The Heat is On

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  • March 12, 2007
The scorcher above was originally an unused sketch for a job. I figured I needed some more variety of genres and man-types in my pin-ups so I modified the characters and turned the sketch into a promotional dealy. Inter-generational man-sex, dude. That’s a thing, supposedly. Oh but the young guy is over 18– promise! haha.

Aaaand, I’m also ploppin’ in the two drawings for Persuasions that I left outta the last post. Now that I know someone actually read it, I feel more confident giving up the cum-soaked “piece de resistance.” haha.


  • Manny says:

    Hey JC!

    WOW! That first pic is AWESOME! In Australia we have a process where we can print artwork directly onto a streched canvas, it almost looks as though the image has been painted on there by Da Vinci himself, this image would look totally awesome if you have the same process in the USA.

    2 & 3, also really leaves the imagination to stir a lot, more so number 2, if I walked into an office with such a yummy lugg of a man waiting for me, I’d go to work more often, but all I have when I walk into the office at home are 2 pussies licking out their twats!

    Picture 3 makes me wish I was a fly on the wall! Such a pity it’s against the law to be a peeping tom these days!

    Great work!!!

    Big Hugz


  • dreamerboy6 says:

    NICE! ^^ This one’s really steamy! I like! Oh, btw… I LOVED Persuasions! The intrigue… the drama… the hot sex! It’s everything I dreamed it would be and so much more! I love how Brody ended up being Seb’s lover! That’s such a high school fantasy! And Dani’s transformation… WOW! ^_^ I can’t wait to see what happens in Phase 2! @_@

  • JC says:

    hey Manny. Ive never heard of such a thing but it sounds awesome. I’m going to look into it becasue I’m trying to have an exhibition of my work and it would be cool to have some pieces on canvas rather than printout paper. Thanks for the heads up.

    Yay I’m glad you liked Persuasions, Dreamerboy! The whole time I was writing it, I was constantly thinking, “is anyone gonna care aout this thing?” Alls I really need is at least one person to say they like it to keep me doing more! so thanks for letting me know!

    Phase 2 will cum soon. I have to sort out how things are going to unfold. Plus I’m having all the storylines crossover (like Mark will be Seb and Brody’s teacher.) I have to carefully plan it out so it all makes sense. Thanx again! ^__^

  • Manny says:

    Hey JC

    It’s an amazing process and I have been to heaps of exibitions where this has been done and they look awesome. In Australia we have 2 ways of doing it 1) It can be printed on cavass with no frame. 2) Printed and strecthed over a frame. It’s well worth looking into. If you like I can find out the technical name of the process and let you know, when I have it done I just say stretch it on canvas and give them the image and size and they know what I mean.


  • DigitalMirage says:

    Wow, they are all cumming out really great. Alot of work has gone into them. And OMG!! Spears of cum is just gushing everywhere. Its so hot. But man, some of them loads look deadly, if i shot a load like that, i would be afraid i would injure my partner.. or what if i was masterbating, and BAM! RIGHT IN THE EYE! OMG!! BLIND! PAIN! Or, if i had my mouth open, Ack, CHOKE! lol. I have put to much thought into it, but either way, i love it. Keep up the great work!

  • JC says:

    Yeah, Manny– if you could find out the official name of that process, that would be great. THANKS BRO!

    Hey Dig. LOL @ the deadly loads! I’m just glad that it actually looks like it’s shooting. You know how they say the artist is his own worst critic? Well everytime I draw a cum shot, I end up thinking to myself, “ok, does that look like semen flying across the room or a giant skinny icicle?” haha. take care and thanks for stopping by.

  • Manny says:

    Hey JC,

    Well I done some homework for you and called a few places in Sydney regarding the name of the process for printing on canvas. I was dumbfounded to find the process is called “Digital Printing On Canvas.”

    I have to admit, that this the first time I have ever come across a name of a process that actually describes the process, particually when it comes to printing!


  • Kid Nova says:

    More great artwork. The Fireman picture in particular is sensational. Scorching hot!

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