motor mouth?” Blistr laughs hard and smacks Crag in the back, “Haha nice one Crag. I couldn’t fit that thing in even if I tried. The trick is the use of one’s tongue at just the right angle to give some good stimulation and pleasure. I doubt anyone can fit that thing in their mouth without having both a lack of a jaw and no gag reflex.” Crag thinks on it for a second, “…What about any of the snakes?” Blistr thinks about it for a second in his head and can see it happening, “…Touche.”


Blistr and Crag smile at each other as things finally calm down before Crag finally breaks the silence, “Alright then. Before I reveal who number three was you have to give fair compensation.” Blistr looks confused and raises an eyebrow, “…Meaning?” Crag smirks devilishly, “Fess up. No more embarrassing bullshit, blackmail, gossip, or whatever the fuck you call it without dealing me up something about yourself in return.”


Blistr rolls his eyes and sighs before flying up back into the air and revealing his equally throbbing cock before Crag’s eyes which the Rhino does take notice of but makes no comment on. Blistr does a little bit of roll in the air and shrugs, “Well…what do you already know about me? Can’t really let loose anything if you already know about it.” Crag shrugs and crosses his arms as his leg continues to rest on the concrete box crossed as well, “Hmmmm…Well I already know you have this addictive obsession with wanting to suck the cocks of everyone on all the teams…the robots included.” Blistr blushes that he doesn’t know the complete truth to that story and simply plays it off with one of his jovial smirks, “I also know you like to stalk anyone outside their dorm window when they’re fucking…which by the by…can be fucking creepy occasionally.” Blistr frowns at that and the comment also turns him off to the point his cock starts softening up in disapproval, “But outside of that…I’d really say I don’t know anymore than that.” Crag looks up and shrugs, “So…what will you reveal to me?”


Blistr rolls around again in the crossing his arms and thinking despite the fact he’s still annoyed with the ‘creepy’ comment, “Hmmm…well…I guess I can let you in on one secret if you answer me one honest question.” Crag raises his eyebrow in annoyance, “…What is it?” The bee can’t help but smirk devilishly as he asks his question, “What…is my best feature. And don’t say something corny as hell like my eyes or some crap like that.” Crag look dumbfounded and at a loss for words, “Honestly? Your ass.” Blistr smirks, “What? This old thing?” He flies down and lands on the table Crag is resting his legs on and turning his back to Crag and squatting down like it’s nothing as he shakes his ass a little in front of Crag to admire, “What in the world do you think makes my BEEutiful BEEhind anything more special than the others perfectly fine asses?” Crag can’t help but stare at that fine ass despite the stupid puns he was bombarded with a few seconds ago. He was a little flustered and red in the cheeks at having to try and find the right words since language…was one of his weaker points, “Well..” He begins gesturing with his hands to help with his description, “Its just so…round. Like that perfect roundness that you just wanna smack every time it struts on by because how damn fine it is. Like it compliments your body so much and dammit it’s a very fuckable ass.” Crag smiles awkwardly at that last comment and can’t help but blush a little as he scratches his head trying to regain his tough guy composure.

Blistr was dumbfounded at how Crag could make such a… well…sexy comment despite his rough language. The busy bee body quickly shook his head to regain his composure but can’t help a smile plastered on his face now for the compliment as he took flight again. “Well despite my ass being my best feature…I consider it my worse because I’ve never been fucked.” Crag raises an eyebrow, “The hungry cocksucker has never been fucked. BULL…SHIT.” Blistr continues smiling while looking at the night sky through the cage hiding his smile from the sexy rhino staring at him from below, “Its true. My ass is still grade a virgin ass like yours only I have a nice but unfortunate growing dildo collection in my room going on.” Crag can believe that since he’s seen vibrator’s shoved up Blistr’s ass before in the locker rooms, “I can understand the dildo collection but I still can’t swallow the load of crap of you having never been fucked…there are several guys who have wanted to fuck you…I think Maraud, Breakout, and Proto are the Top 3 who never shut up about wanting to plow that ass of yours day in and day out.” Blistr sighs, “So I’ve heard but…I’ve declined because every time I’ve tried to get anal going everyone gets squeamish because of THIS.” Blistr points at the stinger just above his ass and Crag can’t help but question, “Your stinger? What about it?” Blistr sighs, “You really are dense sometimes…” Crag frowns a little and crosses his arms again, “It gets in the way! Every time somebody tries to get their dick inside me my stinger is usually all up around their guts and just an inch away from stabbing them if they even try to thrust their body the wrong way as they want to try and fuck me. It was really fucking sad when Pow and I tried to go at it once. Poor guy didn’t even know what the hell to do without his big belly nearly getting poked left and right by my stinger.” Crag looks at Blistr unimpressed, “That’s it? Fuck man you really are a virgin if you know nothing about positioning.”

Pow (2012)

Blistr growls and looks down at Crag, “I guess you would know being a well known dominant top. Or would it be more accurate to label you a bottom trapped in a top’s body?” The shots have been fired and Crag and Blistr begin glaring each other down as Blistr slowly descends once more in front of Crag, “Watch your tongue Blistr or…” “Or what Crag?” Blistr quickly interrupted matching Crag’s tone word for word.

The heat sizzles and Crag and Blistr can’t take their eyes off each other but Crag knows he has to simmer down and dismiss the situation if he’s to learn anything or manage his temper better, “Or…sigh…you won’t be able to know who attempt number 3 was…” His says as he slouches in his seat. Blistr is caught off guard and loosens up before smirking his usual smile back at Crag, “Heh…you win this round.” Crag chuckles, “Round 2 will come after this story I’m sure.”

Blistr waves it off and smirks, “Hey now. I might tease a story for you first before you get into the third part of Crag Anal Sex Fail Trilogy.” Crag chuckles and ruffles what little fuzz Blistr had on his head while being careful not to get his antennae. “And what story did you have in mind? Anal Fails with Pow or something else?” Blistr smacks Crag’s hand away casually and smiles, “How about Dildo and Oral Adventures 101?” Crag stiffened a little at the thought of it feeling that precum drip from the head of his cock as he licked his lips and without even realizing it as he placed a hand on Blistr’s thigh and gently caressed it, “How about we…save that one for later.” Blistr felt his cut dick stiffen slightly as Crag’s rough and coarse hand gently grasped his thigh…the touch of the colossal rhino’s hand was unexpected but not unwelcoming…in fact the bee kinda wanted him to go further but not after the gossip, “S-sure…” Regaining his cool composure he stares at Crag with interest, “So who was giant dick for anal sex number 3?”

Crag kicked back into his usual relaxed position but couldn’t help but enjoy the fact his cock kept stiffening more not at the thought reminiscing about past sex escapades but that fine piece of ass and work that was Blistr’s entire body. Not that he had the stones to admit it without breaking his tough exterior, “Hah. That’s an easy one. Number 3 was none other than Inferno himself.” Blistr couldn’t help but smirk and laugh, “From Maelstrom to Inferno. So basically Mild to Wild. How’d you handle that Tiger cock?” Crag laughs hard, “You’re going to laugh but…he didn’t fuck me because well…I wussed out.” Blistr looked shocked, “You…WHAT!?!” Crag laughs harder, “Not very climatic huh? Well granted I will admit there was some fun foreplay with him pinching and playing with my nipples and his tail wrapping around my dick and stroking just that right amount that kept me on edge. But like you said Mild to Wild. Inferno is rough and aggressive… a little too much for my taste to be honest. I’m all for some light kink like some bondage and gear but damn he was ready to tear my ass open whether I begged him to stop or said no. Granted he wasn’t pleased I backed out and ran with my metaphorical tail between my legs.”

Inferno (2012)
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Blistr looked curious, “See I’ve sucked Inferno off in the locker room and could tell he was an extremely aggressive type. What I was expecting to be some good oral turned out to be gagging and choking me from a rough face fucking. I’ve never been in or seen his personal room because he usually always has the curtains closed whenever I fly by it…How freaky was it?” Crag couldn’t help but grimace a bit, “I said I wanted to fuck but I think he expected something more extreme. He’s got blindfolds, cuffs, ball gags and a quite an expensive leather collection. Dude called me his ‘prey’ and said he couldn’t wait to ‘toy’ with me. Needless to say, that’s the moment I bolted through…not out…THROUGH the door because he had already locked it and planned to keep me there for his pleasure cruise of kinky nightmares.”

Blistr had a serious look for a whole three seconds before he cracked down laughing so hard and loud at Crag’s story, “Well…wow…I have got to say I’m surprised but also enlightened to what was the cause of Inferno’s busted dorm door that night…what was it? Six days ago? Jesus I didn’t expect the cause to be something that actually scared one of the resident tough guys in 3 seconds flat.” Crag shrugs smiling, “What can I say? Even I get scared of things once in awhile. Can’t be a fucking hardass everyday.” Blistr smirks and casually flirts to Crag, “In your case I think you can rock a hardass any day Crag.” Crag goes a little red from being caught off guard like that, “S-Shut up…”

It was already getting late and the two Anthromorphs were still stuck in The Cage still naked…still waiting. Crag looked at the door, “As much as I’m adoring memory lane and feel like we’re…uh…bonding…is the Coachbot ever gonna let us out of this room?” Blistr starts buzzing around again looking out the bars of the cage to see the moon and stars covering the night sky, “You could always bend the bars or break the doors with your strength…” He remarked sarcastically…mostly. Crag actually debated over it for a second, “Maybe…But then the Coachbot would probably kill me for it.” Blistr shrugs, “True…”

As Blistr turned away from Crag he couldn’t help but feel the need to touch his still throbbing member from all the stories Crag shared on his Anal Sex Adventures. The Rhino himself stared at that backside of Blistr yet again and couldn’t help but admire that body of his, “Hey Blistr…” Blistr didn’t respond since he was a little lost in thought, “Blistr…” No response still…Blistr was so occupied with the thought of his sexiest fantasy and desire that it took and actual shout to snap him back to reality, “BLISTR!!!” Startled he turned around to find Crag in front of him looking annoyed, “Shit! You scared the hell out of me…What is it Crag?”

Aftershock (2012)
“What’s on your mind?” The rhino asked towering beside as he stared at his fellow teammates body who was still recovering from the shock of that little shout from behind, “What? Oh I was just thinking about something…” Crag smirked poking Blistr’s precum leaking dick head which caused Blistr to shiver a little at the sensation of Crag’s touch again and taking a small lick of the cum that got on his finger Blistr couldn’t help but be a little entranced at the sight of the sexy dude in front of him licking up the bee’s own precum, “I can tell…Ya know, You still owe a story.” Blistr looked up smiling, “Right…so my story about playing with one of my dildos while sucking off a fellow teammate like Aftershock. So basically…” Crag quickly grabbed Blistr and put his mouth closer to Blistr’s ear to whisper to him, “Actually…” Blistr was breathless at the feeling he had, “Tell me about what was on your mind. Spill it…you were fantasizing about something…the precum on your dick says it all.”

Blistr was stuck in a corner. He was literally caught off-guard and had no way of escaping this. Could he maybe lie his way out of this? He wasn’t sure what to say. How could he tell the guy in front of him that he was fantasizing about was none other than Crag himself and deeper than that…Blistr has been fantasizing about Crag for a long long time. He wanted every inch of that perfection that was standing in front of him despite his prick like personality. Those muscular legs and arms framed by that rough grandeur of personality and gruff low voice that was the literal sound of an adonis whispering into his ears a few seconds ago. And those abs…Crag probably uses them as a wash board for his uniform every time. His pecs had these perfectly erected nipples that you just wanted to nibble on just right to make a moan escape his mouth. There was no denying it…Blistr had the hots for Crag so much that he absolutely promised himself that he’d save the best dick for last to savor in his mouth but he wanted more with Crag than just Oral…he wanted the full package deal.

“I…I can’t…” Blistr is completely flustered and can’t say what he’s feeling after all the smack talk he threw at his fellow detention buddy and teammate it would be like admitting to defeat and Blistr was a fucking stubborn bee for that simple reason alone. Crag began caressing Blistr’s chin and leaning in a little closer causing Blistr to pant a little. Another hand soon was feeling up the bee’s furry chest and abs slowly stroking up and down before Crag said, “Come on bud…you can tell me…” Blistr couldn’t help but feel the painful throbbing in his cock now from Crag’s sensual but rough touch of his fingers all over his fuzzy but furry body, “…It’s you…” Crag smirks and leans in closer, “You’re fantasizing about me? The biggest prick on campus? Tell me…” Crag’s hand slithers down Blistr’s abs towards his pubes and then finally grips his hand around the cut cock of Blistr causing the bee to let out a soft moan, “Ugh…Touch me more please…” Crag couldn’t help but smirk as he began to stroke the eager cock of Blistr, “So is this your fantasy? Being stroked by your favorite prick?”

Blistr was panting harder and beginning to sweat a little at Crag’s rough touch but he shook his head saying no, “I want more…I wanted to be kissed, spooned, fucked, sucked…by…oh fuck…by you…I want everything…even though I can’t have all of it.” Crag tipped Blistr’s head up with his free hand and looked at him confused, “Why can’t you have all of it Blistr? There is absolutely nothing here to hold us back from whatever you want.” Blistr looks into Crag’s eyes and can see the sincerity of his words but also never really noticed till now he has some nice eyes too but quickly swats away Crag’s hands off his body before he gets too entranced, “I already said why. My damn stinger and also my wings now that I think about it get in the way. You can’t spoon me or fuck me without getting stabbed or a back full of buzzard wings in your face.”

Blistr begins to walk away from Crag till he suddenly felt an arm grab his bicep and pulls him back into Crag. Blistr chest slams into Crag’s own chest and before he could react he felt two large muscular arms hugging him tight into Crag’s body. Blistr was speechless at being held tight by such a big guy that he almost wasn’t sure that Crag might accidentally crush him between his arms, “There. You’re being spooned in my arms without wings getting all up in my face or a stinger stabbing me in my gut.” Blistr simply blushes and hides his face in Crag’s chest taking a deep breath but also smelling the musk of Crag’s manly odor, “…You’re still a dumbass…” Crag simply laughs, “Do I look like I give two shits anymore?” Crag looks down at Blistr, “So…do you want to enjoy the rest of you fantasy finally or not you hot fuck?” Blistr looks up smirking at Crag, “You know it big guy…”

Horned (2016)

Crag grins devilishly like he’s got something evil planned. As he lets go of Blistr and puts one hand on Blistr’s head again before he suddenly starts pushing Blistr down to the ground, “If that’s the case then let’s see those blowjob skills in action! I want your fucking mouth devouring my dick and so you can show me those blow job lips ain’t all flap and no skill.” Blistr finally gets on his knee and in front of him was Crag’s rock hard cock dripping precum. It was big and thick while not as big as some of the guys Crag tried to have anal sex with but it was definitely something you wouldn’t sneeze at with how nicely shaped and curved it was…people would be crazy to say no to a cock as fine as Crag’s. Blistr licked the tip to taste Crag’s precum which had a bit of salty taste to it but something about it fits with Crag’s personality, “I’ve been wanting this cock for a long time ya know that?” Crag smirked, “Well why haven’t you asked for it sooner ya cocky fuck?” Blistr would normally be annoyed by the smack talk Crag throws around but during sex something about the way he spoke just seemed so arousing and dirty, “Because I like the phrase ‘The Best For Last’ I wanted this cock for a long time but I wanted to savor it and really give it the Bee’s Knees worth of blowjob you’d enjoy.” Crag gripped Blistr’s head hard, “Well you’re more like the Bee On His Fucking Knees right now.” Blistr laughs, “You love it…” Crag smirks, “I do, now are you gonna suck my fat Rhinoceros dick or what?” Blistr licks his lip in anticipation, “With pleasure you dominate cocky fuck…” Slowly his mouth begins to wrap around the throbbing member of his fantasy turned reality and it was better than he ever imagined it could be. It was big and thick but it felt like pure euphoria as he tried to take more and more with each inch into his mouth. A moan escaped both their mouths as things begin to take flight. Crag had one hand firmly gripping onto Blistr’s head while his other hand glided along his own chest slowly feeling himself up in different spots. The hand slowly crawled up his abs till it reached his pectorals and he gave one of his own pecs a tight squeeze with a look of aggression, “Aw yeah Blistr, suck my fat dick you little slut.” Crag’s head leaned back as he let out a deep moan of satisfaction from pinching his own nipple with the combined pleasure of Blistr’s mouth around his thick piece of Rhino meat.

Wanna Get Stung (2016)
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Blistr himself was slowly working up and down the shaft of Crag’s fat dick. He couldn’t help but smile as he gave the best blowjob possible to the dreamboat dominating him. The taste of his cock was indescribable but what Blistr could see was that he was determined to deepthroat the whole damn thing. He carefully worked the dick going an inch deeper with each thrust of his mouth trying to devour it all with a lustful pleasure. The trick was to go deep and pull back to the tip of the head and give it a good lick with his tongue especially to enjoy anymore precum that could’ve been leaking out of Crag’s throbbing and stiff member. Moans continued to escape Blistr as he continued to suck on the tasty cock around his usual motor mouth while on his knees and using his free hands to both feel and cling for support on the massive muscular thighs Crag was packing as well to help pull himself in closer and deeper down to the end of Crag’s massive shaft. He wasn’t sure yet though if he wanted to cause Crag to shoot his load in his mouth or all over his fuzzy and furry bee body. Blistr could feel the hand on his head gripping a little tighter and helping him go in deeper as he continued to lick and suck on the cock that needed a damn good oral job. Blistr looked up to see if what he was doing was good enough for his dreamboat fantasy. Crag looked down at Blistr’s eyes looking for approval and gave a cocky ass smirk, “Yeah…I like what you’re doing down there ya little slut. You’re gonna make cum so hard and deep in that fucking throat of yours. Do you want that BEEitch?” Blistr nodded his head and went back to focus on sucking on down the rhino dick till his head got jerked up again by the dominant animal controlling him, “When I shoot my load all up in your mouth…don’t swallow…ya know why?” Blistr shook his head not completely sure what Crag was getting at but whatever it was it was going to be hot that’s for sure, “I want you to hold on to that load in your mouth…and lube up my asshole with it…and then…” Crag smiles all horned up like he’s on ecstasy or some sex drug when really all that was riling him up is how good this damn blowjob is! Which is nothing more than the warm up to this sex escapade, “I want you to fuck me.” Blistr’s heart skipped a beat! He couldn’t believe what he just heard. He was being asked…no…ordered to fuck Crag in the ass. Blistr realized this was a huge deal because if he could fuck Crag he would Crag’s first…he’d be the one to pop Crag’s anal cherry and damn did that make Blistr hard as a rock now. The busy bee moaned in approval to his dom’s orders excited to the thought of playing and working the hole of in his mind the hottest brutal ballers of them all.
Blistr was almost there at the end of Crag’s thick shaft and to make the last few inches interestingly pleasurable he decided to use one of his famous tricks. He began to buzz his wings which caused his body to vibrate as well like an actual Honey Bee’s body would. The reverberations caused by this send a weird but interesting sensation down and up Crag’s dick as Blistr continues to suck on it. Crag moaned so loud he could hear his voice must’ve echoed a little as that sensation began going through his whole body as Blistr continued sucking on some Rhino cock, “Holy…shit…Aw fuck that’s got me close Blistr…Aw fuck…I’m gonna cum bud I’m gonna…Agh…AHHHHHHHHH!!!!” With a loud roar and tight grip on Blistr’s skull he forcibly made Blistr deepthroat both Crag’s cock and hot load that was exploding out of his dick. Blistr was choking a little to the point some of Crag’s cum was dribbling out of the sides of his mouth but he promised to make good of his word. As he slowly pulled his mouth away from Crag’s dick he was guzzling all the cum inside his mouth trying not to swallow it or spit it out. It still had that salty taste to it but Blistr seemed to enjoy it as he slowly turned Crag around to get a nice view of his ass. And what an ass it was! It was round and it has some oomph to it that despite Crag being well known as a dominate top only it was definitely a fuckable ass and Blistr was screaming internally knowing that he was going to be the first one to fuck his fav Brutal Baller ever. Blistr firmly gripped and squeezed those ass cheeks taking in the moment and enjoying every fucking second of it as he spread them wide to reveal the hole of Crag’s ass he was about to dump and lube up with Crag’s own load in his mouth. Blistr slammed his face hard and sloppily cum dumped all of it all over Crag’s perfect ass. Blistr was licking and shoving his tongue into Crag’s hole making sure the inside was getting all the cum deep inside and getting lubed up really well to take in Blistr nicely shaped dick. He wasn’t all that big but damn was Blistr excited like a little kid at the candy shop to make Crag moan with what he was equipped with.


Blistr continued to lick that tight hole of Crag’s if there was one thing he was going to have to do to get a great fucking out of Crag it was that he’d need to both loosen and stretch that virgin hole of his little by little before he could shove his dick up there, “Crag…you ready for some foreplay to help get ya loose, relaxed, and ready to enjoy your anal cherry exploding?” Crag moaned happily, “Mmmmm…yeah…Do what you gotta do…I’m your bitch now…” Blistr smirked devilishly at that comment and smacked Crag’s left cheek hard leaving a little imprint and grunt escaping Crag’s lips, “Hmmmm better even it out.” Blistr said out loud as he proceeded to smack the right cheek and leave another lasting handprint. Crag was biting his lower lip in anticipation as he literally was doing a 180 in his personality and was suddenly really submissive and needy for Blistr’s cock in his ass. Blistr took his middle finger and stuck it in his mouth to cover it in saliva before proceeding to finger Crag’s perfect ass. Blistr smiled as he stared at his finger ready to finger fuck some rhino ass for his pleasure, “Get ready Crag cause we’re just getting started.” Crag moaned like a little slutty bitch in approval and wiggled his ass in his eager state of mind which turned Blistr on just all the more. His left hand held the ass cheek tightly away so Crag’s tiny little hole was exposed to Blistr’s visible sight and without a moment’s hesitation he began to shove his middle finger into Crag’s tight ass.


Crag’s back arched as Blistr’s finger enters his butt and he was already moaning deeply to the feeling, “Awww fuck…Blistr…more…” Blistr happily obliged by thrusting his finger in and out of Crag’s tight hole a little faster and harder. Crag was panting a little and starting to sweat like a pig to all of this till suddenly he let out a loud yelp at another change of feeling to this fingering he was getting, “Can’t stay at one finger forever big guy. Ya gotta level up on the number of fingers if you want me getting my dick inside you sooner and faster.” Blistr smirked as his index finger was working its way into the hole now to help his middle finger continue the process of loosening up Crag’s hole further. Crag’s breathing becomes rapid and he feels weird as the fingering continues, “Aw fuck Blistr it’s too much…I don’t know know if I can handle it…” Blistr pushes in further with his fingers hitting Crag’s prostate causing him to scream out in pleasure and a bit of pain, “No stopping now bitch. You’re getting the best anal workout of your life right now.” Crag gripped onto the bench so hard he actually made it crack apart slightly from the sheer strength of his grip alone, he was gritting his teeth hard trying to handle just two whole fingers in his ass and he kinda wanted to stop here with the anal attempts but knew Blistr wasn’t going to stop him and was just hoping it would get better soon, “Blistr…” he whined out in a long note biting his lower lip again, “Hmmmm? What is it Crag? You want my cock now?” Crag looked back at his fellow detention buddy and nodded quietly in approval. Blistr could only smile and say, “I think you’re ready for it now…Get ready bitch…you’re about to have your virgin ass demolished by me.”


Crag smiled and quickly laid on the bench on his backside with his legs raised high into the air and one hand gripping onto the ench tight, “Give it to me Blistr. I want your dick so bad.” Blistr smiled, “Ever have a vibrator up your ass before?” Crag was confused but shaked his head saying no making Blistr smile and giving off the most devilish and evil looking grin, “You’re about to find out.” Slowly Blistr’s cock inched closer to Crag’s loose hole ready to pop that virgin cherry with energy while Crag both eager and nervous could find himself clinching the bench tight as his body stiffens a little nervous to the feeling of a cock that will finally penetrate his ass. The head of Blistr’s cock makes contact to which Crag’s body shivers and stiffens and bit more as his breathing quickens in fear. Blistr feeling the tense muscles in Crag’s body as he grabs onto Crag’s legs hanging in the air and massages the thighs as his legs rest on Blistr’s shoulders, “Relax Crag. Just…let me in…” Crag started breathing at a normal pace again and closes his eyes to relax his body some. He takes a deep breath and opens his eyes staring at Blistr and nods his approval for the bee to go all out. Blistr grins hard and slowly starting pushing the head of his dick into Crag’s ass. Slowly it enters Crag’s hole with Crag clenching hard and tight onto the bench again that the wood starts splitting from his strength alone. Crag lets out a loud yell as Blistr finally manages to get all his dick inside of Crag’s ass, “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


Crag couldn’t believe the feeling that was happening to him it was actually inside him. He had an actual dick inside him and it felt so intense it was painful but the adrenaline and the ecstasy of pleasure more than made up for the pain that would be temporary. Blistr smiles as he thrusts hard and fast, pushing and pulling his dick in that sweet virgin hole he was drilling right now, “Ah fuck man…you’re hole feels so damn good.” Crag moans as he sweats like a pig, “Ohhhh Blistr fuck yeah…give me more…fuck me harder…fuck me all night long.” Blistr thrusts harder causing Crag’s body to jerk as he let out a yelp groaning at the pain for each deeper and harder thrust he received. Their breathing both becomes erratic and hard as the fucking becomes rougher, aggressive, and damn well more passionate. The sweat covers Crag’s body and Blistr can’t help but notice he really needs to spices things up. Crag groaned harder still wanting more as Blistr fucked his ass more and more, “Fuckkkkkk…Blistr…” Blistr grinned, “Time for that Vibrator feeling…” Crag looked confused till Blistr suddenly began buzzing his wings again and his whole entire body was vibrating as he began buzzing. Blistr’s throbbing hard-on was vibrating inside of Crag’s ass causing Crag to gasp and jerk around his whole body out of control at the feeling he was going through. A living vibrator…Blistr was literally a living vibrator as he continued to fuck the climax out of Crag. Crag couldn’t hold it back anymore. He could feel it welling in his body. The sweat filled the air, the musk of sex was intoxicating, and the insanity of being ready to cum was about to happen. Crag began roaring as his muscles tensing and the veins pulse harder and harder as they become visible around his body. The sweat was glistening his body and with a loud scream that could probably wake up the entire campus, “FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!” and BOOM goes the dynamite. Crag’s dick explodes cum everywhere for a second time. The sheer amount was unimaginable and unbelievable even to Crag himself as the cum geyser he unleashed splashes all over his body, on the table, and on Blistr’s fuzzy chest. Blistr smirked as Crag’s still throbbing member was continuing to leak and drip everywhere with the remainder of his cum.


Crag panted hard and grinned, “Holy…Fuck…That was awesome…oh god that was amazing.” Blistr grin continued, “I’m not done yet…I still need to cum.” Blistr keeps thrusting harder causing Crag to grunt as his hole grips and tightens around Blistr’s dick forcibly trying to push Blistr out of his hole but the bee is too stubborn and continues fucking that virgin hole rough and hard, “Fuck Blistr you popped my anal cherry already…this is starting to fucking hurt already dammit…” Blistr keeps thrusting, “Suck it up slut. It ain’t an anal cherry popping till I blow my load in your tight ass.” Blistr’s grin on his face fades and transforms into one of aggression. Crag is slightly surprised by the aggressive look on Blistr’s face but his brain is slightly elsewhere with Blistr’s cock still trying to ram his Rhino ass, “Fuck! Oh fuck! Here it comes Crag! Ah fuck! You want my load bitch?” Crag grins at this side of Blistr’s personality showing, “Fill my ass Blistr…” Blistr let in one hard thrust that causes Crag to let out a scream of pain as Blistr also screams out in pleasure and his dick just starts filling up Crag’s hole with his cum. Blistr’s body starts going limp as his dick finally slides out of Crag cum filled hole. Crag had the really warm feeling of cum in his asshole slowly oozing out which just kept going and going and dripping everywhere on the floor splashing as it hits the ground and hitting Blistr’s sneakers. Blistr collapsed on top of Crag and smiled as both of them were panting and sweating hard onto each to which Blistr candidly replies, “You got cum on my shoes…” Crag chuckles, “It’s your own fault…”


Blistr moaned pleasurably, “I enjoyed fucking your hole…” Crag grinned, “Good cause I’m glad you took my anal virginity…Still want me to fuck you?” Blistr chuckled, “Can it wait? I’m tired from having the best sex of my life…” Crag lifted a hand patted Blistr on the back as he continued to lay limp on top of the big Rhino, “We’re only halfway done. I still have yet to fuck your hole and cum once more in that hot BEEitchy ass of yours.”


Blistr laughed and started buzzing his wings slowly floating above Crag still looking a little tired and weak from the hot session that they just had, “I’m still curious as to how you’re going to do that without me stabbing you with my stinger.” Crag smiled, “Only one way to find out…” Blistr smirked, “You don’t give a shit the camera’s are recording us as usual whenever any of us engage in the literal beast with two backs?” Crag pulled Blistr’s head close and kissed him on the lips deeply and passionately, “Let them…We’ll give them a fucking good show.”


Blistr blushed a little, “You’re gonna be my first ya know…you okay with taking my anal cherry like I took yours?” Crag smirked, “Shut up and let me give you the wildest ride of your life you chatty BEEtch” Crag kissed Blistr on the lips again deeply slipping his tongue in the bee’s mouth which tasted sweet like honey almost…which really wouldn’t be too surprising given Blistr’s species.


Crag slowly sat up on the bench staring into Blistr’s eyes who was floating beside him with a smirk of his usual demeanor. As the two stood beside each other admiring the other’s handsome physique that was still glistening with sweat and cum stains Crag chuckled and said, “So you ready for this?” Blistr nodded, “What’s the gameplan…Captain?” Blistr winked at Crag which caught the Rhino by surprise but it made him smile warmly, “How loose is that hole of yours?” Blistr turned around and still flying in the air flung his ass in front of Crag’s face and said with a smirk, “Inspect it yourself!”

Doin It Like Animals (2018)
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Crag has a face full of ass all up in his well…face. He took his hands to spread those cheeks and found Blistr had a nice ready hole for him to shove his thick cock in, “Damn that ass looks like it’ll let my cock slide in like it’s nothing.” Blistr chuckled, “At least lube it up before going in raw…” Crag smirked and closed the gap till he was face to face with Blistr again, “Well it ain’t gonna suck itself. Wet that dick of mine up with that hot mouth of yours real quick and then it’ll be time to fuck your ass good.”


Blistr hovers in the air lowering his altitude to being parallel to Crag’s fat Rhino cock, “I love sucking your cock…” Blistr wraps his mouth around Crag’s cock once more this time though not to make him cum but to get that cock nice and wet in drool to slide into Blistr’s nice bubble butthole, “Mmmmmm…” Blistr and Crag both let out loud moans as the honey bee sucks off and works his tongue around Crag thick shaft.


After a few good minutes of pleasurable oral Crag’s dick was ready for action and the eager Blistr was waiting for instruction for the position. Crag’s dick got harder as he stroked it a bit and it curved a little causing it to stand up on an angle and was leaking a bit more of precum, “Fly above me and slowly descend on an angle lining up your hole with my dick. And face me as you descend. I want to watch your face squirm as I ram your equally virgin ass.”


Blistr complied easily to Crag’s direction smirking and as he slowly descended and got closer and closer to the tip of Crag’s dick the Rhino placed his hands on Blistr’s ass cheeks and slowly starting help guiding and angling the final stages of the aerial fucking position Blistr will be getting himself into. The tip of Crag’s dick makes contact with Blistr’s hole and the Bee lets out an audible gasp in excitement and surprise at how Crag’s cock is ready to slide into his ass and that his stinger and wings aren’t getting in the way of any anal adventures but in fact his wings are helping him with his first real experience with someone actually fucking him.


Crag slowly began to slide himself in causing Blistr to groan loudly at the feeling of that dream cock. He’s finally getting the full anal experience of pure thick uncut rhino cock. It was a hot feeling and it was almost overwhelming and yet Blistr couldn’t help but enjoy every second of it. He was continuously flapping his wings as hard as he could but the anal sex was draining him hard and fast. The buzzing bee looked like he was about to pass out with his eyes slightly rolling back. Crag grunted hard and could see Blistr was slowly fading on him in exhaustion, “Hang in there Blistr…I’m almost there.”


Blistr could only moan out some sort of affirmation at this point. The anal sex was amazing but my god was it also the most tiring experience in the world trying to fly, keep a proper altitude during the sex, and keep awake and not pass out from the exhaustion. Crag could see how Blistr wasn’t going to be able to hold out much longer so he knew he had to finish soon which he’s definitely upset about because he wants to fuck Blistr for longer hours on end but he now knows him and the bee can rock each others world by bumping uglies another night for sure.


Crag’s pace quickens again and he smirks somewhere between unimaginable pleasure and a cocky smirk of smug attitude, “Get ready Blistr. I’m about to fucking breed that asshole of yours with my load.” The paces rises one more notch and Blistr’s screams in pain and pleasure as Crag starts thrusting as fast he can and Blistr’s ass clenches around Crag’s thick piece of meat like a pro. Crag’s bellows out a roar that could give Uproar a run for his money as he explodes a massive load inside of Blistr’s hot sexy ass. Blistr’s screams like a little bitch but a happy one as his dicks fires off one last load for the night.


The pleasure was perfect, the night was amazing, and the sex? Well…words can’t do it justice how happy these two were in what they experienced. Blistr slowly had Crag’s dick slide out of his hole covered in some of the Rhino’s own load as it revealed it’s still girthy but slowly softening self in front of Blistr’s eye. The bee was tired and he looked like he could collapse any fucking second while hovering in the air. And he did…


But thankfully a friend caught him in time and barely missed being scraped/stabbed by the exhausted bee’s stinger. Crag was now holding Blistr bridal style and smirked another cocky grin, “You know…people are gonna talk if I have to carry you around like this.” Blistr smirked lightly, “I’m too tired to give a shit or throw a witty BEEitchy comeback…:” The rhino chuckles, “Sorry I broke you in two with that fuck session.” Blistr looked up and laughed, “Oh please! You only wrecked my ass and probably left it scarred for a week at best…kidding…That was fucking amazing Crag.” Crag smiles and suddenly kisses Blistr, “Want to go at it again in the future?” Blistr smirks, “You know…I was just gonna ask the same thing.” Crag and Blistr laugh together as they end the night on a pretty high and good note.


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