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Erotic Art of Joey St. John

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I’d like to introduce my audience to my good friend Joey St. John, an erotica artist I met at our gay life drawing group over a decade ago. Joey’s art fascinates me because he’s like me in a few respects: We go through the motions of academic figure drawing and navigating the somewhat pretentious world of gay fine art in NYC, but our passion is in much more imaginative, much more commercial-looking erotic art.

Oddly not many of our peers are into comics and animation and many look down on these contemporary forms of art. Joey and I understand how classically rendered male anatomy can intersect with modern erotic illustration.

I appreciate how fun and fantastical his comics get. He’s also a big ol’ perv, like me- lol. Check out his new site and lookout for our collaboration project (I’m dipping my toes back into sequential art again!) which will combine his Santa with my St.Nick Jr. and a bunch of horny little elves!

Crag & Blistr By HeadingSouthArt

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Was all set to have a very low key birthday when I opened up Twitter to the most awesome surprise! HeadingSouthArt is one of my favorite erotica artists and it was quite touching to read that story about my pirate drawings from 10 years ago.

It’s been a really long time since I’ve gotten fan art and this is the very first one featuring my anthro OCs, so it’s pretty fuggin’ exciting! HeadingSouthArt totally nails Crag and Blistr. I love all the attention to detail, particularly in their sneakers and careful placement of Blistr’s body fuzz.

Totally unprepared for the overwhelming response to this piece and to Blistr in general! I mean, I knew Blistr was one of my strongest character designs; have heard it before. But it’s entirely different to read all the positive feedback about this character in realtime on Twitter. HeadingSouthArt has a TON of followers, many reacting to Blistr for the first time.

I had to quickly scramble to post my older drawings of him; some uncensored for the first time:

Which may or may not have been the inspiration for another piece not too long later, this time in adorable animated pixel art format!

Thanks so much to both HeadingSouthArt and WolfDragonBlood for taking the time out to draw my characters and make this birthday way more special than I was expecting! Follow and support both of these super talented artists right away!

Erotic Figure Drawing: Brad

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For this session, pierced and tatted Brad was our model, with a toned, athletic form and the genitalia of a porn star. Being a dancer, he was in great shape and thusly able to hold difficult poses, so we got a few more drawings than usual outta the night.

I was excited for these fun poses and focused on the model’s anatomy rather than his tattoos. I told myself, “yea, that’s something I can fake in Photoshop later.” What I did was put some of that textiles knowledge to work and just created a repeating pattern I could easily overlay over the appropriate sections of the body and voila! Instant tattoo fake! LOL

But many of the other artists there drew the tattoos on the spot. Below I’ve included mine and pics of some of the other artist’s renderings of one particular pose, to show you what I mean. And also to show that some really talented people go to these sessions. The first 2 after mine are my buds Anthony Gonzales and Rob Clarke.

Tai By Digital Mirage

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Hey gang– wanted to share an awesome piece of fan art by my buddy Digital Mirage. The two of us did come art trades way back when I was mega into Y!Gallery– hehe. You can find a few of his older pieces at the beginning (bottom of the page) of my Friends Gallery.

But since then, Digital Mirage has really stepped up his game and developed a new, tighter style! Take a look at his gallery on Y. And thanks again for the lovely Tai art, Dig! I love the detail in this piece– all the tight linework and awesomely rendered shadows. And look at that chunky basket! Yummy!

EDIT 12-02-2002:
Dig whipped up a colored version! Freakin beautiful!!

Leather Ryan

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Hey duders! So, I’ve got another collab with BlodiaX here! I did a tamer version of this image of Ryan late last year to go on t-shirts at the Black Party Expo, but I always told myself that I’m going to make a dirty version at some point. When BlodiaX offered his animation talents, it seemed like as good a time as any to show off Leather Ryan! Once again, BlodiaX has outdone himself! I love how he interpreted my precum droplets and electric arm! Great job, bro!!! 😉

An A.T.O.M. Orgy

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Hello, erotic art lovers! Today, I present a very special treat… a new collaborative piece featuring BlodiaX!

BlodiaX is known for putting Flash animation to other artists’ work. So when he messaged me on Y!Gallery asking if I was interested, I was like… “umm… OF COURSE!” I’d been a fan of BlodiaX‘s work for years now.

I’d been working on this piece featuring the boys from A.T.O.M. and thought this was a perfect project on which to collab with BlodiaX! Makes me with we really did see this in the cartoon!

So turned on my the animation, I absolutely HAD to make a finale! So below is the inevitable money shot,
more spooge than poor Shark ever thought he’d be able to manage! hehe!

Tai Takes It

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Hey bubbies. My good pal K3rry did this a little while ago and somehow it was skipped in my “to post” list. This was much to my chagrin as it is definitely one of my favorite guest art pieces to date! It’s a reference to my little flash game, Boot Camp! I really love how the one alien’s big heavy nuts are sitting atop poor Tai’s head! Damn those Grays! Go play Boot Camp now and show them who’s boss! And don’t forget to check out Kerry’s blog K-Slash! Really hot stuff over there!