Tad Gets Dommed

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Tad gulped his stiff vodka tonic quicker than he normally would. At barely 5 feet tall, 100 pounds, he was usually careful with his alcohol intake. But he wanted to be drunk fast. There were a few guys at this bar that he would maybe do. “But only if I’m inebriated,” he thought. Tad was deeply closeted, repressed and religious; convinced he needed intoxicants to get over his inhibitions.

“Tad’s Toys” (2013)
Every few months or so, Tad’s denial became overwhelmingly difficult to cling to. During those brief periods, Tad binged like a maniac, buying dildos, each bigger than the last and plowed himself silly. He became adept at stuffing himself with one while gagging himself with another. Actual hookups were few and far between but always filled Tad with enough guilt to trash all his dildos and repent for his soul for months at a time; months spent in total abstinence. He repeated this cycle for the better part of his adult life.

Earlier that evening, Tad was feeling particularly bold and went out to a cruisy bar. It never took him too long to discern if there was anyone in the place he’d be interested in. He could get away with being very picky. Men who didn’t fall in love with his devilishly innocent, youthful but scruffy face, were attracted to his small, supple but toned body. For some reason though, his wiles weren’t working. (He couldn’t tell how wasted he looked.) So Tad headed home but not before stopping in the novelty shops to re-buy some of the same dildos he’d owned and trashed months before.

Once he got to his apartment, Tad undressed but was still pretty drunk and realized how displeased he was about not going home with someone. Denying his sexual urges for so long gave him tons of time to devote to a successful career. He was the hottest music producer around and wielded a lot of power in the industry. Despite looking so meek, he was basically in total control of most people and situations he dealt with on a day-to-day basis. Whether it was this explains his proclivity toward submission in bed was always part of Tad’s internal debate.

Instead of unwrapping his sex toys, he launched the hook-up app on his phone. It was late, about 4am, and there were tons of guys logged in. Most profiles were just faceless torsos with stats and no other text, but there were a few that got right to the point, like Tad’s, which read, “cute scruffy sub btm for now.” After a while of browsing, he noticed one that really stood out. The pics were hot but it was really the text that got his attention: “Dom, horned-up total top iso sexy bottoms who like suckin dick, gettin rimmed and gettin fucked hard and rough. Have a fetish for small guys.”

An exhausted Dominic lay sprawled on the king sized floor mattress that took most of the space in his tiny studio. His massive dick was out of his jeans, but only semi-hard as he casually played around on his phone. He had a long day at his construction job, taking orders from everyone. He hated it. He liked to be in charge, like he was in most other situations. But he needed the work.

On the app, he hoped to find a submissive, willing guy on whom he could take out some of his frustration. It was never that difficult– he’d already done most of the guys online at time or another. Most gay men found him irresistible and would become completely devoted after just one session. A true free spirit though, Dom never committed to anyone and rather just compulsively collected fuck buddies. He suffered from a sexual messiah complex, feeling obligated to spread his seed to as many men as he could. He’d frequently drift into his pot-addled fantasy of commanding a army of hot twinks who’s only desire is to fulfill his every wish. But all it took to shatter the delusion was a look at his hovel or his meager pay stub. And a distinct lack of drive, schooling or talents (other than fucking) prevented him from doing more than he was potentially capable.

“Watch It Grow” (2013)
An animation of Dom’s monster getting hard. Don’t you hate showers that have that weird almost-transparent glass?

As he scrolled through his prospects, constantly being messaged by former fucks, practically throwing themselves at him, begging to have another go, he thought of his workday and how he seemed to inspire the opposite reaction in many straight guys. They resented his rugged good looks, laziness and seeming perpetually pleasant hippie attitude. He was charismatic and flirtatious with everyone, even enemies, perhaps because he secretly just wanted to fuck them all. All his life, men who tried to provoke him toward violence always failed. The only time his aggressive side came out was in bed. That was where he was most comfortable breaking mens’ wills and why past fucks weren’t as attractive as new “yet to be broken” fucks. So, as soon as he saw Tiny Tad’s profile for the first time, his interest was piqued. And just as he was about to contact his sexy new find, he heard the new message alert. Tad beat him to the punch.

TINYTAD: Hello. Kinda wasted here but feeling horned up. U looking to hook-up?

DOM: Definitely. Your pics and stats have me hard. Are you down to fuck?

TINYTAD: Um… sure. Not much experience tho… unless you count big dildos LOL.

DOM: That’s OK– I love beginner bottoms. We’ll have you worshipping my dick in no time. 😉 Address.

TINYTAD: Oh, I was hoping to travel.

DOM: Address, boy. I come to you. I’m in charge.

After Tad sent this guy his home address, a wave of fear swept over him. Tad never hooked-up with guys in his own place. He though about the stories he’d read of people meeting psychos online and getting robbed and murdered in their own homes. “Dear god, please don’t let this guy be crazy,” he muttered as he clutched the cross on the chain he wore. Tad’s imagination went wild as he convinced himself he was going to be beaten and raped (although the former sounded more scary than the latter in his current drunken horny state.)

“Torso Series: Dominic” (2013)

Dominic looked down at the beautiful tatted twink as he stood in the doorway. “Sorry, I don’t think I can do this,” said a nervous, Tad, looking up in fear over the man’s size.

Dominic grabbed his sizable bulge and put on his most charming smile. “You sure?”

That would have been enough to convince Tad but what sealed the deal was the overwhelming smell of weed on the guy. “I guess potheads aren’t violent,” he thought.

Dominic lightly shoved Tad out of the doorway and walked in, tired of waiting for an invite. “Nice place,” Dom said, as his dick grew in his pants. The ease with which Tiny Tad moved out of the way turned him on. Dom silently remarked Tad’s diminutive frame was “just what the doctor ordered: a cute little fucktoy for me to play with all night.”

Tad replied, “thanks,” eyes fixated in Dom’s crotch. Dominic took Tad’s small hand in his own and placed it where Tad was staring. Tad rubbed Dom’s semi through the plaster stained jeans.

“Take it out,” said Dom. “Show me what you want…” Tad eagerly did as he was told, amazed at what popped free. It was easily the biggest Tad had ever seen, thicker than his own wrist. Tad wasted no time getting that fat slab of meat in his mouth. Opening wider than ever, he engulfed Dom’s dick head.

“Tad Services Dom” (2013)
The first and fap-worthy favorite of the artist’s Dom/Tad drawings.
Tad kinda unhinges his jaw in this one. 😉

“Look up at me,” ordered the towering monster. Tad obliged, struggling to take more of Dom’s penis. “Watch your teeth.” Tad tried to do as he was told, realizing he needed to modify the technique he used on his dildos. “No teeth!” Dom said more stern than before, pulling Tad’s hair, grabbing Tad’s throat and forcing his dick in deeper. Dom wanted to let Tad know he serious he was.

Withdrawing from Tad’s mouth, he sat on the sofa. “Stand up and face me,” Dom commanded. Finally at the same eye level, the duo truly realized how genuinely attracted they were to each other. For a change, Tad made the first move and went in for a kiss. At first, it was soft and gentle, but then Dom took control, forcing his tongue deep into Tad’s throat. Tad had trouble keeping up but enjoyed the passionate moment, running his fingers through his beast’s thick mane.

“Tad’s Blue Sofa” (2013)

Tad felt Dom’s huge hand cup and knead his small butt. He had to grab hold of Dom’s pillar of a hard-on for balance. Dom inserted his middle finger into the wet, sloppy kiss and then jammed the dripping finger into Tad’s anus. Tad reflexively clenched but was soon taking Dom’s small-dick-sized fingers past the knuckles.

“Nice and tight,” Dom said, drool still connecting him with Tad. That’s gonna feel good on my cock.”

“Dom + Tad Spit Exchange” (2013)
Dom’s dick in tis image is bigger than Tad’s thigh lol.
But the best part is the massage Dom’s big fat finger is giving to Tad’s dripping butthole. 🙂
“I’m not sure it’s gonna fit,” Tad said, having second thoughts, reminded of Dom’s incredible length and girth while he stroked it. “How am I gonna take this?” he thought. “I have dildos this big, but I’m always in control of them. What’s going to happen when I’m not in control at all?”

Dom was used to men’s trepidation over taking his unit. “You’ll be fine,” Dom said, less “dom” than normal. “Let me eat you out.”

“I don’t know,” said Tad. He’d never been rimmed but knew from porn that this virile hulk would want to fuck more than ever after rimming. Dom sighed, showing his impatience with Tad’s indecision and stood up from the sofa. In one motion, he picked Tiny Tad up and walked to the bedroom. Before Tad could notice how fast his heart was racing, he was thrown onto his bed face down with Dom’s face buried in his ass crack.

Strong and determined, Dom went to town in Tad’s ass, lapping away like a thirsty dog. He felt Tad’s hole quiver and pulse with each slimy, sloppy slurp. As Tad loosened up, Dom began flooding Tad’s opening with spit. Never removing his face from Tad’s ass for a second, he laid back on his back and picked his twink lover up so that Tad was sitting on his face. Dom tried to focus on pleasing his lover but was overwhelmed at how much he enjoyed how Tad tasted. His aggressiveness subsided for a moment as he laid back, just letting Tad feed him.

“Dom Rims Tad” (2013)
I feel like this is only 1 of like 2 rimming pics I have on this site– which will be remedied soon– I promise! Another hyper dong on Dom (mainly because it’s an attempt at perspective.) >__<

Tad was getting dizzy from the amazing sensation of having such an expert tongue in his anus. Embarrassed at his impulsive moaning, Tad covered his mouth. He then realized, putting Dom’s dick in his mouth would have the same effect. He turned around and dove down on the mammoth tool before him, sinking them into a comfortable 69. Dominic’s deep and forceful analingus caused Tad to attempt deep-throat fellatio. After a while, Tad was sucking like a pro, causing Dom to buck and moan himself. They seemed to be trying to out-do one another, Dom rimming and simultaneously pulling Tad’s tiny dick and balls, milking out pre-cum out that began to coat Dom’s chest hair. Tad too noticed the copious amount of pre-cum he was continuously swallowing or letting ooze out of his mouth onto Dom’s rock hard pole.

“All Smiles” (2014)

Dominic spun Tad around so they were facing each other. They went in for another juicy kiss, treating each other’s mouths as they had their genitals seconds earlier. Dom positioned his dripping dick at the entrance of Tad’s butt, which was also drooling saliva. But Tad felt as if he needed something to replace Dom’s tongue and fingers. Still making out, Tad placed Dom’s bulbous glans on his tiny pink butt hole.

Dom took that as a signal, pushed down on Tad’s shoulders and thrusted his dick inside. “AAAH!” Tad cried out loudly, struggling to break free and push the muscular man out “FUCK! FUCK!” Tad shouted in between shallow breaths.

“Relax,” Dom ordered, effortlessly holding the squirming bottom in place. “This is what you wanted so shut up and take it.”

“But it’s too much!” Tad gasped.

“I’m not taking it out, so you need to hurry up and get used to it before I start fucking you. Ease down.” Dom knew from experience this was the best way to prepare guys for taking his giant penis, though he didn’t like giving them too much of a choice. If he let them hop off, convincing them to get back on would take too long. Allowing them a moment to ride it in the easiest position opens them up, readying for the assault to come. The few times he just plunged in and started fucking, (even if it’s what the bottom wanted) it would turn out to be a bloody mess. “Don’t worry,” Dom said softly. “I won’t get too rough… yet.”

“DJ Tad” (2014)
Tad could barely understand anything Dominic was saying, still reeling from the immensely thick cannon that just popped his cherry. All Tad could focus on was the searing pain and relieving himself of it. He soon realized there was no release from the firm grip Dom’s powerful, calloused hands had on his shoulders. Tad looked down at the beefy, hairy stud underneath himself. He could see how badly Dom needed this. He didn’t want to disappoint.

Tad kissed Dom again as he eased down onto what felt like a marble column, noticing kissing somehow made it a little easier. Soon Tad was moving up and down ever so slightly. He reached back to feel Dom’s heavy, hairy nuts and base of the plump intruder, which he fretted was still not even close to being all the way in. Still lip-locked, Dom gently rocked his hips, pushing himself inward more and more. Tad’s insides were still hurting but pushed past it, hoping to please his partner. And pleased Dom was, enjoying the warm work-over Tad’s super-tight anal canal was giving.

Eventually, Dominic wanted more friction on his dick and figured Tad’s hole was sufficiently opened. He pulled Tad off his stiff member and turned him around into the 69 again, though way more forceful this time. While fervently tongue fucking the hairy sphincter in his face he pushed Tad’s head up and down his throbbing manhood. He felt Tad’s throat twitch and gag over and over, releasing more and more spit all over his dick. “Thats right, boy. Take it all. Make it wet.”

Dominic was so hard, he could no longer wait and needed to fuck. Suddenly, Tad found himself thrown into doggy style. “Lift that ass up,” Dom said, repeatedly bashing the outside of Tad’s asshole with his baseball bat of a cock. When he entered, Tad yelled and instinctually tried to get away. Dom put his own weight on his baby bottom boy and grabbed Tad’s shoulders once again, pushing in most of his entire penis.

Tad kept bawling, “HOOH MY GOD! HOOH MY GOD!” as Dom began humping, stretching Tad’s rectum like never before.

“That’s right, push out,” Dominic said, going in deeper with each thrust. “No turning back now. You’re mine now, aren’t you boy?” Only receiving guttural grunts as a reply, he demanded, “Answer me, bitch!” slapping Tad’s pert little ass.

“YES! I’M YOURS!” Tad howled. Dom was in pretty far now, hammering Tad’s insides really hard. The sensation caused Tad to moan differently, louder and more earnest than ever. The ogre-sized man had fucked Tad out of doggy so that Tad was face down on his stomach being hammered from behind. The deep and vigorously persistent penetration was more than Tad could handle and in a quick, well-timed movement, he squirmed away. Panting, he grabbed his red, pummeled, sore asshole and writhed for a bit before hoarsely uttering, “I need a break.”

“Figure Drawing: Tiny Tad 1-7” (2013)

“No breaks. Come suck some more.” Ignoring his waning energy, Tad crawled over not only out of a feeling of obligation but also because Dom’s ever-hard glistening dick just looked so tasty. Tad never pegged himself as an ass-to-mouth guy, but was now enjoying it, subtly tasting himself on Dom’s cock. He cupped Dom’s weighty ball sack in one hand and jerked what he couldn’t get into his mouth with the other. He couldn’t believe that something so gargantuan was actually inside him a minute ago. Falling in love with Dom’s piece, like a true sub, Tad’s sucking was wet and determined. “There you go, boy. Do what you were born to do. Make out with my dick,” Dominic said as Tad slapped it against and rubbed it all over his own face. Dom felt Tad’s big gold crucifix chain was getting in the way, but ignored it. That Tad was wearing it while performing acts deemed deplorable by others who wore it kind of turned Dom on.

Tad realized he felt kind of… empty. Still sucking, he stuffed a few fingers into himself. But all it did was make him crave a cock up there even more. He looked Dom in the eyes and very sincerely asked, “Fuck me, please?” He then laid back and lifted his legs into the air, presenting his hungry hole. Dom couldn’t resist and ate it out a little more before easing back inside.

Now in missionary, Tad opened up faster than ever, his sphincter muscles gripping and pulling his hard-bodied top’s donkey dong deeper inside him. With Tad’s legs over his shoulders and their mouths intertwined, Dom was able to push himself in even further than before. Tad was still feeling like he was being impaled but he wanted it, spreading his legs and opening up as much as he could to accommodate Dominic’s enormity. It felt like it was in his stomach. “Fuck me!” Tad begged.

“On Display” (2013)

“Looks like Mikey likes it!” Dom said as he began pounding harder. Tad was screaming once more, though now the tone was more in the pleasure than pain region. Dom looked down at Tad, taking in the visual. “You look so hot,” Dom said lowly. “With your legs spread and my big fat dick stretching out your asshole, turning it into a pussy.” He pulled out all the way to see it gape and pucker in anticipation for reinsertion. Dom took Tad’s cross chain and pulled a bit. “fuck this shit, I’m your god now, right?”

“Fuck yea!” Tad said, looking Dom in the eyes, thinking the extraordinarily overpowering feelings in his asshole were the closest he’d ever come to a truly spiritual experience.

“Who’s boy-pussy is that?”

“It’s all yours, man. Do whatever you want to it.”

“Good boy,” Dom said, banging hard and rough again. For Tad, it was quite intense and although he was in ecstasy, he did worry he’d not be able to keep up with the sheer might of Dom’s brutal fucking for much longer. Dom plunged into him, manhandling him like a rag doll. His hands went everywhere, from pulling Tad’s hair to pinching Tad’s nipples, to sticking his fingers into Tad’s mouth and then ultimately to Tad’s neck. When he squeezed, Tad’s ass muscles surged and loosened, causing a new sensation on his dick.

“Have It Again, Tad” (2008, 2014)
“Slick Dominic” (2013)
ROLL OVER for the reveal!

Tad trusted Dominic not to go too far but the psychological effect of being choked out was still very extreme. Seeing Tad’s expression, which could only be described as… pleasurably panicked, along with feeling Tad’s prostate pulse with each thrust, was bringing Dom closer and closer to orgasm. Tad uncontrollably began shooting semen, completely hands free. He came hard, anal muscles squeezing Dom’s cock like a vice. Dom could no longer hold onto his nut either, and with a hearty roar, like an animal marking it’s territory, blasted jets of warm sperm deep into Tad’s abdomen. Tad felt his guts become flooded as his own cum squirted like a fountain, coating his chain, chest, face, hair and even the wall behind him.

“Choke Fuck” (2012)
Took it there… and beyond LOL.
Click the preview image (password required) for the full 4 versions with CUMSHOTS and INTERNAL views!

Light from the sunrise was creeping into the bedroom when Dominic awoke. He didn’t even remember falling asleep, but felt the little guy squirming underneath him. “Oh, sorry,” Dom grinned, rolling off onto the sweat soaked sheets. Tad took a few deep breaths, the smell of man sex ripe in the air. Dom was surprised at how gorgeous Tad looked as he usually lost interest beyond this point. “Something about this one was special,” he thought scooping Tad up into his muscular arms. The body contact caused them both to become erect again and with nothing but a glance in each other’s eyes, they instantly knew what they both wanted and crawled back into 69 again. Tad felt content for the first time ever, almost healed in metaphorical sense. And even if he didn’t yet see divinity in Dom’s face, he certainly began to see it in Dom’s dick. ♥


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