Anti-Heroes Join the Big Boys

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  • May 13, 2009
While going through RSS feeds just now, mindlessly marking all the Roids and Rants & Shirtless Superheroes updates as “read,” (honestly those dudes update like 12 times a day! hehe) I came across a brilliant shining surprise. My good buddy Chubtoons who runs the blog Big Boy Toons did a spectacular fan-art of the Anti-Heroes!
I am in love with his technique in general. He always has these sharp, crisp lines in everything he does. So much detail and carefulness goes into his inking that I always enjoy seeing a no-color inked version of his pieces.

Each Anti-Hero has Chubtoons’ signature stylization yet seems maintain the personality I gave them. It’s such a treat when I get these unsolicited because 1) I LOVE it and 2) I’m super embarrassed and shy about asking my favorite artists to do them. It’s like– well, if they don’t know my characters, why would they want to draw them?

So yeah, it’s super flattering that Chubtoons did this and I hope he knows I appreciate it very very much! Thanks again, Jason!

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  • Patrick says:

    I freakin’ LOVE CHUBTOONS!!!!! And his rendition of your Anti-Heroes is BRILLIANT!!!!

    Each one is so bang on, and drawn in his incredible style to perfection! It really is a great interpretation!! Awesome stuff, Jason!

    As I said before, JC — I loves fan art!! And you’re amassing quite a lovely collection from the look of things! Folks just love your Anti-Heroes, and take it from one who’s actually drawn them as fan art (well, Tai at any rate) they’re a BLAST to draw!!!:oD

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