Patrick Does TAI!

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  • February 3, 2008
If you read the comments on this blog, then you’ll know that the incomperable Patrick Fillion was working on a drawing of my character, Tai. I recieved this present in my e-mail a few days ago and I have to say, I nearly fainted upon actually seeing it!

Patrick is, without a doubt, the most accomplished illustrator working in the field of gay erotica today. Class Comics, created and run by Patrick and his partner Fraser, has done a lot to progress the discovery and exposure of other artists in this industry. All of us, artists and fans alike, owe thanks to what these guys have done and continue to do.

All that said, now you understand why I was FLOORED upon seeing Patrick’s rendition of Tai! His steady hand and attention to detail are phenomenal. Playfulness, innocence, and exuberant libido are all things I try to convey with Tai. Patrick’s seem to have captured them ALL with this one! Please comment and let him know what you think, and don’t forget to stop by his blog too!

And thanks again, dude! You rock the cock! (I haven’t heard that expression in about 10 years, but I still think it’s appropriate in this case. ^____^)


  • RDot says:

    I agree! patrick broke his foot off in that Tai piece! It’s beautiful…would love to see his Caleb

  • dreamerboy6 says:

    SO awesome! I’ve been waiting with great anticipation to see what Patrick would do with Tai. I was pretty floored myself when I saw that he’d finally finished the piece. It’s so interesting. He’s clearly Tai, and yet simultaneously he’s so “Fillion”. Since you two are among my ultimate favorite erotic artists, it’s particularly intriguing to study the meeting of his style and your character design. Phew! ^_^;

  • DigitalMirage says:

    Wow! Thats so wonderful that he was able to finally finish it! I love it! You are so awsome to be able to get that cool of a gift! LOVE IT! YAY!

  • Keith says:

    That drawing pushes a number of my hot buttons, including the taped legs and feet and especially the ripped-to-shreds Levi’s cutoffs that aren’t concealing anything–just the opposite!

    A very sexy drawing of a very sexy character–kudos to both Patrick and JC.

  • Keith says:

    P.S. Is Tai modeled on anybody in real life? Both your version of his face and Patrick’s version remind me of somebody, but I can’t think who it is.

  • JC says:

    Thanks guys, I know Patrick appreciates the feedback.

    Tai is based on a number of different people and fictional characters, Keith. He’s an amalgamation. Too many to mention here. And it fluctuates given the time period and my mood.

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