Redcoat Returns!

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  • October 14, 2007
It’s that time again! Here we have the third installment in the Adventures of All-American and Golden Boy series!

The boys’ Winter Formal Dance is abruptly interrupted when they discover their arch villain Redcoat has returned and kidnapped one of their buddies! The setting is the grounds of the guys’ posh New England prep school.

This BG was fun to concoct and really sets the mood for the piece. Redcoat, as my client dictates, is an old enemy, possibly from way back in the Revolutionary War where he battled the heroic Ghost Soldier. Now he has mysteriously reappeared with a vengeance! He’s All-American’s version of the Joker or Lex Luthor– a real evil sunnuva. He was pretty fun to draw as well, and successfully convinced me that I can make a guy in a powdered wig hot. heehee.

And then we have the cute lil’ teenaged hostage. My client liked my design for him so much that he made him into a super-hero as well! Meet The Rebel, the latest sidekick for the patriotic super-duo. He’s loyal, eager, and ready to serve! Think of the “Batgirl dynamic” with a dash of Jimmy Olsen thrown in.

More on these guys to come…


  • Z-Maker says:

    AWESOME! AWESOME! Layout JC! The background, the coloring, the action hits an “EXCITE” button in me when I look at this image.
    So, is this Client of yours going to be publishing this as a Story, or Comic at some point? Looks too good to pass up, my friend!



  • dreamerboy6 says:

    JC! This is beyond cool! I LOVE The Rebel! I’m sure I’ve mentioned it a thousand times, but I have a big thing for redheads and once again you’ve completely captured the essence of what makes redheads hot. The rebel has an extremely appealing look of innocence about him when he’s out of costume, but then once in his costume he looks eager, confident and ready to rumble. 🙂 I LOVE his costume too! How fun is that?! I love how the cape is attached. It looks like a harness! XD His nipples look so suckable too. 🙂 You also did an excellent job on the picture of him in his school clothes and backpack. The light and shadow looks excellent and I get the feeling you put a lot of work into the details of that picture. Awesome work JC! I <3 your stuff so much! ^_^

  • White Wabbit says:

    Hehe The Rebel looks like a lil’ cutie, espec. when he’s in is his normal clothes – I just wanna twiddle his lil’ bow tie and pull at his rosy cheeks teehee!!
    You did a great job with Redcoat too, he looks utterly dastardly but in a dashing kinda way. If you ask me, The Rebel isn’t exactly being saved from the WORST possible circumstances haha. Look at his little fwightened face though – AWWW!! ^_^ *there there*

    So is your ‘client’ convinced about the comicbook idea?? It needs to be done!! I’m aching to learn more about these characters – WE WANT MORE! WE WANT MORE!

    Wabbit xx

  • Chubtoons says:

    The Rebel is so cute; especially, his little pink soldier. You do know that while you’re going with the whole Batman comparison, you’ll have to create a seductive anti-hero (pun intended) to act as All-American’s Catwoman. You know someone he can battle but secretly lust after.

  • RDot says:

    yeah, this series looks fun…im still waiting on a john henry inspired character though 😉

  • JC says:

    Thanks, Z. A comic with these dudes would be pretty hot– as I mentioned before… It’s not really up to me though. We’ll see.

    Hi Dreamerboy– I knew you’d like the Rebel! haha. At first I was a little skeeved drawing him so young and innocent loking– but then I thought, “It’s a drawing– who cares!?” haha

    Hey Wabbit– yeah the heroes do come in just a wee bit too early as I know you guys are all dying to see what nefarious situations Rebel and Redcoat could get into. heh

    Niiiice siggestion, Chubtoons. I’ll have to run that by him. Man, if you only knew how much I love Michelle Pfiefer’s Catwoman.

    Bruce: So, no hard feelings?
    Selina (grabbing his crotch): Mmm– semi-hard, I’d say.

    FUCK YEAH! I love that movie.

    John Henry…? Hmm.. has possibilities, RDot. John Henry vs. Paul Bunyan… even MORE posibilities… Why dont u commission me? haha.

  • Patrick says:

    Hey JC…

    LOOOVE them redheads, and the Rebel is no exception! VERY HOT! I sure would love to see these images collected in a book or comic book format someday! Hint! Hint! LOL!

    I am always impressed at how strong your story telling ability is. You have a way of getting us totally involved in the story with just one illustration… and that is really something!

    As always — VERY well done!

    Hugz + Kisses,
    Patrick XOXO

  • RDot says:

    hmm..maybe i will commission you…to draw my avatar…he is actually a character in a novel i am writing and an erotic short story i submitted for an anthology that is soon to be published!!

  • JC says:

    ^__^ Thanks Patrick!

    Congrats on gettin’ published, RDot! Let us know where and when we can read this masterpiece!

  • mountii says:

    it is like lil’ gay captin america… and i’m loving it without question, trust

  • mountii says:

    look at the poor helpless boy as the villan salvagely molests his balls lol HAWT…no other definition but

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