More Birthday Hunks

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  • November 13, 2008
Here are the rest of the first wave of birthday cards I’m doing. The gag lines are not mine. I just designed and drew the characters. Remember to rollover each card for the inside image or joke. Who’s the cutest?!

Oh– and I have a few other news items to mention!

1) Patrick Fillion has done an issue of Boytoons on ANTI-HEROES #3! Check it out!

2) I have to give props to my web developer, Christine So. She does great work– if any of you need web help!

3) I WANT GAMES! All I have are the 2 that I’ve had forever– the Dress-Up game and the Baku Block game. If anyone knows who I can work with to get some web-games (either Flash or Javascript) of my Anti-Heroes up, please let me know. I’m a good client to work for. I pay! haha.

Ok, that is all.


  • Onyx Tanuki says:

    I’m voting for 1 and 5. d(^_^d)

  • FMX says:

    What a awesome idea. All of them funny. I think the first guy is the hottest.

  • Joseph says:

    No f*@#ing way, imho, asking about cuteness, the winners are 3d & 6th…

  • Tomas says:

    I love the new drawings, first one is my fav, I really like your use of color, it makes each and every picture very lively.

  • JC says:

    1 wins! haha! Oddly enough that is the very 1st one I ever did. Thanks for commenting, guys!

  • Jubell says:

    These were so hilarious!

    Although that one chick in the last pic…oh goodness that pink bikini top is gonna give me nightmares.

    I’m glad to see you still “WORKING IT!”

    Mayhaps…you can make a book of these yourself? And have it be like…”Etheredge Book of Birthday Hotness” and have a special zodiac section. ^^

    And if you ever make a .pdf version of Anti-heroes I STILL think you should sell it on (that’s not an ad, I just think it’ll open you up to a large audience, PERHAPS.)

  • Anonymous says:

    the first one has the cutest grin ever!!! damn….i feel all sweaty now. thank you JC!

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