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The Saturation Series

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Here is what comprised my display at Erotic Desire, the sixth annual gay art fair I’ve participated in a few times before. It’s a good mix of traditional media drawings demonstrating my current exploration of bold, punchy color.

The unicorn was definitely the most talked about / photographed piece (surprisingly with women too!) There was also a very positive response to the assiness of this collection, particularly the two cropped ass pics. Gonna try and develop this technique more in the future!


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Always wanted to do a detailed reference sheet for all of my OCs.

“All” may be pushing it, but for now, here are the current favorites with the expectation more will be added over time.

Go to my characters page for more in-depth info on each stud.

This project covers too many of my gay art fetishes to list but suffice to say, I could probably click between nakey and boned for hours.

Showing these not-quite-finished guys because they’re more in-between builds from the characters that were finished first. Looking forward to finishing them because right now it’s only the monster-dicked ones and Tad- lol. See, I’m promising to give you more variety!

Boys & Their Butts

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Some more work from this show season. Only now am I finally catching my breath and relaxing after about 2 months of art shows and talks and expos and a random weekend of family visits (cringe.) Exhausting but I’ve proven to myself that I can be “on” for weeks on end. I was way more used to online interaction when it comes to the sale and promotion of my work. But ever since my talk at my book signing, I’m loving talking to the public, face to face, about my dirty little drawings of dicks and balls and anuses.

In San Fran right now and was tickled to see my book, Tongue in Cheek at a big store here. Another store had those greeting cards I did ages ago, but that no longer excites me since I’ve seen them everywhere (and the company still owes me money, goddamit.) Oh, also my good friend is on her honeymoon in Paris right now and saw my book there! It’s really great seeing it on shelves so I’ve taken to collecting photos of it on shelves in different stores in different cities. If any of youze see it, take a pic! (Oh, I guess you can send pics of those damn greeting cards too, although seeing them in so many places is bittersweet cuz that company is shiesty.)

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