Here’s what I’ve been working on for the past few days. It’s for Freshmen and it’s to accompany a story about two college roommates who share a bunk bed, but of course, end up porking each other.

And next is a sketch I did on a flight a few weeks ago. It was really annoying because there was this guy who was one of those “I-need-attention-so-I-talk-to-strangers” types, and he kept trying to peek over my shoulder and see the drawing and make conversation with me.


  • dreamerboy6 says:

    Awesome work man! Lovin’ it! Ooh… is that what people think when I get chatting on the airplane? *gulp* Well, I guess I don’t do it very often so oh well. LOL Very sexy stuff! Also, the colored versions of your other pics were very hot too. SOOO good to have you back. 😀

  • Manny says:

    Hey JC,

    I’m loving bunk dudes. Man I could share some stories with you about some of the things I got up too with a few of the guys from my high school football team, and then there was my Phys Ed teacher …

    As for chatter boxes on the plane, here’s what I do when someone starts gas bagging to me on a plane. I make out I have terets syndrome and stare them in the face and scream out “Shit, poo, bumpants, wee wee, eat shit and drink piss.” That usually shuts them up. I also do the same if someone falls asleep on my shoulder, it’s fun frightening them back to life by screaming at them.

    By the way, I have been informed that I am never allowed to fly Jet Star again, can’t figure out why!


  • JC says:

    hey Dreamerboy. haha– no, dont think I react negatively to all people who talk to me on planes. Usually I welcome it. But this guy was drunk and was just chattin’ it up with everyone from the airport waiting area to landing. Even so, I probably still would have shared what I was drawing with him if we weren’t flanked by kids on all sides. Plus my partner was trying to sleep.

    Hey Manny. You are isane, man! lol! I actually had a classmate with Tourette’s and before we knew he had it for real, we used to joke about him and laugh at his insane behavior. Then one day (it was a lesson on mental disorders) and he admitted to the class that he actually had the disease– suddenly it became not funny anymore.

    But then he continued to act weird and say really inappropriate things in class so we started making fun of him again. He wasn’t all “SHIT, FUCk” every five minutes– he just had ticks and twitches. He would always take off his shoes and make comments about his newborn son’s mortality. He also said when he was a kid he used to lick hardcover books. WTF

  • DigitalMirage says:

    Ooh, that Spunk Buddies.. Er.. Bunk buddies sounds really cool! Im excited already for it! 😀 We crave more!! YAY!

    Plane flights are funny with those chatter boxes, but i agree with you as far as those “I need attention so i talk to strangers” people, they are fucking annoying. I especially hate when they peek over at my work. It feels like they are invading my privacy. Makes me wonder why im with my BF.. he’s the I need attention so i talk to strangers type. Damn.. lol

  • Manny says:

    Hey JC

    Licking hardcover books!

    Well in Australia we lick the back of Caine Toads, they have a secrection that comes out on the pores of their backs, it’s pure LSD you trip for a month and do nothing but house work, I tell you one lick of a cain taod and the creations you come up with will leave Martha Stewart to shame, and everything is so sparkely LOL!

    I’ve never licked a Caine Toad, I was just pulling your chain.

  • Patrick says:

    Hiya JC…

    Dude, this new Freshmen illustration is my FAVORITE JC IMAGE yet! Holy crap, your coloring rocks on this one, and the way the top bunkmate’s bits and pieces just hang like that is SO TOTALLY FREAKIN’ HOT HOT HOT!!! The magazine is lucky to have you, my friend! LOL!!! 🙂

    All your recent stuff is really gorgeous and inspired! Isn’t cool how a Holiday can really spark your creativity! I love all the different coloring styles you’ve been playing with. The texturing looks wicked!

    In any case, I am totally loving all your recent posts and illustrations, dude! You’ve got some really awesome eye candy happening here!

    Hope all is well and that you’re having a great weekend! Talk to you soon!

    Keep ’em coming!
    Hugz + Kisses,
    Patrick XOXOX

  • JC says:

    Hey DigitalMirage, howzit goin? I need to check your y-gallery page! LOL @ your comment about the plane guy. Yeah, I don’t really have many qualms with folks who peek over my shoulder cuz I’ve kinda accepted that’s the price u pay for wanting to draw in public. But I didn’t want the guy to be all, “WOW LOOK AT THAT BIG COCK,” with all the kiddies within earshot. haha.

    MANNY! You fibber! I was readin that comment like, “OMG! People really do lick toads!?” I thought it was only an urban legend. So wait, how true are the stories about your high school football team?? SHARE SHARE!

    Hey Patrick! It feels good to know you like that image. Whenever you say you like anything I’ve done, I makes me just want to draw more! LOL! I still hate coloring, but am tryinig to practice so I get better at it and that means trying out as many different styles as possible. I really wanna learn how to color like HvH! heh heh.

  • Manny says:

    Hey JC

    Yes the stories are true that people lick the back of toads and trip out. BUT, I have never done so no matter how insane or tripped out that I may come across.

    As far as some members of the football team are concerned, shoot me your email address again (as my hardrive had to be rebuilt a few months back and I lost a lot of information) and I will write out what happened in the form of a short story, and if you can use it, consider it yours!


  • Manny says:


    I may have fooled around with Magic Mushrooms when I was a teenager but quickly stopped doing so when I thought I had a second head growing out of my armpit and called it Jester, and tried to put an oil fire out with my tounge!

  • HvH says:

    JC: your colors are more than fine, you don’t need to do anything ‘HvH style’ 😉 Your style already rocks!
    The bunk piece is so darn sexy! And the whole colour mood is just perfect.


  • JC says:

    Hey HvH. Yeah, I’m never satisfied with a lot of aspects of my stuff– not the smallest of which is my coloring. It seems as though I’ve stumbled across a style when I thought I was just playng around. Thanks for commenting.

  • Kitt Mouri says:

    You know, I like this picture. It’s actually kind of sweet. ^_^

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