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Another Fun Poll :)

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One thing that was slightly stressful about doing those greeting cards was that some of them had to be toned down. The insides could be raunchy, but the outsides had to be rated-G. As an artist who thrives on erotica, I kinda missed drawing cock and cum. >__<

So, I think I want to do an X-rated version of each of these that shows cock. And in the situation where I already show the cock, I’ll slather it in cum. ^___^ Please choose which pieces you’d want to see raunchified. If you need to be reminded of what these cards looked like big, click here. Vote in the sidebar for as any pieces as you want! Thanks!

Thanks for voting! Drawings will be up soon!

More Birthday Hunks

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Here are the rest of the first wave of birthday cards I’m doing. The gag lines are not mine. I just designed and drew the characters. Remember to rollover each card for the inside image or joke. Who’s the cutest?!

Oh– and I have a few other news items to mention!

1) Patrick Fillion has done an issue of Boytoons on ANTI-HEROES #3! Check it out!

2) I have to give props to my web developer, Christine So. She does great work– if any of you need web help!

3) I WANT GAMES! All I have are the 2 that I’ve had forever– the Dress-Up game and the Baku Block game. If anyone knows who I can work with to get some web-games (either Flash or Javascript) of my Anti-Heroes up, please let me know. I’m a good client to work for. I pay! haha.

Ok, that is all.

A Hunk For Your Birthday

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Hello chickadees. Anti-Heroes #3 is at the printer’s as we speak. In the meantime, I thought I’d show you all the other thing I’ve been juggling: a line of erotic gay greeting cards! The company that produces them contacted me a few weeks ago and although I was slightly overbooked, I took the job because– hey, it’s work. Us illustrators (or… part-time illustrator in my case) gotta take what we can get!

Rollover each card for the punchline that will be displayed on the inside. Note that I didn’t come up with these gag lines– just the characters and poses. I’ll have more cumming in the future, but for now, feast on these hunks. Which one’s the hottest?