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In 2001, my first website, JCEtheredge.com, a collection of my best “all-audiences” artwork was launched… to very little response or notice. So then I started posting more raunchy work. That’s when the accolade and gigs began to roll in! This became my niche. And though being an erotica artist has closed some doors, it’s set me apart from the thousands of illustrators all vying for your attention, solidifying my place as an innovator in a genre that will continue to stay interesting and relevant forever! Or at least until the world stops being obsessed with penises. So, again, FOREVER!

You’ll find some references to Members Gallery, or the new name, Archive Gallery. These pieces are accessible by buying a password in my shop. Sorry– I know most of us feel like we shouldn’t have to pay for anything on the Internet, but I’m trying to make a living off this stuff. Besides fucking and arguing, I have no other skills. And I don’t want to become a hooker or lawyer so go ahead and support the perverted arts!

Lastly, Anti-Heroes.net now has a comments section on every page which I’m encouraging all visitors to use. Feedback always drives me to create more of what you want. Help me become a better pornographer!

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New Challengers: Hung Twinks!

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Some new additions to this digital paper doll thing, here are Tucker and Dillon, two characters I’ve been drawing a lot this past year in my quest to expand the body types in my stable of fap fantasy men. Since all my influences tend to idealize the male body in the direction of hyper muscular, that’s what I learned to draw first and have always seemed to draw the most. But we all know hot studs can come in many different sizes. In exploring the leaner body type, I’m discovering that many of my life drawing models really fit this style. Check those out on their recently added character study pages: TUCKER / DILLON

I’ve recently heard the term “twunk,” a hunky twink. I guess that may be somewhat apropos here, but I think I just like “massively hung twink” better.