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  • December 17, 2006
Last night, I updated my Anti-Heroes site with a ton of new stuffs. Thought I’d mention all of it here just in case.

First, you’ll notice two new X-Men remixes: Nightcrawler and Cyclops. I friggin’ LOVE Nightcrawler. He’s just the cutest thing in Marvel comics, hands down. I hate how they have him studying to be a priest though. Lame. I liked the swash-buckling, smooth-talking, happy-go-lucky blueboy from the old days.
And next on good-ol’ Cyke, I chose to make him pretty damned sexy because I’m sick of people hating on him so. I feel like all my buddies who like the series all hate Scotty. I don’t mind the guy. I think he’s an important character. I wish that they’d make more fun of how he moves from one X-telepath to the next though. (Jean, Psylocke, Emma)

Then, I whipped up a little present for my boy, Patrick Fillion. Here we got Space Cadet! I originally wanted to do Demios but shyed away because I’m gonna do demons in an issue of Anti-Heroes. This Space Cadet drawing is one of few that I’ve peciled in non-photo blue. Blue pencil is good to work in because the theory is that xerox, cameras, and scanners don’t pick up the blue. That’s in theory though. My scanner picked it up. But, I will say that cleaning the blue out was much easier than cleaning out graphite.

Finally, I’ve posted the censored version of one of the new splash pages I did for Anti-Heroes#3. I put the sketch up months ago and had been working on the colors ever since. I like the way it came out. I definitely recommend starting a drawing and then coming back to it weeks later. It almost feels like touching up someone else’s work. You end up looking at it with totally new eyes.

Why is it censored? Well, this is my incentive to get folks to buy my comix. This is the first in a series of teasers I’m going to give people for issue 3 of Anti-Heroes.


  • Adam G says:

    Don’t tell me they made Nightcrawler serious! I know he was slightly serious in Excalibur but they kinda added bits of humour here and there. I didn’t like him in the movie, the tattoos were yucky.

    Nice pic of the fuzzy cutie *drools*

    *saves Nightcrawler to HD*

    I don’t like Cyke’s character. Even though I find him a bit hot, he doesn’t have that flair the other characters have.

    Beast has his humour, Wolverine is psychotic and Gambit is sex on legs but Cyclops has nothing and when he does, its something sad and tragic.

    If Cyclops wasn’t leader of the x-men, he would be just fishing all day. Telepaths like him. He is weak minded.

    Great pic of Space Cadet <3. Love the pretty planets in the background, although they didn't catch my first attention lol.

    *saves SC to HD*

    Great censored pic too… *checks his pennies*

  • Ikkian says:

    More X-Men, HOT! I <3 them, Very good work! I just kinda wish I had that kinda skills! Good work nonetheless! ^^

  • dreamerboy6 says:

    Wow! This is all so hot, I don’t know where to begin! My favorite update is your remix of Cyclops. 🙂 I love how his face looks like Cyke from the movies, but he has such a nice, hairy bod. 🙂 Your work never ceases to amaze me. =)

  • JC says:

    Hey Adam. Yeah, Nightcrawler goes back and forth. In early Excalibur (under Alan Davis) was when he was more fun. But of course the whole book was more fun back then. When I was a kid, I totally thought Excalibur was the joke title in the X-Universe.

    And yeah, Scott would be a weak character if he weren’t the leader. But he is– so I think that speaks something of him. LOL @ you saying the psi-chicks like him cuz he’s weak-minded.

    Thanks on the Space Cadet. I was indeed very pleased with the BG on this one.

    Thanks for the compliments, Ikkian. Only a few more of the X-dudes to go. Kinda can’t wait to be done with them.

    Hey, thanks for the kudos on Cyke, Dreamerboy. Yeah, if you look at some of the older books, they drew Cyclops pretty hairy! Angel too! I remember this one comic I have where Angel is in a tank top ad has all this thick black curly hair. I’m like, “um– ok, I dunno if that really goes…” Seriously, it like rivaled the body hair on Wolverine.

  • Patrick says:

    Hiya JC…

    I just LOVE your take on Nightcrawler. He’s so sexy and your remixed costume for him is awesome as well. Your take on Cyke is really hot too, though I also personally never cared for him as a character. Too much of a stick in the mud for my taste. Storm is the true leader of the X-Men in my mind, and will always be so. Hell she even kicked his ass in battle WITHOUT her powers. Just goes to show! LOL!!!

    But no one can deny he is still terribly sexy!

    Your image of Tai squirting cum in his eye is PRICELESS, and as you know, I am dying to see Anti-Heroes #3.

    And your Space Cadet is mouthwatering… but you knew that since I have already posted him to my Blog in order to gush about it and you some more! HA! HA! HA!

    Much love, my friend!
    Patrick XOXOXO

  • JC says:

    I love that issue! Storm basically JACKED the X-Men from Cyke! hahah! Good ol’ mohawk Storm, man.

  • Reikro says:

    Hi there

    I decided to have a look here after Patrick mentioned you in one of his blogs. I love the cencored pic you did and will defenitely come back regularly and have a look at what’s new.

    Take care!

  • Kitt Mouri says:

    Eek! Sorry for the deleted ghost post from me >_<; I'm still trying to figure this out. Anyhoo, Nightcrawler is HOT!!!!! That is a REALLY awesome pic of him. I also really like the Colossus picture (sexy boi!), but the Nightcrawler totally takes the cake! ^_^ I've bookmarked your blog and will be stopping by often. See ya!

  • Z-Maker says:

    Man JC!
    I LOVE, LOVE, LOOOVVVE your X-Men Remix imagery!
    The roll-over effects are a nice touch…*writes a note to try this out* The PG and not-so-PG versions are H.O.T. my friend.

    I dunno about everybody else, but I tend to think Cyke (Cyclops) is probably a bit of a “freak” in bed.
    Y’know, it’s always those pent-up, reserved-types that tend to get a little “wild” in the bedroom!



  • Big Blue Prostate Poker says:

    Nightcrawler looks awesome 😀

    Hope you’ll remix Beast again. He should be uncut 😀

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